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Michael Tatalovich  trying not to sacrifice depth for breadth

i am fortunate that (most of the time) i feel as though i have the safety to be queer. and when i use that privilege to make it easier for every subsequent person to come out and be exactly who they've always wanted to be and present in a way that makes them feel fierce and powerful and authentic, that is what National Coming Out Day means for me. so here's to all the queer bbs in or out of the closet. you are worthy ✨💕
(photo by @mr.canteloupe)

get into it !

national coming out day!
(📸: @whitneyvertucci)

sunsets are gonna look good on you, Baba ❤️
бог да им душу прости ви.
Вечна меморија.

ја тебе волим баба

today i lost my grandma, my Baba. She was the strong, stubborn matriarch of our modest family.
A woman who was integral to my development, one of her perpetual sayings was "Go and travel (she was adamant i just 'shouldn't look at my credit card bill'). Material possessions have little value over time, but experiences traveling can't be substituted"
She had a love of conversation, a love of card game and an even greater love of ice cream (31 Flavors, specifically). She would take the three of us kids to the park to feed the ducks bread, but at the bakery she would whisper to us to pick out a treat for ourselves (c'mon hostess snowballs). She had unconditional love for us, was proud to call us her family and could bring levity to any situation.

and being drenched in harsh sunlight makes me feel Good
📷: @jenafeldman

ms Aloe P Shaw on the scene ladies
📸: @devinbowman

also like,,, it so important (but risky in this world) to dress and express yourself the way you want. i've always been called feminine growing up, and after years of self loathing, i realized...they're right! i am a girly boy in a lot of ways, especially how i like to dress. and i've come to love that about myself ! i feel like i've been given a gift; it's so freeing to play with the performance of gender

just wanted to share some more photos jade took ! she's so good, she caught exactly my "how dare you look at me with that objectifying male gaze" face perfectly!

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