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Michelle Vawer  “Be shapeless, formless like water” —Bruce Lee


Doin London Tings ✨💯

Yesterday I posted this cutie hero @sonnyturner___ on my IG story.
A guy responded to me by calling her “uneducated trash...” NEWSFLASH: A girl expressing love for her own body online does not make her “uneducated trash”
I hear OVER AND OVER from men how they don’t understand how a girl will post a half naked selfie and still be for women’s rights. UM HELLO NEWSFLASH just because we hot, sexy and beautiful doesn’t mean we can’t also be for women’s rights. In fact sexual freedom is directly linked to the women’s movement.

It’s taken me a long time to get back to loving my body after years of having stupid old school modeling beauty standards shoved down my throat and if I want to express that love for the beautiful body God gave me by posting photos of myself I have every right to.
I CAN’T control how people think but I CAN explain how I want to be treated in life and online and I am very thankful I have that right because so many woman around the world have no say in how they are treated, what they can wear, and what they can say about how that makes them feel.

I understand that men have natural reactions to hot photos of girls, thats totally fine. We aren’t asking men to get rid of their feelings. that’s how this whole procreation thing works. All we are asking for is that you keep your comments RESPECTFUL PLEASE.
We aren’t asking that you feel bad for thinking it’s hot, that’s human nature, it is fine to comment on how lovely our bodies are, I appreciate it. But there is no need to be writing profane comments for a woman showing off her beautiful body. And there is DEF no need to judge her for it.
Some women are empowered by modesty as I occasionally am but some like myself are also empowered by embracing their shape, size, skin tone or sexuality and sometimes we show that love for ourselves online. If you want to comment with adoration thank you, 🙏🏽 bless you.
But if you want to judge us for loving ourselves, embracing our bodies and sharing that feeling online then you probably shouldn’t be following me.
The definition of a so called “lady” is whatever SHE defines it as.
This is the age of Cardi B

Remember that from Pirates of the Caribbean, I’ll never forget.
Thinking of adopting a British accent while I’m here, south London maybe?

Touchdown 🙌🏼 #LondonTown

Roadie Voice Memos 📝

Come here often?

Mastering the art of airplane outfits since 2011 ✈️

Some days you’ll wake up feeling great and other days you’ll wake up feeling lost and worried about everything both feelings r there for a reason, it’s okay, think it out, feel it out, ask yourself what’s serving you and what’s not, your life is yours for the editing. You direct your own life.

Friendly Einstein reminder: "Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” Be kind to yourself
This vid is unrelated but also probably what I look like when I’m thinking about these things 😂


I think this hotel be haunted 👻

“because she had no place she could stay in without getting tired of it and because there was nowhere to go but everywhere, keep rolling under the stars...” ✨

#OnTheRoad #JackKerouac #Wonderlust #Americana

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