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As Halloween approaches I came across this Video of me dressed up as Tina turner are “Turn up Tina “as Beyoncé calls me.It was so much fun that I might repeat it again following what do y’all think?

I cannot believe my baby is 13 years old already!!!!Seems like yesterday that he was this little cute boy ❤️

This is my favorite road dog!! my amazing grandson Daniel Julez Smith❤️He has brought me more joy in my life since he came into this world. At my saddest moments in my life , if he showed up ! The sadness instantly disappeared ! He is a smart, handsome , talented young man who turned thirteen today !! Happy Birthday Julez 🎂🎂I love you!

This is one of my favorite Angels ❤️Her name is Diamond . (She is referring to me) When she came to us she was a diamond in the rough. She has experience the most growth in the group! She is pure evidence that when someone takes the time to care about you and to talk to you and to see things in you that maybe you didn’t even see in yourself. I knew from the first talk with her that she was keenly intelligent and very creative and had a ton of potential, She just didn’t know it. This is why these types of mentoring programs are so important to our future generation. Everyone can be a mentor to someone even if there’s one kid from your church or from your neighborhood that you take an interest in and that you praise them and believe in them ! It goes along way❤️#tinasangels @wacotheater

I don't know how to rotate this and some of my Angels are cut off . But we had fun at our meeting today we learned a lot and we shared some Happy stories❤️

My Beautiful Kelly on stage in Sydney Australia knocking them dead!!! It should not be legal to be so gorgeous❤️proud mom❤️

This talented man is a nominee for The Rock and Rock Hall of fame . Mr Todd (LL Cool J ) Smith. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

My beautiful friend Debbie sent me this quote so so true!❤️

Please support girls dreams at www.globalgoals.org/dayofthegirl

Last one guys😀The beautiful young gifted and woke Editor of "TEEN VOGUE" Ms. Elaine Weleroth who's favorite Cover of the Magazine was Solange. Solange wrote a letter to her 17 year old self ! It was beautiful . Self reflecting , brutally honest , hilarious and a treat to read . ❤️

These are my beautiful Tinas angels they got to come on "The Real "with me today I was so happy to have them there. I'm so proud of all the girls❤️@wacotheatercenter @tinasangels @wacotheater

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