Happy Birthday 💐❤️

Last one ! This past Saturday in Houston❤️

Remember our selfless Soldiers and their families today . All soldiers the living and the ones that have gone on to be with our lord ❤️

This was in H town this past Saturday. Thats my handsome minister . Congrats on the wonderful "ThroughGood Coffee Shop" on 27th st. In Houston Texas . Very Cool Vibe check it out in the Heights❤️

The beautiful , Talented, En Vogue. One of my favorite groups. They killed it at the Sugar Ray leonard Foundation Charity Event. My home girl Terry Ellis! Houston Proud❤️

Yes plant some good seeds today do something nice today call someone that you haven't talked to in a while❤️

Happy Sunday , was in Houston this weekend and got to start my day at St. Johns Church this morning .pastor Jaunita Rasmus was awesome as usual. Its the best Church that Ive ever been to (and i've been to a lot) ❤️

Wow!!! Debbie this is a powerful one❤️. We can not use our circumstances as an excuse for anything!! There are too many people who grew up in the worst possible circumstances but still made it and have good lives. We create our own destiny! Choose life and Love ❤️

On our way to H town.

What a great quote! Think about it !!! We are easily offended and too quick to be offensive to others? We are all guilty , at one time or another of these things . So let's today try to be kind and uplift everyone that we come in contact with❤️

Do you watch "Queen Sugar" if you don't you are missing out! Its soo good. My beautiful Bonus Daughter is one of the talented Cast. Its on The Own network ! I cant wait!!!❤️

Happy Thursday❤️

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