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✨MsTiilda✨  ♎I am who I am, I am what I am, I do what I do and I ain't Never gonna do it any different. I don't care who likes it and who don't🙅. I'm just ME 😜

All white Party Costa Rica #DellwayTravels
Catch Flights ✈️ Not Feelings 😜

All white Party Costa Rica #DellwayTravels
Catch Flights ✈️ Not Feelings @kayon4

GOOD MORNING @dead.brandco "As if you didn't know" D.e.a.d+ DOLLARS EARNED AFTER DREAMIN 🌹

12/3 2:45am LATENIGHT RIDES turn into Happy Mornings 😜
@dead.brandco #Dollarsearnedafterdreamin As if you didn't know! 👌🏽

All he wants in this life of sin is some money for his weed, b!tches and pizza 😝


Good Nights turn into Good Mornings.
Good morning all 😘

The GTFOH look
When they try and put their wrong doings off on others. This the look you give em... 😏

This Young Lady right here has my ❤
️Fun nights in Cali. Nadega 💕

Lady in Nordstrom says,"your boys are so well behaved, I've never seen boys sit so still". You gotta threaten them! "You move, no Go Carts at K1 Speed when we leave here". Mekhi was still sitting as we went to go walk out 😂😂

Been out in Cali Celebrating My Babies 21St Birthday. He can be a Major Pain in my Backside BUT I Love him with all I have!
Everyone say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this kid Ransom Renzel.
Day late but Never too Late!😘 @ransom187

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