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S E V E N | Many of us have been distracted by the things we can't do rather than the things we can! we are mostly distracted by other people successes that only leave us blinded rather than inspired to discover our own strength that lays within our challenges of being successful. We all have been given something to make a difference however big or small it's just enough to make a difference. Success isn't based on possession but rather on progression.

S I X | The greatest achievement lives within your greatest struggles in life it's what separates us from our comfort zones because we refuse to settle for less than our purpose and our potential. Comfort zones are created when we are blinded from seeing potential, so we rather focus on our past achievements. Just as a mustard seed has the potential to be greatest among the others but it has to first believe in its potential and must have a focus where it's been planted which first seems like a comfort zone but it takes a season of process and progression to reach it's greatest height just like you and I. So don't create walls of fear or doubt around you to deny yourself of a sit of Greatness, Success and Happiness.

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F I V E | We've all tasted the bitterness of failure we may not say it or believe it but the truth is... it's ok to accept failure! Because failure gives you a new perspective. When you learn to accept failure you learn to accept correction because we're only human! But what's not acceptable is remaining in failure. I understand the raw feeling of failure can be so painful but the remedy of correction may leave scars of experience but they only make you stronger to stand against anything that life throws our way.

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F O U R | Everyday we stand from our beds to our pursue, dreams, careers and ambitions because everyone must take a stand in what they believe in a dream, idea, career, faith and relationship therefore whatever we stand for has a foundation. Your foundation must be in favour of what you stand for no matter the storm, trials and tribulations and challenges that life throws our way, but if the foundation is not laid right we can stand for anything Psalms 11:3. But If so then whatever keeps you standing is what you value most and what value most is what you will to build upon that would one day be admired and inspired by others who value you most as the legends live. #togetherwearestrong

T H R E E | # G O A L S | Before every #Goal there's opposition. Many of us desire the picture of success, and not the frame of process. We desire #Goals than to be inspired to achieve our #Goals Therefore we like to build for beauty instead of building for strength Matthew 7:24-27. Every success story is different and along with the process because #Goals are determined by the opposition we face. Everyday is a chapter away from being your greatest story ever told to inspire others. That's true #Goals

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