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MIKAYLA  NV | TN tacos, 90's jams & Jesus. music is my thang. loving people is my favorite. forever bringing out the dad moves.

pretty sure my heart has been exploding w/ love these past few weeks.
also, I love these two a bunch. so so thankful for all the people in my life.

year 22 was one for the books.
It's amazing how much the Lord has done in just a year. the people that He has brought into my life, plus the greater intimacy He has brought me into w/ Him. I feel like I'm swimming in His love. I can't begin to thank everyone enough for not only celebrating w/ me, but for also coming together & shifting our focus onto the Lord TOGETHER.
THAT right there is the best gift I could ever receive. I'm constantly thanking Jesus for all of you. I will forever remember + cherish these moments.

to say I had the BEST birthday is an understatement. Jesus completely surprised me & poured out SO much love on me today. I'm in awe at how amazing He is & how amazing my friends are. there were lots of happy tears + laughs. the Lord has completely redeemed all that hurt in the past & has made it so BEAUTIFUL. thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday & to everyone who came to celebrate w/ me tonight. I love you all so much. #alltheicecream #feeling22

just cause I never posted this & IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY TOMORROW.
SO, happy early birthday to you my fluff butt. coming up on 9 years of friendship HOT DOG 🌭 (that's a long time)
I hope you have the best day. wish I could be there to celebrate you! "you is kind, you is smart, you is important." HBD I love you so much! ♡♡♡ #foreverfluffs #ily

you are a fire carrier. I love your heart & how you see people. you are beyond talented & blow my mind on a daily basis. Jesus knew that I needed you. (thank you Jesus)
so much love for you @cassiatreestudio

happy Mother's Day to this wonderful, beautiful lady. so glad I got to be home & spend the day w/ you, Mom. I'm overly blessed to have such supportive parents who encourage + love me.
I thank God for choosing you to be my mom. I LOVE YOU.

"squish your faces together!!" @kullathekreature
It's so hard being so far away from these two fluffs. I hope you both know how LOVED you are & that I'm always thinking + praying for you. thank you for being there for me these past 8+ years. you two mean the world to me. (even if you both tell me how asian I look multiple times a day)
forever developing more laugh wrinkles & I'm perfectly okay w/ it. ILYSB.
#fluffs #staytoughyoungfluff #fluffsquad #allthefluffs

had THE best time w/ this group of people celebrating @benplayskeys & @cheyenners wedding yesterday. couldn't have asked for a better day + group of friends to stand by the two of you. I will forever cherish yesterday. (including the past 4 days) we love you guys!!! congrats on finally being married! PRAISES. #thebabinsabins

I met Ben before I met Cheyenne & it has been such a pleasure being their friends for the past 8 & 6 years. you both have been such big supporters to me & have brought so much joy into my life.
you radiate so much of Jesus & His light.
I am so blessed that I have been able to watch you both grow not only as individuals but together. SO beyond excited for you two & your new life together (starting Sunday) as Mr. & Mrs. "Babin" Sabin ;) all the love to you guys! #thebabinsabins

been up since 3am, (nashville time) spilt coffee on myself during my first flight, got to pray over the sweetest lady, Barb & ate gluten free pizza.
back home w my lil fluff. (& my family) PRAISE THE LAMB. #allthehappytears

some guy offered to take our picture so we let him (obviously)
glad these ladies love me enough to put up w/ my embarrassing dance moves in public & dad jokes. you two are the bomb.com
ps. I dropped my gluten free hamburger in my hair + lap tonight & was forced to eat it w/ a fork. this is completely irrelevant. #ohwell

April 19th, 2016.
I dropped my fear, packed up a suitcase & took a one way ticket to Nashville.
ONE YEAR AGO. I'm still here. WHAT?! first of all, time FLYS by so quickly. second of all, when I first flew out here I had no idea that I was going to be permanently staying. BUT clearly God did. this past year living in Nashville has been so hard, tiring, challenging, exciting, adventurous, spontaneous, eye opening, uncomfortable, beautiful, & life changing. I have so many moments of "wow. this is why God brought me here" not just for music & pursuing my dreams, but for pursuing HIM. getting to know HIS heart + dreams for me. I've battled health issues for 6+ years & I honestly thought, "well, this is as good as it's gonna get" um, NO. (not true) I realized what a big lie that was. God's plan for my life isn't to suffer. It isn't to walk through the motions of battling sickness & not being able to do the "normal" things that other people do. His plan + purpose for my life is to flourish. to grow. to learn. to walk in complete healing. to know that He is in control & not me. I chose to surrender everything to Him. & still choose to surrender everything because MA GOODNESS, I cannot do anything without Jesus. I've tried. It doesn't work. I am learning everyday how to trust Him more. how to walk in healing more. how to see people the way Jesus see's them & not the way the world see's them.
from living out of a suitcase for 8 months, not having my car out here for 5 & sleeping on friends floors + couches for 3, to finally living in my own house paying rent like a big kid. (MOM, DAD I MADE IT)
I am so thankful that I took that big step, bought a plane ticket, stopped being stubborn & listened to the Lord. I walk in more joy, love & peace than I ever have before. #freedom
I'm excited for what's ahead, but I'm also excited right here, right now in this moment with Jesus.
here's to the past year, (& years to come) of being fearless.
ps. I have officially developed the "snort/wheeze" laugh when I laugh way too hard. gross I know. but I kinda like it. my nickname is lil wheezy. (or snorty depending on which one comes out first)

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