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Accessories are the heart and soul of your outfit. It is important to keep your collection updated and on-trend because accessories can allow you the freedom to reinvent your looks without investing in a new wardrobe.

I didn't get strong by lifting weights, I got strong from picking myself up each time I've fallen.......

2 or 3 years ago I would have considered this top the work of the devil and unladylike. LMAO I was such a prude. Over time I've learned that it's all in the presentation and how you carry yourself. Did you miss today's blog post???

An oversized tee can also be worn as a dress. A great way to build your tee collection on a budget is to thrift them. Toss a little bleach and cut a few holes and you've got the perfect distressed tee.
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Having surgery has forced me to face a cruel reality..... I AM NOT SUPERWOMEN. Damnit what am I supposed to do with my cape now? Find out what lesson I had to learn the hard way today on the blog.
Oh and for those that have always asked... yes I do smile. lol

Being a member of the
Itty bitty _______ committee has its perks. Lol Find out why tomorrow on the blog.

What's on the menu....... Steak and sautéed spinach with parmesean cheese.

Still loving the athlesiure trend. You will be seeing a lot of sneakers and dresses in the upcoming months. See more of this look on the blog!

If you know me or have been following for a while then you are aware that I'm definitely a bargain shopper. Not necessarily by force but I choose to spend my money in other areas of life. I recently went shopping at what I thought store for the ratchets. Lol But they had so many hidden jems including this bag which I only paid $17 for. Find out which THOT store I've been visiting lately on the blog now.

My fashion is forever evolving. Read about how I've recently become obsessed with sneakers tomorrow on the blog.

No matter how expensive the clothing, if you don't have true style it won't reflect. It's important to wear the garment and not let the garment wear you. Make a statement with your style without having to utter a word.

Good girl gone fab!!!