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National MS Society  MS stops people from moving. We exist to make sure it doesn't.

“There is power in numbers and it is inspiring to see everyone at Walk MS come together for a common cause and to know that everyone who attends truly wants to do their part to help end this disease. It is particularly inspiring to see those who have difficulty walking attend – whether they use a cane or a wheelchair or a scooter, they come, they walk/ride, and they demonstrate their strength and grace, which is just amazing to witness. It makes me want to do even more to help! For over 12 years, our team has grown and new people join us each year – family, friends, and coworkers join me to increase awareness and raise funds! Walk MS is a wonderful experience and I look forward to it each and every year!” ~ Nanette, #ThisIsMS

This week is MS Awareness Week. Turn #MSawareness into action by joining Nanette and thousands of other people at #walkMS this year – http://ntl.ms/WalkMS2018. Check out our story to swipe up for the link! #MS #mutliplesclerosis. Photo: @keithcarlsen

"MS causes debilitating fatigue. I will knockout MS." ~ Yvette, Mom, MMA official, #ThisIsMS

It’s MS Awareness Week! Explore the powerful stories of people doing whatever it takes at http://ntl.ms/ThisIsMS. Link in bio. Photo: @keithcarlsen
#MSawareness #multiplesclerosis #MS

Photographer Andrezza Haddaway shared her journey with #MS through a personal photography project called, “My MS Journey - The Pain Behind the Beauty,” a series of 10 photos to express her symptoms and struggles as a person living with MS. #ThisIsMS #MSawareness
Photos by @andrezza_haddaway
“Like ants crawling on my skin. That's how I always awkwardly described to doctors how I was feeling while trying not to sound like a lunatic. I had Tingling in almost all parts of my body, even my face…How do you live your life feeling such things so weird and complex, and still present yourself to the world as if nothing was affecting you? I think I became awfully used to that strange presence on my body somehow. I learned how to live with that. And the invisible monster could be tamed in some moments.”
“It invades me without warning…MS Fatigue is different from regular fatigue. It's more intense. It stops you from your regular responsibilities. It's an invisible, powerful force that drains you. I can have a good night sleep and in the middle of the morning feel exhausted. I battle with myself every day to stay active and not surrender. The sun could be shining bright, your day filled with experiences to be lived, moments to be seized and your dreams to be accomplished, but if your body says no, your life is on hold. MS Fatigue is frustrating.”
MS Hug
“MS hug gave me the uncomfortable sensation of tightness or compression around the torso or chest…It was like I was trying to stand before a giant wave of turbulence. On the inside I felt like I was suffocating. Like It was taking my breath away, compressing my muscles, squeezing me tight, crushing my ribs. Sometimes I wanted to scream but there was no room enough for this. On the outside I looked perfectly fine. It's a misleading name, but I can say that It is an ‘unforgettable’ hug.”
To see the whole series, check out @andrezza_haddaway

“I am a husband and a father. I’m a father of a beautiful 7-year-old. She’s really the reason why I continue to fight and continue to push to make myself better, to improve myself, so I’m with my daughter more. And so her generation doesn’t have to fight these same battles over and over again as well.

A lot of people ask me, what has #MS taken from me? MS took everything from me. Everything I thought was important, everything I valued. And it has forced me to redefine my priorities in both myself and for my family and friends around me.

I used to fly the Apache helicopter. I was in command of an air cavalry troupe in Korea when I was diagnosed and at the time that was everything for me – being in the military serving my country, flying helicopters, leading soldiers – when I was diagnosed with MS I lost all of that.

MS drives everything that I do as a father to the point of what I am physically able to do and what I am limited by, what I have to include in my relationship with my daughter. One of the things that MS hasn’t done, is MS hasn’t redefined the relationship with me and my daughter. We love each other regardless of the MS, that’s just one of the things we do. Ellie doesn’t know me without MS, she just knows me as Daddy.

My battle’s different than what I was initially trained for, but I will continue to fight. I will never stop, I will never quit. Because the fight is not over and it won’t be over until a cure is found.” ~ Kevin, #ThisIsMS
#MSawareness #multiplesclerosis Photo credit: @keithcarlsen

“Multiple sclerosis may be a part of who you are, but it doesn’t define you.” Every day, people do whatever it takes to move their lives forward despite #MS. This MS Awareness Week, show the world that #ThisIsMS. #MSawareness #multiplesclerosis

What do you wish people knew about #MS? #ThisIsMS #MSawareness

Living with MS participants will be wearing this orange shirt at Walk MS events throughout the country, including Laura from Team Not MSing Out: "I was diagnosed with #MS in November of 2017. It has been quite a journey, and one I want to share with others. I’m forming a Walk MS team to raise awareness, educate the community, and show the importance of staying positive, and remain physically active with this disease.” http://ntl.ms/WalkMS2018 #walkMS

Mark your calendars – next week is MS Awareness Week! Together, we’ll bring awareness to multiple sclerosis as we do whatever it takes to change the world for people with MS. #ThisIsMS #MSawareness Photo credit: @keithcarlsen

Join your voice with the nearly 300 MS activist leaders on Capitol Hill today, educating public officials about the needs of the #MS community. Contact your elected officials to share your story and ask them to protect access to affordable, quality healthcare coverage; ensure affordable access to MS medications; and fund MS research. Link in the bio or check out our stories to see photos of the day and to swipe up for the link! #MSactivist #multiplesclerosis #MSPPC2018

“No one is more grateful for innovation in medications for multiple sclerosis than me. Last year I was reliant on a wheelchair and Social Security Disability. Today I’m taking a newly approved medication, working and focused on my family. But with the excitement and hope comes feelings of anxiety: how can we, people living with MS, afford these medications?

I’ve been living with MS for 16 years and I am currently taking my sixth MS DMT. Before starting each, I had to obtain pre-approval through my insurance, find a pharmacy that could provide it and brace myself for the costs. When medications cost a minimum of $5,000 per MONTH, that deductible comes fast; the start of each health insurance year is a struggle. …Now I often wonder what will happen if I can’t afford my medication. I worry about becoming a financial burden to my family. We’ve already missed out on so much over the years…

If I don’t take the medication, I’ll be back in a wheelchair. I’m young (only 43 years old!) and I still want to work. I will continue to be an active part of my family’s life. I plan to dance at my kids’ weddings someday. Someday I will have grandchildren; I want to help, to hold them, and to carry them. For that to happen, we need to make medications affordable, make sure people can get the medications they need, and have a health system that is transparent and puts the patient first.
Without access to affordable, necessary medication, I am unsure of what the future of my health will look like. MS is volatile and unpredictable. The price and accessibility of medication to treat my MS should not be.” ~ Jessica

Nearly 300 #MSactivist leaders are in DC this week at the Public Policy Conference educating officials about #MSactivist priorities, including access to MS medication. Add your voice: http://ntl.ms/ActionAlertPPC18. #MSPPC2018

“I’ve met veterans in the MS community, and it’s common for us to brush off symptoms to the stress of the job. The mission has to be put first, and you put yourself behind. The DoD should fund research for diseases veterans live with, like MS. We didn’t give the ultimate sacrifice, but we gave a lot for this nation. MS is not going away. Get involved so we can find a solution.” Garvis, diagnosed in 2001.
Nearly 300 leaders are in DC this week at the Public Policy Conference educating officials about #MSactivist priorities, including asking Congress to provide $12 million for the MS Research Program at the Department of Defense. Add your voice: http://ntl.ms/ActNowForMS. #MSPPC2018

We kicked off the 2018 Walk MS event season one week ago in beautiful West Palm Beach, Florida. We continue the excitement and enthusiasm this weekend, and for many weekends to come. We hope to share the excitement with you at a Walk MS event soon! Register today: http://ntl.ms/WalkMS2018. #walkMS

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