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Mss.A👑🍷  20 años👠 5'9🦄 Dominican🌻🇩🇴 JEMS💑 0.11🔒💖 Art Page @dulcito.e.coco🎨🌴 IF YOU REPOST MY PHOTOS LET ME KNOW, THANKS!😅😁

Guys, i'm posting this because i'm really, really tired of people who thinks that my boyfriend is my son, or my brother. I'm 20, how you can think it is possible that he's my son? That's INSANE!
I know that we're not the "classic couple" or that, we've really different appearance but i'm happy, i'm in love, what's wrong with that?
I don't have the exact number of men that i already blocked for stupid comments. IF YOU HAVE SOMETHING BAD OR STUPID TO SAY JUST SHUT UP, because i don't wanna know your opinion.
I'm not a public figure, i'm just a young lady living her life. I know that many of my followers are here for how i look, and it's not bad, but, i don't want to lose my peace or someone ruining my perfect happiness.
THIS IS NOT FOR ALL OF YOU, only for the people who thinks that they can judge others, like if they were perfect.
Sorry for the long caption but i'm tired and i don't will let people take away my peace...
(Si quieren la traducción al español, diganmelo)

A long time without wear a dress🤔 #TB

Hay amores que se vuelven resistentes a los daños, 
como el vino que mejora con los años, 
asi crece lo que siento yo por tí...🎶🌴🔥

Yo me río de mi misma😂😂
Buenas Noches🌴🎀

Caribbean Power🌻🌴

Are you mine?🎶☕

@jems_19 's babygirl🌴🌻🔒❤

Hola, como estan?🦄🌻
Hey, How are you?🦄🌻

Well guys, i promised you to answer the questions that you more have done to me, and some of you asked me another things on DM, i'm gonna answer you now and let you know more about me. ● I'm 20 years old ● I'm something between 5'9 - 5'10 ● I'm living in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. ● No, i haven't more accounts on internet with this name. ● No, i'm not into modeling, i'm not a model and i don't wanna be one. ● The only person who appears at my profile too is my BOYFRIEND. He's not my brother or my son. The "JEMS" in my bio are the initials if his name (And yes he can handle all this and i love him). ● Emm, is cute that people follow you (when they don't know you) because they think you're pretty, is not the attention that i need or want but i appreciate it.

Thanks for your cute comments and messages😁👋💗

A Pin-up Throwback🌴😌💁

Adio' tu😏🌴🦄


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