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Day 5 of @butiyoga @goldenratiobutrition #dare2barechallenge:

Bikini Bod
In the nude lol... I mean I'm packing , I'm cleaning, I'm just literally a hot mess today so with that here's what you get... ladies you got what you got don't worry about it not jiggling ,or pushing on your rolls, or sucking it in... just go to the damn pool or beach and get on with your sexy selves. If others can't handle you as you are that's their problem. 💓

Just yes!!! You are all my inspiration.. thank you for all your hard work this am

Day 4 of @butiyoga @goldenratiobutrition #dare2barechallenge:

When is the first memory you have of feeling self-conscious?
5th grade ( history ). I will never forget the first time I felt like it wasn't ok to look like me. I am biracial. It never occurred to me that I was different. My parents and family had so many different color that I just thought that's how it was. My hair was mostly in braids as a child( I often wanted to be able to wear it long and straight like the other girls). I was one of 3 black children in my Catholic School (my sister being one of them). My parents stressed education being important. I had friends and I got along easily with other kids.One 5th grade history lesson, you know the first time you hear or learn about slavery.... was the first time I ever felt the eyes on me. I was confused, I wasn't a slave but I looked like the people In the book, no one else did. I remember being hysterical about it to my mom after school and she called a meeting. In my family, it has never been acceptable to disrespect a person period. My mom pressed the issue that people are different everywhere in the world, from race to religion to physical ability to cognitive ability to socioeconomic status.... but it was unacceptable to ever think you were better bc of one of those things. Today I am confident and proud to be a black woman and just as much the same as any other human, regardless of what society and American culture believe or perceive. My job is to make sure this little soul has no question of the skin she's in. When she asks me why kids say she can't brush her hair? Or she wants to be like a Disney princess but she's not white... or how come no one else looks like her....I make sure to tell her that she has to be different in order to be successful, in order to learn to be strong, and in order for her be and individual. She can be whomever she wants as long as she's kind, respectful, and sees all people for what's inside of them. She is everything💜

Day 3 of @butiyoga @goldenratiobutrition #dare2barechallenge:

Your Favorite Body Part
My favorite parts of me are unseen really... but, Physically I love my curves and I love a nice, round, booty lol... honestly I try to grow my cheeks, make them clap, look back at em, make me go up and down on the pole, and sit pretty on it lol... I'm just not as endowed as some of you ladies but I'll get there... but in the mean time I'll admire my hair it's also a fav💓I just love that my body appeals to me always in some way shake or form there's always something I love about it

Day 2 of @butiyoga @goldenratiobutrition #dare2barechallenge:

Journey to body /self love
I'm so grateful that my body is capable. I feel grateful that even when I may not be my fittest, or when I've gained, or when I've lost.... I continue to love myself. Yes, I talk shit about the things I can improve, but I know my body is a reflection of my actions.. or lack of. I'm so much more than what people want to perceive so I could give a shit what people have to say about my body... don't like it, don't look at. I stay with little clothing bc I'm comfortable and sweat a lot lol. Not every posture , outfit, or angle flatters me. I got rolls and I got abs, I got leg jiggle and I got quads to crush you with, I got ass and want more ass. I've continuously made it a point in my life to know and accept the point in my life my body is reflecting or not reflecting.My hair , my skin, my teeth, my forehead vein that pops out... are all things my younger self and current self have been made to question or get insecure about... we aren't always confident... but at the end of the day, I truly truly can say when I look in the mirror I know I'm worth my own love.... and #beyonce would support that

Day 1 of @butiyoga @goldenratiobutrition #dare2barechallenge:

Who are you ? What makes you, YOU?
I am darkness and I am light. I have grown and I have regressed. I am giving and welcoming, yet I want to be left alone and not give anymore. I like to laugh, but sometimes the laughs are my tears. People view me as a leader, yet I'm still figuring out my way. I have both avoided and embraced my pain. This photo was taken at a dear friends wedding in April. I had a blast and her photographer captured this photo and I just opened it in the mail. You see me smiling but I see so much more. I see sadness and surviving. I have been loved and supported. I have been ripped to shreds and crushed. I have isolated and distanced myself. I have appeared to be out going and fulfilled..... yet I'm still trying to move past the empty.... I love all of your shares ladies... you do come out on the other side 💓#fuck#emotional#butiyoga#liveandlearn#itallworksout#imworthit#behonest#womenareaostrong

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