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The Tall One πŸ’‹  Energy is everything... ✨ 6 feet before heels ☺ Still can't dunk, but I model now... πŸ‘  Haitian Sensation πŸ‡­πŸ‡Ή Snap/Twitter: MsSashaBelle

When ya squad fine as fuk, too... ✨ #HKMIAMITAKEOVER2017

Animalistic... 😼#HKMIAMITAKEOVER2017

It don't get no bettaaaa!!! πŸ‡­πŸ‡Ή #TBT #HaitianFlagDay #ILoveMyEthnicity

Happy Flag Day to all my Haitians all over the world...keep shining! ✨ #HaitianFlagDay #FirstBlackRepublic #ILoveMyEthnicity

It used to say 5'9 but that's unacceptable... πŸ˜‚ #ICantBeYourWCWIfYoureShorterThanThis #SorryButILikeMyHeels #YourTimbsDontHelpThatMuch

You can never go wrong with curly... ✨ Bundles AND installed by: @ineedlotushair

Girls ages 12-17 experience: *a weekend at miami mansion
*girl talk/self esteem, peer pressure
*self care & etiquette
*yoga / meditation
*modeling/self esteem classes
*healthy eating cook classes
*photo shoot/makeover...and more! (Call 786-319-1587 for more info)

Don't miss this. #SakPase #FlagDayWeekend

(Swipe left) My timeline is soooo beautiful; I open up and scroll down and these are the first 3 posts I see. I was just soooo happy!!! All 3 of these women are drop dead gorgeous, intelligent and have thrown so much great energy my way! So here's to #ThrowbackThursday since I'm throwing some back your way right now ☺️ Happy birthday to @daniellemarie876, you stay excited for me and I'm blessed to call you friend! πŸŽ‰ Shoutout to @shakyralashae for loving herself, flaws and all! You inspire me so much! ✊🏾 And @_reyna_love_, you know I loved your energy from the first second, keep slaying! πŸ’‹ Follow my sexy lady friends and light up your TL, too... ✨✨✨#Random #LoveMyTL #YoureWelcome

When you get a new laptop & have a photoshoot when no one's home with the cam lol πŸ™ˆ #TBT

Say it with me... ✨ #Affirmation


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