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✨Sarah Fontenot✨  🌟Can I Support YOU in your Personal & Professional GROWTH?🌟 💪🏽Herbalife Distributor💪🏽 Mind Provoker Snap: MssarahFontenot👻. #entrepreneurlifestyle

✨Get you some friends you can travel the world with!✨

Friends that challenge you to be more, do more and have more!! Friends that are empowered and don’t compete!! Just 1 of the Many Gods blessed me with! #grateful

Have you ever had Herbalife Chai tea, with French vanilla creamer, frothed vanilla soy milk and a dash of cinnamon...? YOUR WELCOME!!

Burning calories, boosting energy and drinking something DELICIOUS! 😋 #herbalife


Be the kind of women that when you wake up and put your feet on the floor, and he devil says, “oh crap, she’s up”.

Happy dance on em 😌 #blessed

✨No one gave me a guarantee, and you don’t have one either! That doesn’t mean you don’t do your best! ✨

6 years ago i couldn’t afford to put GAS in my SQUEAKING CAR!! There was a point and time i lived in Compton California with my mid-seventies Great Aunt (bless her heart!! She was a SAVING GRACE!)! I got robbed at the bus stop on my way to learn from my mentor... FOR ALL THE MONEY I HAD!!! And most people would say, this is God showing you to quit, i Say, this is God saying HOW BAD DO YOU REALLY WANT It?!

Look, we ALL have a sob story, i just choose to use my experiences as learning lessons rather than stop signs!!

STOP looking for all the reasons why you CANT do something and focus on the ONE REASON why you CAN!!!

Fact is, you are what you SAY YOU ARE! What you BELIEVE YOU ARE!! It just takes time for the world to see it! Keep going! #build

Swim suit by @mattecollection

✨Stay Grounded✨

It’s so important to be hungry for where you’re going, but NEVER forget where you came from!!

I never miss a chance to FaceTime with my mommy! My dad is always talking in the background 😂😂, most of the time he’s smack talking the ridiculousness of our conversation!! Lolol and i LOVE every moment of It!

I don’t seek achievement, i seek happiness! Whole life happiness!! Money flows, easily, freely and frequently, but experiences that become your favorite memories will last as long as you do! Don’t forget to cherish those you love along the journey. Even if it’s 5 min!

Have you told someone you love them today? #love

In a world filled with dark... be the light! #light


✨The attitude of Gratitude will change your life✨

It’s easy to smile and be happy when everything is good, but can you do the same when you’re patience is running thin, the life tests are in full effect and you’re questioning why...?

Having an abundance mindset will create more abundance! Smile! Be grateful! It’s the bow and arrow analogy for life!! The MORE you’re pulled back... the FASTER you’re slingshot forward, the FURTHER you go and the more DISTANCE covered.

The universe is trying to have you cover more, go further and much faster!! You’ve just got to be willing to be pulled back!

Your miracle is coming! Don’t quit! #mindset


How much fun do you have at “work” lol. Come see me on Thursday and try a smoothie ❤️😘 #takecontrolnutrition

✨Soaking in Everything life has to offer✨

I stopped resisting life! Everything i “JUST KNEW” was going to happen, DIDNT! The things i would have said NEVER to, have turned into some of the most pleasant surprises!

When things “go wrong” I already know, it’s so my LIFE can go RIGHT!!! So when you change your mindset, you can change your LIFE! #bars lol

But for real! Life will hit hard, only so you can learn to bob and weave Faster, get better at taking the hits and overall become STRONGER!!! Soak It in!! Your miracle is coming! #mood

Too often you hear people ask God For certain things, NOT KNOWING, they’ll get EXACTLY what they NEED to create It... and not the finished product.

Meaning, BE CAREFUL what you ask for, in my experiences you’ll get those hard circumstances and situations that FORCE you to level up!! Not just to GET It, but to SUSTAIN It!

Nothing great comes easy!! Are you willing to GROW through it, and not just GO through it?#MondayMotivation

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Homeward bound!! See you soon LA ❤️😘 #grateful

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