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I Am Ms. Peets 🇰🇳  🌞KAMARIE & KALIYAH🌝 The greatest blessings that the Lord bestowed upon me. 🦁❤️👣💛👣💚🦁

Before the day comes to a complete end...
🎈🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my brother @mr_minny_sr 🎉🎈
Big bro, I pray that you have a healthy and prosperous year to come. I pray that the lord continue to bless you and guide you has you take care of your beautiful family. You’re an amazing father, brother and friend that should be celebrated everyday! #HAPPYBIRTHDAY B❗️ (I had to say that in your voice) 😂
#Gunhillsfinest #Gunhilllegend #GunhillsGeneral #ItsNotADebate #SaluteHimWhenYouSeeHim
S|B #YoureAnOldHeadNow👴🏽 #HeyGrandPa👋🏾 😂

They said what’s for you will always be for you.
It’s about time I go get it.😎
#👑🖤EmpressPeets🖤👑 #Elevation

For every 🚪 that was closed on me, I’m coming back to buy the building 😏
#👑🖤EmpressPeets🖤👑 #Elevation

✨L I F E L E S S O N S ✨
I only want the #SolidOnes around me.

Every time I think about Sunday’s call I breakdown and cry. I honestly didn’t think that Friday would be the last time I say Heyyy MO or even goodbye. I tend to be late but Friday I showed up to ECG around 1p.m. instead of 9a.m. because everything was stopping me from heading out.
Heyyy Mo, what you doing over here? *Hug*
“I live over here.”
Oh word, since when?
“I been over here.”
Oh, I didn’t know that. “What you doing over here?”
Picking up my little cousin, they live right here. I’m running late too. 😆 “Where’s the kids?”
In school.😏 I gotta hurry up tho, my cousin been waiting on me for a minute. BYE MO! 🤦🏾‍♀️ Why did I just say bye, I don’t ever say bye. Lol I’ll see you on the block, LATER MO!!! 😁
😄“Later.” All I kept thinking when we parted was that’s crazy I just said I haven’t seen MO in a minute, look how God work😏; and since when do you say Bye. 🤦🏾‍♀️ Now I can’t stop thinking look at how God work. I didn’t know but he still allowed me to give you one last hug, see one last smile, hear your laugh and say goodbye. 💔😢 #HumbleSoul will #NeverBeForgotten 🙏🏾
#GunHillLegend most definitely ☝🏾 of #GunHillsFinest #MOMurda #SIP👑 @trigga_blazin

💔I’m still speechless. #SIP 👑




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