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Hoops2Heels🏀👠🎶  When writing the story of your life don't let anyone else hold the pen 🖊🙏🏽🧘🏼‍♀️ #22 💕 Old soul with childlike wonder 👵🏼🧚🏼‍♀️ #LoveIsTheAnswer ⚡️💃🏼🌪

An apple 🍏 a day keeps the doctors away. At least that’s what my momma always told me 😋... We don’t need to be perfect small changes make a huge difference. Unfortunately we don’t value our health sometimes until sickness enters the body. No matter where you stand in this very moment just know you are not alone and in time you can and will feel better. You are in control of your destiny. As I said we aren’t perfect so if you feel just a little better than you were yesterday, months ago, or even years ago it’s a step in the right direction. Our sickness’s are our teachers. So be sure to study and take in all of its lessons. Our bodies will be around longer than any expensive handbag, shoes, cars, clothes , etc. We must invest in ourselves so we can enjoy this life that we are living. My passion lies in being healthy on all levels. BODY MIND & SPIRIT BABY!!! 🤗💃🏼👑
I don’t know about y’all but I’m trying to be young when I’m a 100. Still dancing around with a big ole smile 🤷🏼‍♀️😁 Health is wealth and the best gift you can give anyone is a healthy YOU. 😍💪🏽 •
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Secret weapon: @purehealthbh 🍃 •
P.s. these are my favorite type of pictures to shoot. The sexy stuff is cool but this is more me. Let’s just put this out in the universe so I can do more of this too 😂🙌🏽

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A quiet confidence. Silence until it’s time to fight. 🤫 Ooo but when the time comes to fight there’s no other choice but to win. Life is all about experiences. Some days we have to focus so hard just to get up and get moving but we do it. We refuse to let fear, pain, rejection, guilt, shame, or any other strangling feeling suffocate our wellbeing. We may cry, scream, and curse but we allow those emotions to unfold and then get back to business. This is life. An ever changing array of experiences. Live in those moments. Explore their value and learn from the journey. Surrender to your story. It’s time to be courageous & bold 💫💪🏽
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The journey between who you once were and who you are now becoming, is where the dance of life really takes place 💃🏼💫 #imreadytodance

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If you’re going behind someone’s back it better be your own... hittin them dimes for an easy breezy finish. 🏀🤫 #quietonset
No, but for real those of you going through this please understand it’s not really about you. Let people talk they will no matter what you do. So, Control what’s in your control and understand that rumors die as soon as they hit wise ears. •
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😌💫🧘🏼‍♀️FEELGOOD FRIDAY 🍷🤗🔥💃🏼 One of my favorite things is a nice hot bath 🛀🏽to soak away all of your pain and stress. Epsom salt baths can help relax your muscles and loosen stiff joints. You should do your best to soak for at least 12 minutes even though I’m in there for 30 lol. Get that water hot hot hot 🔥 and kick back and unwind. I also play some slow old school r&b and have some kombucha or a glass of wine. Treat yourself. We all get so caught up in go go go and taking care of everyone else that we forget that we need to be our best to do our best. Give all that LOVIN to yourself first & foremost Ladies and Gents ❤️ Have a FANTASTIC Weekend xoxo •
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Be Tough • Push through• Don’t Give Up •
Suck it up • Get over it • Be a Winner•
We all have these talks with ourselves daily. The little voice saying you aren’t good enough... you aren’t doing enough... you’re a loser... you need to be more of this and less of that... push through the pain you’re acting like a baby... don’t show emotion... you will amount to nothing if you don’t win this... Sometimes these negative voices take over and beat us down so low that we don’t think there’s a way out. We feel safe and secure when we are winning but losing hurts a lot more than winning feels good. Losing means we failed or at least makes us feel like a failure. So many people internalize their guilt, pain, and shame. Listen to me when I tell you that YOU ARE ENOUGH. Your sport/career doesn’t determine your value and worth. This was just a vehicle to get you where you need to be. It’s just a chapter. We are not perfect. We all fall short and that’s why we must forgive ourselves and know that what we truly have to offer has nothing to do with our careers. Our identity is in the way that we give and receive love.
Find your source of love. Find your purpose. When I say find these things I don’t mean find another career to once again lose your identity in. I mean find your soul and your heart. Find a strong foundation built with solid character. Know WHO YOU ARE inside and out not attached to anything. By refusing to sink you are challenging yourself to be vulnerable, open, emotional, transparent, courageous, taught, changed, and loved. REFUSING TO SINK doesn’t mean being independent & tough. It doesn’t mean you don’t need help and can do everything by yourself. It means you are ready to open your arms wide and allow love to flow through. We aren’t meant to live this life alone it’s meant to be shared. By doing this you can affect so many lives just by giving a few moments of your time to show others that they are valued and worthy. Trust the process. Change is inevitable don’t let it discourage you. It’s catapulting you into your destiny 💫🕊 #loveistheanswer #trusttheprocess #heart #refusetosink

If your journey is more difficult it just means that you have a higher calling on your life. The greater your pain the higher your purpose. You’re a diamond 💎... but some people prefer rhinestones and that’s okay. Keep shining and rise above the no’s, closed doors, and negativity. These things are preparing you for your true calling🕊💫
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The less you give a damn the happier you will be 💃🏼😌💫#mood #fridayfeels #beyourself #aeriereal
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😌💫 F•R•E•E•D•O•M💫😌
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We have learned to run from what we feel and that’s why we internalize so much pain. We spend years running from ourselves. We put things on the back burner and just push through thinking that it will get better. Nothing is going to get better if we don’t face it head on. We face pain to teach us that something needs to change. There is no quick fix. Nobody in this world is perfect. We must stop chasing and start standing still ... grounded in the moment. We must adjust our lives to what we are feeling, not repress our feelings to get to where we want to be, because in the end those feelings will eventually catch up to us. Take time to invest in yourself. You are worth it. If you’re going to run... run to feel, run to be, and run in authenticity. •
Are you ready to run!? 🏃🏼‍♀️ #justdoit #globalrunningday

Time is of the essence. We aren’t guaranteed another moment on this planet so make sure you are doing the things that you love and spending time with the people you cherish the most. This doesn’t mean we need to rush but instead take a deep breath and feel all of the emotions we are having in each moment. It’s important to feel. Feeling teaches us so much about who we are and what we want to be. Most of us block out our emotions because we are afraid of what we are going to discover. When I help others it allows me to be more vulnerable and open. It brings out my true colors and my heart feels like it’s exploding. Which in turn shows me what my purpose is. My purpose is to serve. Actually writing this just made me think of a Zig Ziglar quote -
“If you can dream it, then you can achieve it. You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.” This is so true and to be honest so easy for me. Making others happy makes me happy. I had the honor of building a home in Tijuana with some of my closest girlfriends and complete strangers who are now friends. It was so rewarding and taught me so many lessons. I mean I got to build a house guys 😂🙌🏽 How cool is that? And not to mention in two days. We all came together with one purpose in mind and that was to build a place for this family to feel safe and sound. We may have left a foundation in Tijuana but what we are taking home with us is so much more impactful. An experience that will forever be ingrained in our hearts. So, thank you @hopesports_ @frankshamrock for inviting us to join you on this incredible journey. We are so grateful and already ready for the next one 💫 •
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“By wisdom a house is built and through understanding it is established and through knowledge it’s rooms are filled with beautiful treasures”
Life is about real consistent unconditional love. We have the power to bring value and worth to the lives of others by what we give. Not even just monetarily but by our time and love that we share. Time is the greatest gift we can give because you can’t get that back. Spreading positive energy that is full of love will have a lasting impact on the lives that we serve. And serving itself has a lasting impact on our hearts. These are the moments we live for. The moments that will never be forgotten. The ultimate reason for our existence. Our careers can be a vehicle to inspire others but our hearts and character will be our unforgettable legacy. My purpose is to touch the lives of people that I cross paths with in the best way I can I’ve always believed that’s what I was put on this earth for. We are here to receive love and pass it on. Love is always the answer and it’s what I’m choosing to live for. Let’s challenge one another to find purpose within our souls and cheer each other on to be the best humans that we can be. @hopesports_ @frankshamrock Thank you for this incredible experience. It has made a profound impact on me already. I’ll keep y’all updated 🙌🏽 time for DAY 2 !!! Teamwork makes the Dreamwork 💪🏽💫 #loveistheanswer

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