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  Ms.Lou's science class account! Follow me to see all the fun activities we do in class 🔭📽📕

We stand together in solidity to commemorate the 17 souls that were lost due to gun violence. On this beautiful sunny day, we stand together. #nationalschoolwalkout #silentprotest #theheartofalion ❤️👐🏻

Scholars are outside today testing their breathing rate within 2 minutes during various activities...such as flossing😳, jumping jacks😎, listening to music🎶, etc. Does our breathing speed up or slow down during these activities? What causes our breathing to speed up or slow down? (Hint: it has to do with oxygen to cells) 🤔 #explore #experiment #bodysystems

#tbt Monday Madness! Mr. P announcing the winner of a final round of rock-paper-scissors. How many people do you recognize from this picture? 🤓 #detectiveeyes

Thank you for all your gifts! I feel appreciated 🤗 Happy V-Day, everyone! Don’t forget to show yourself some love today, there is only one YOU! ❤️ #treatyoself #candiesunlimited

Reposting amazing shots by Mr. Alvarado of a fun afternoon with games and sports outside! 🏆⛹🏽 And shout-out to @mrsmartinez221 for all the hard work behind-the-scene! #khmsolympics

2018 Olympics Torch Walk! 🔥 Which Greek city-state will win the competition? Find out today at 1:40pm☄️⭐️ #goathens #gosparta #gothebes #gocorinth #goeretria

Happy Monday! This is our first Monday Madness game of the year- Balloon Poppin’! Salvador looks dashing in his fairy wings 🤙🏼😇 Slide right to see the video in action 📽 #mondaymadness

In this activity, scholars realizes that not all living things are visible to the eyes. Can you name the living thing in each picture? 🤓 #ispy #cells #organisms #science

Top three Achieve 3000 winners! Dined at Norms 🍴today.Their steaks and hot cakes🥞 are bomb! Who’re gonna be the winners for next semester? #scholars #khms #overachievers

This is our pledge.🙌🏼 Small changes, big impact. 👣 #carbonfootprint #ourpledge

Period 4 won the most points this month! DIY Slime Party during lunchtime🤙🏼 Any good party ideas for January comment below. 👇🏼#scholarslife #lionsrock

Happy Thanksgiving!!! 🦃🍽 On Tuesday, Lions went around the neighborhood to pass out food and warm clothes. When we passed by the tents next to the railways, one student said, “ They’re nice people. No one should deserve this.” Certainly, no one does. We give what we can. Let’s be thankful for what we have, even the little things count! #thankful #payingitforward

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