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Hey scholars! Sponsored by @earthwatch, I’ll be going into the mountains near Tucson, Arizona to collect samples and data of 🐛 and how the changes in the ecosystem connect to Climate Change. Can’t wait to share my adventure with all of you! Enjoy your last week of summer, Lions! 🦁 #science #explore #expedition

Norms...we are back again😋. This semester’s top 4 Achieve 3000 winners: Carlos A., Yarenith S., Emily R. and Kaity B.

Today we have a guest speaker, Mr. Lewis, a wildlife biologist teaching us about different types of arthropods and showing us his super cool specimen collections! You may follow his Instagram account @mr__marty! We look forward to his return next year! 🕷🐜❤️

Monsters Inc. Part II

Monsters Inc. Part I ——Here are a few of the many awesome works that our scholars accomplished in the past two weeks! Students listed the parent’s genotypes and phenotypes then sketched the monsters. Then, completed Punnett Squares to create a whole new baby monster! #genetics #fun #projectbasedlearning

“Hope lives when people remember.” -Simon Wiesentbal 🌱

Another successful round of Socratic Seminar!👏🏼Listen in on the 5 unique perspectives in this 1:03 short video!
The question of debate: “ In the film, the mother, Maria Andrea Gonzalez says, ‘We’re really tight from either paying for his medicine to be healthy or buying vegetables to be healthy.’ Which should she choose if she cannot afford both?” 💊 or 🥒#socraticseminar #foodinc #documentary

We stand together in solidarity to commemorate the 17 souls that were lost due to gun violence. On this beautiful sunny day, we stand together. #nationalschoolwalkout #silentprotest #theheartofalion ❤️👐🏻

Scholars are outside today testing their breathing rate within 2 minutes during various activities...such as flossing😳, jumping jacks😎, listening to music🎶, etc. Does our breathing speed up or slow down during these activities? What causes our breathing to speed up or slow down? (Hint: it has to do with oxygen to cells) 🤔 #explore #experiment #bodysystems

#tbt Monday Madness! Mr. P announcing the winner of a final round of rock-paper-scissors. How many people do you recognize from this picture? 🤓 #detectiveeyes

Thank you for all your gifts! I feel appreciated 🤗 Happy V-Day, everyone! Don’t forget to show yourself some love today, there is only one YOU! ❤️ #treatyoself #candiesunlimited

Reposting amazing shots by Mr. Alvarado of a fun afternoon with games and sports outside! 🏆⛹🏽 And shout-out to @mrsmartinez221 for all the hard work behind-the-scene! #khmsolympics

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