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Laurel Boruck  Rogue bibliophile turned professional book person; wind-blown galosher, dreamer of dreams.

Hydrangea admiration society. New members welcome.

If you find that I’ve run away, it’s probably to this house by the ocean (mine only in daydreams). Please give me, oh, say a week? before you come looking for me. We’ll have a party when you get here.

Can you believe things like this just grow right out of the ground?

Yesterday I sat on the beach and kept company with pirates and it was all very good form.

Feels like sand and wind. Tastes like fish and chips and saltwater taffy. Sounds like seagulls and waves and the best conversation. Smells like salty air and campfire. Looks like this. A good and necessary excursion.

Guys, I loved this, and now I want to give it to all of the kids I know (and grownups, too). It’s about a girl, who is cool and tough and tender, trying to save earth with the help of a rebel shape-shifting alien. It’s about grief and courage and dad jokes. It’s full of heart and characters that make you want to cheer them on. And @cassiejanderson’s art is so good!

One time Will Shortz used “Mexican sandwich” as a clue for TACO in a New York Times crossword puzzle even though tacos are definitely not sandwiches and even though tortas are a thing that exist. Anyways, Güero has very good tortas if you, like @sheepaday and I (and like Will Shortz, apparently), need one. (Their bar also has great tile, if you’re into that.)

Why have one wedding date when you can have all of them?

Our friends got married and we feel very 💕✨🎉 about the whole thing.

The drinks were good but the company was even better.

Totally worth having sore arms and getting blisters on both thumbs.

On a rough day last week, this is what I did: I went for a walk. I called a friend. I bought myself fro-yo and picked up a poem from the poetry box in my neighborhood. I listened to “Lost in the Light” by Bahamas on repeat as I walked home. And I took pictures of beautiful things I saw, like these flowers against the blue wall of the auto shop down the road, to trick myself into noticing. Sometimes tricking yourself into noticing is an okay way to start.

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