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Katie Lobel  Artist | NYC

Some of that Roosevelt Island charm.


If I’m going to wake up on land..... this is definitely the way to do it.

Bunk Views

I fall in love with boats pretty fast. #tuglife

I break for lighthouses in portholes. #tuglife

Sunrise on the East River.

Found some paradise. Also found the no-see-ums.

I’ve been waiting a long, long time to see this duck. And it was everything I dreamed of.

I made paintings for an upcoming photo shoot. It’s been a while since I got to mix up some colors.

Back in New York, where the marble bathtubs flow. I have hit the ground running #onlocation

How to leave Alaska. Plan a long layover at a west coast airport. Have a cookie. Try on duty free perfume but don’t buy any. Drink wine until you twinkle. Sit at the gate and write a letter to someone remarkable but don’t send it. Go straight to your apartment. Water your plants. Clean something obscure. Don’t leave your apartment for 24 hours. Except to go to the bodega for lemons. Do a puzzle. Finish the last chapter of the book you were reading. Bake a tart. Call your mother. Schedule 3 meetings for tomorrow. Remember what the guy on the dock said while he was loading a crate of citrus from a wheelbarrow onto his boat at 4am and he saw you with your suitcase saying goodbye to a boat “hey kiddo, you can leave Alaska but it won’t leave you”.

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