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🔹The past couple of weeks admittedly haven't been my best for training/dieting for various reasons, but the main one is not having my best mate @zacperna to train with and to tell me what a skinny/inadequate piece of shit I am 😂 .
🔹Begrudgingly I'm going to have to use this word... but it's a lot harder to be "motivated" without someone there pushing you along and to compete with, especially once you've become accustomed to it .
🔹I cannot stand when I let my standards slip with my training/dieting... It destroys me, especially because I know it's my own fault and I'm making a bunch of poor excuses .
🔹So today I decided instead of being a loooooser, I'd pull my nutsack out of my handbag and follow a leg workout by @hypertrophycoach where I could just follow something outrageous (swipe left if you want to live a horrible life like me) .
🔹I trained at the highest intensity I have in a long time and absolutely hated (but loved) every minute of it .
👉Moral of the story is guys: we are all human and occasionally have periods where we aren't at our best. However don't submit to it, set yourself a challenge and if you can overcome it when you're not feeling your best- imagine what you're capable of when you are.

🔹So this weekend I broke a longstanding drought from alcohol and endeavoured to drink my body weight in Double Vodka Redbulls whilst dancing around @pawnandco like Albert Brennaman from Hitch 😂 .
🔹For those wondering, yes- I was successful and yes- I do drink and am not completely and utterly allergic to fun (debatably) 🍾 .
🔹I have had stages where I'd never do this and I used to always fall into the trap of thinking "You can't go out and enjoy yourself mate, otherwise you aren't committed to fitness" 😂 .
🔹This is a mentality a lot of people in this field have and my mindset has definitely changed. My argument is- if you cannot enjoy yourself for a night (especially when you aren't competing) then what's the point of all this effort you're putting in 🤔 ?
🔹If you don't agree that's okay, but I like to think I can go out and not count my calories for a night and it won't effect me... sue me .
🔹The key is: limit treating yourself to a day or two... nothing will change in that time .
🔹HOWEVER: don't spillover and turn a night out of treating yourself into a week or two of lackadaisical training and poor eating. That is a valid amount of time for your body fat to sue you for damages and it will have a very strong case in the Supreme Court of Shredding- FACT 👮 .
🔹On that note- I'm off to do some cardio to cleanse me of my sins... stay golden guys xx .
📸 Credit: @styrkestudio

So these were the promiscuous girls @nellyfurtado was singing about...? 👀

🔹More times than I can count- family, friends and even people I don't really associate with (really wanted their opinion heaps lots 🙃) have continued to always tell me that I am obsessed with training .
🔹I actually remember I used to get really disheartened by this and would find myself questioning why I would be doing the activities I really enjoy .
🔹Re-read the point above and if you can decrypt the puzzle of why I would let people make me question things I really enjoy (even people of absolutely no significance in my life- like they had a right to tell me what I should and shouldn't be doing 👀) then if there's a Da Vinci Code 2- you'll be taking Tom Hanks' spot 😂 .
🔹For those of you thinking "well enjoyment isn't enough."- I'd definitely argue otherwise, especially if you're the same person that is drinking every weekend for enjoyment- despite it not really serving you .
🔹HOWEVER, if that's not a good enough argument- then how about this one ;
👉Look at just about any field and tell me that those at the pinnacle of it aren't obsessed .
👉Obsession is necessary in achieving things others rarely can. So to constantly condemn it honestly makes little to absolutely no sense to me- and if someone can explain to me otherwise then a proverbial medal is coming your way 🏅 .
🔹So guys- if you're being told you're obsessed with your training or diet, do not perceive that as a bad thing .
🔹It is a good thing that you can be so passionate about something- very few people ever find something they want to obsess over .
🔹In fact- I'd bet all my very little money that the people telling you to stop obsessing are the ones who haven't found something to be that passionate about of their own.

A lot of people ask me how to tell whether they are lean or not... 🤔 .
🔹This is a very subjective question, as everyone's concept of "lean" is different. However I think the best way to judge whether you're lean or not is by assessing yourself on your bad days rather than your best ones .
👉If you can look at yourself on a bad day where you feel like a skidmark on the underpants of shredville (like how I felt above), and still not look like a complete sack of potatoes (I arguably don't here)- that's when you are lean .
👉Another key to knowing when you are lean or not is by being able to take a photo in below average lighting, without a professional camera with a $4000 lens and without a tan- yet still look relatively good .
🔹So if you satisfy these two things, congratulations 🍾🎉- you're ready for your next music festival/your trip to bali/your cousin's pool party... and that's all I've got for tonight- but you get the gist. Xx

@gussgroves was happier than Larry that he got his good side.. he's now as unhappy as Jan he didn't get his angles right- rookie error. #BetterLuckNextTimeQT xx

🔹I think one of the biggest tips I can give anyone about building muscle is that merely working hard just simply is not good enough to optimise your progress .
🔹"What do you mean by that m8?"- well the most common advice you'll hear from anyone with some apparent "expertise" in building muscle (emphasis on apparent) will be, "oh mate just work harder" or "oh mate just lift heavier" or "oh mate just do more" .
🔹The fact is these things are good advice for most people and are generally applicable. HOWEVER- for people who are already working as hard as they can (sometimes on the verge of physically breaking down) this couldn't be worse advice. This is the advice that will get them injured and extremely frustrated as they'll continue not to progress .
🔹"So what should I do if I am working hard m8?"- well in my generally poor opinion, approach every session with an idea of each component of the muscle group you are training .
🔹"Whaddddya mean bruz?"- Alright, let's use training biceps as an example 💪 ;
👉There are two different parts to your bicep: so if you just do barbell curls, preacher curls and a cable curl of some sort you've completely neglected one part of your bicep. Now you're going to have Spaghetti Skaife arms 🍝 .
👉There are different states to work the bicep (and all other muscles) such as the shortened, neutral and lengthened states. If you aren't working them in each of these states, then you are sacrificing development !
💪So basically guys: keep working hard and if you understand these factors for each muscle group you train- then training becomes very simple, but there needs to be method to the madness. You can then ask yourself whether you've worked each part of the muscle group you're training in each range you wanted to- and if you have, then you're done! Simples.

These are the two prerequisites to having a good set of an exercise ;
☝️️You need to make at least 47 different facial expressions (always unattractive) in order to maximise tension on the target muscle ✅ .
✌️️You need to get to the point that you feel it's necessary to look up to the heavens/ceiling praying for the pain to stop ✅ .
👉These are indisputable, well researched claims I saw made by the Australian Bureau of Statistics and/or Cosmopolitan Magazine- both are very legitimate sources .
👉So basically, follow these principles and you'll look as underwhelming as myself- enjoy 😎✌️️ .

🔹What would usually be responsible for me needing to take this deep breath in and out so that I don't have a psychotic episode and murder someone ?
👉A: Someone going below the speed limit in an overtaking lane and then not moving over even when I am directly behind them 🙃 .
👉B: Me asking someone at gym how many sets they have left, they tell me 4, but then proceed to get back on their phones for minutes on end doing absolutely nothing 🙃🙃🙃 .
👉C: Just about anything mate. You are psychotic and permanently are unattractive as shown above .
👉D: All of the above .
📸: @styrkestudio

🔹Most people probably won't like hearing this, however: In my opinion people saying, "I want to train, I just don't have time." is the most common excuse you'll ever hear. Key word: EXCUSE .
🔹Now you might be thinking, "but bruz, you don't know me and my story, you don't know what I've been through, you don't know what I'm capable of"- but oh no, I do know just about every story when it comes to not having time to train. I have heard one million different ways this EXCUSE is thrown around and let me explain why I think it's just that. An excuse that is ;
☝️️People will always prioritise the things they want/love/value doing. If you really love training, you will find a way to train even if it was for half an hour a day. Yes, training for half an hour is better than having not trained at all for weeks on end like some people do when they are preoccupied- and anyone who can explain to me why that's better: I am all ears 😇👂 .
✌️A typical person may sleep 8 hours and have a 16 hour waking window yes? So I don't think it's unreasonable to think that finding half an hour in that 16 hours to go and train can possibly be that difficult, regardless of the circumstances. If it is, you might want to have a look into your time management skills 🙄 .
👉So yes, admittedly sometimes it is a lot harder to find time to train. Some days life gets in the way and I can understand that .
👉HOWEVER: if you throw the "I don't have time" excuse around for weeks on end (especially if you apparently "love training") then you should just be truly honest with yourself .
👉Just admit that training can't possibly be a priority of yours and perhaps you've just been lazy. At the end of the day you shouldn't feel the need to justify your actions to anyone and if this is the way you justify it to yourself then all your doing is hurting you and your progress .

🔹I think that basically any form of exercise you do you have to enjoy it (you're kidding?! I'm not meant to hate it?!) 😱 .
🔹I'll never look at someone and condemn them for what method of exercise they're doing despite it maybe being different to mine .
🔹To me it doesn't matter whether you are a power lifter, a strongman, a cross fitter (incorrect- this matters and I don't like you for it 😉) or a Zumba enthusiast. The main thing is that they are actually doing something and they enjoy it- and that's what matters .
🔹"Why is that what matters muppet?"- Well, two reasons ;
☝️️If you don't enjoy what you're doing you'll never put all your effort into it. Therefore you'll never reap all the rewards you possibly could have as you'll always be underselling the result you'd get from your full commitment .
✌️️I'll put this question to you: Despite exercise being hard, why wouldn't you attempt to enjoy it in whatever form you appreciate most? A gold star for anyone who can explain to me why hating every second of what you're doing would be a good idea. Thank you 😇🌟 .
👉So moral of the story is enjoy what you're doing guys. I just did some skipping and it was great. The result is me being able to deceive you that I might be big with this photo. 😎

🔹I've always thought that being able to train by yourself or in an empty gym with no one around to help or watch you is extremely important .
🔹Now I acknowledge training partners are great. They can push you to points that you simply can't get to by yourself (if they are good!) and there's numerous things they can do to increase intensity that you just cannot do by yourself (e.g. spotting you so you reach complete failure on an incline bench without you decapitating yourself= useful) .
🔹HOWEVER, being able to train well and properly by yourself is great for two key reasons in my underwhelmingly educated opinion ;
☝️️SELF-MOTIVATION: Training by yourself and setting your own standards is incredibly important. Unfortunately the reality is that sometimes you're just not going to be able to train with your training partner and mates. I see some people who just cannot train at the same intensity without others around and unfortunately that's just never going to yield you the results you're striving for !
✌️️SELF-DISCIPLINE: To be able to put yourself through a hard session without having eyes on you or needing a competitive edge from somebody builds a lot of self-discipline. When nobody is around and all you have to think about is the current task at hand, it builds a lot of character to be able to not only get through that- but to push your standards even higher in those moments. If you can do that in those moments, then you can do it always which is incredibly empowering .
👉So guys, understand that training by yourself can actually be a good thing- just like training with a training partner. If you can build the mental strength to really enjoy pushing yourself even when nobody is around, you'll always have it. And that will always give you a massive edge. #ChannelYourInnerJasonDerulo #RidinSolo

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