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Jeanette Jenkins  Turn on post notifications!👆 Happy Human, 27Yrs Experience Trainer, Health Coach, 400+workouts 155+ Healthy Recipes in

Time to plan your healthy meals & schedule your workouts for the week ahead! Failing to plan is planning to fail. 😱You will be much more successful with your healthy eating & workouts if you plan ahead! 😊❤️If you need help we have over 150+ #HealthyRecipes in the club @hollywoodtrainerclub and over 350+ #Workouts and #Challenges with instructions & modifications for all levels! ❤️Join us for the 2nd Round of our 30Day #SummerBody Bootcamp starting Monday July23rd and all of the workouts that you can play from your smartphone or computer are in the club! ❤️We love challenges & collaborations to help encourage you to stick to your workouts & healthy meal plans! Join us! ❤️Swipe Across↔️for some great #HealthyMeal ideas!❤️All of these Recipes are in the club! ❤️#MealPrep #NewChallenge #TheHollywoodTrainerClub #HealthyEating #HealthyMeals

Tag a friend & try these 4 Total Body #TRX Moves💪Abs, Booty, Back, Chest, Shoulders & more!🔥10-20reps, 3x
1)Plank Core Pendulum
2) Squat Core Rotation Reach Backs
3) Plank Alternating Knee Taps add a Push Up for extra fire!🔥
4) 3 Rows to 3 Jump Squats
Let’s gooooo! Thanks @getfitwithgiddy & @bethalexanderfitness for your energy! Thanks @nikelosangeles & @niketraining for the epic training space! To sign up for the #JustDoItHQ location go to it’s an incredible workout space! ❤️💪💯(Song @migos #stirfry 🎶❤️)
#TeamWork #WorkoutMotivation #JustDoIt


Tonight we are celebrating this incredible woman @iamdebralee 32years @bet and opening doors for so many! ❤️ I’ve had the joy of training Debra for several years and she is an incredible business woman, humanitarian, mother & friend.❤️I’ve always been inspired by her strength & grace as the CEO of BET! #BETAWARDS

We are at Just Do It HQ and YOU, Yes YOU can sign up on 👉 👈💯🙌 Epic spot from two incredible LA athletes @kuz from the @lakers & @jaredgoff quarterback for the @rams Thanks guys! 💪🏽💯😊🙌🏽So happy to see the evolution of WOMEN in training!
Thanks to @niketraining & @nikelosangeles today @bethalexanderfitness & I had an amazing time! I can still remember when I would walk into a weight room & only see men. It’s fantastic to see more & more women feel comfortable in the weight room! 😊Thanks @nikelosangeles for creating this epic workout space! #JustDoit #NikeTraining #JustDoItHQ

Summer Vibes! 🍓🍉Strawberry Watermelon Smoothies!😋#Recipes #NutritionalFacts and #Instructions for all of our 150+ Recipes are in the @hollywoodtrainerclub under the Recipes A-Z section! 2nd Round of our #SummerBody Bootcamp starts July 23rd! Join us! 😊💪❤️💯
#NutritionTip Watermelon contains #citrulline an amino acid that the body converts to #LArginine another #AminoAcid that decreases your risk of #BloodClots #HeartDisease #Cancer. Helps improve your bodies ability to metabolize #glucose and improves #insulin resistance and helps with #erectiledysfunction and strengthens your #immunity and much more! 💯🙌Please don't ever look at your fruit like it's just sugar, it's healing to the body and packed with life benefiting & life saving nutrients. ❤️🍉🍓#SummerSmoothies #StrawberryWatermelon #TheHollywoodTrainerClub #Smoothies #YouAreWhatYouEat #StrawberrySmoothie #WatermelonSmoothie

Tonight’s the night! Tune into @owntv and see why @oprah wanted this story! Watch @loveisown by the beautiful & talented @maraakil & @monsieurdirector it’s soooooooo good! ❤️I watched the first episode & I was in tears! It totally will make you fall in LOVE with LOVE! And the 90’s music throughout is everything!🎶❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️#loveis___ #iLoveLove #ownnetwork #iCried #SoGood

Claiming this blessing for all of you this week.❤️Special shout out to all of YOU that joined us in the 30Day Summer Body Bootcamp in the Club @hollywoodtrainerclub Good Job! 🙌🙌🙌💪❤️💯Good News! We are going to do the 30Days again as a group starting July23rd so mark your calendar & get ready to join us! ❤️
I just finished reading all of your messages on the #CommunityWall in the club and I’m so proud of all of you! ❤️I design these challenges & bootcamps as a source of encouragement to help you stay committed & consistent with your daily exercise & healthy eating! 😊Healthy living is a way of life & the benefits are enormous: improved self confidence, decrease in the risk of all illnesses from heart disease & diabetes to cancer and more, improvement in hormonal regulation, growth of new brain 🧠 cells, improvement in positive spirits, improvement in muscular strength/endurance, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, fat burning and so much more! ❤️Have a great week & we would love to have you join us for our next 30Day Summer Body Bootcamp starting July 23rd! Mark your calendar and ALL 30Days are in the top of the #VirtualGym in the #Exercise section I’m the club @hollywoodtrainerclub so you can start early, you can even start tomorrow! ❤️😊 #HealthyLiving

Grab a friend & head over to @blogilates Live feed for an #ExerciseOfTheDay as part of the @blogilates 100 #SquatChallenge and enjoy! My booty & legs are still burning!🔥Have an incredible #SundayFunDay with your friends & family or solo! Sundays are also a great time to pamper yourself with some self love. A big Happy Father’s Day to all the Fathers! #SelfLoveSunday #SquatChallenge #JeanetteJenkins #CasseyHo #Blogilates #WorkoutMotivation

Tag a friend 👯‍♀️and motivate them to try this 7Exercise #LowImpact #NoJumping Circuit! 💪Men & Women can do this Circuit! 😊15-25reps, 2-3sets!💪❤️ It’s the final week of our 30Day Summer Body Bootcamp in the club @hollywoodtrainerclub and GOOD NEWS 😊👉we’re going to do it together one more time! ❤️😁”TWICE IS NICE” is one of my fave mottos because the second time around gives you an opportunity to improve your form & technique, commitment & consistency, learn more about nutrition, learn more about your body, improve your cardio, muscular endurance, muscular strength, flexibility, mental focus, positive spirit & so much more! ❤️Second Round will be starting Monday July 23rd! Join us! 😊💯
All of our workouts in the club have full instructions & modifications for ALL Levels & it’s only $20/month! 😊 ALL of the workouts are in the top of our #VirtualGym just login to the club click on #Exercise then #VirtualGym for all 30Days of this Bootcamp plus 400+ workouts & challenges. ❤️(Song @iamcardib #iLikeItLikeThat ❤️🎶 location @whollywoodhotel ❤️) #TheHollywoodTrainerClub #HealthIsWealth #Sculpting #LowImpact #HomeWorkouts #AnytimeAnywhere #WorkoutMotivation

Fill in the blank! ❤️Love Is______.
I want to know your feelings on love. New show #loveis___ by three of my favorite humans @maraakil @monsieurdirector on @oprah’s network @owntv make sure you tune in June 19th! I just watched one episode & yes I cried because it’s sooooooo good! ❤️Yes this is exactly what the world needs now & always, more love! ❤️ #loveis___ #own #oprah #akilproductions #ownnetwork #June19

As we start Week4 of our 30Day #SummerBody Bootcamp in the club @hollywoodtrainerclub I just want to remind you about the importance of NOT MEASURING YOUR Entire SUCCESS on the SCALE. Your body weight is just one health parameter & it should be treated as such. ❤️ A little #FatLoss vs #WeightLoss 101 to make sure that you are not measuring your health & wellness journey with just your #BodyWeight. 💪Yes tag that friend that constantly stresses out about the number on the scale. ❤️Swipe across for #BodyFatPercentageChart #BodyTypes #WaterProportions in the body & much more. ❤️All of those Slimming Teas you see these celebs promoting are only going to give you water loss that’s it. You are 55-75% Water so when that number goes down on the scale just know you’ve lost water & you’re going to gain it back and your body is going to suffer from the side effects of dehydration (kidney stones, acid reflux, headaches, joint pain & the list goes on)❤️Also when you lose 5lbs of Water 💦💦💦after an overheated #Yoga class or #Cycling class just make sure you realize that was NOT 5lbs of Fat you just lost 5lbs of Water. 💪Next time you get on the scale make sure you understand what you are weighing. 😱It is possible to increase in lean muscle, burn body fat & go down in clothing sizes and still be the same weight. 😳(Yes it's true!) ❤️Make sure you are also measuring body fat percentage, girth measurements (inches around waistline, hips, thighs, arms, chest) and #Fitness Levels (cardio, muscular strength, muscular endurance & flexibility) and cholesterol, resting heart rate, heart rate recovery, blood pressure & mental state. 😊💪🏽❤️Don't measure your success by your body weight alone because that is not fair to your body. It is important to weigh yourself and to be a healthy weight but your health is much more than just the the number on the scale. The improved mental health you feel as soon as you complete a workout is the ultimate win that you achieve every workout! ❤️😊💪Keep Up the good work! #healthyliving #leanmuscle #TheHollywoodTrainerClub #training #healthyweight #measurements #bodymeasurements #ThrowAwayTheSlimTea #BodyComposition

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