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Isis King  Actress, Model, GoofyBall, and wannabe SuperHero ❤ MGMT:

“The Birth of Venus”
📸 by @brandonsimmoneau

Question- What is your “Star” quality?
- “My star quality is my ability to entertain others. I love being silly, making jokes, and seeing other people smile.” ❤️
@supermodelsunlimitedmag Oct 18’ Anniversary Edition
Makeup- @daryalathammua
Hair- @sparkledollextensions @edwardsizzahands
Photog: @envoguephoto

Last night on the red carpet with my #TopModel sister @laura_allstar celebrating @supermodelsunlimitedmag 18th anniversary. Wish we lived closer together, I just love our silly energy and banter we've had since being roommates on Allstars 7 1/2 years ago. Laura’s makeup is by @tracyschulzmua mines is by @daryalathammua and we are both wearing @lisa_opie lashes. Thankful whenever I get to see one of my besties...... love you forever Laura, and thank you @tyrabanks for bringing us fiercely silly girls together, and thank you SU for keeping us together ❤️🔥💯🙌🏽🤪👑

Ummmm I'm taking my blown up @supermodelsunlimitedmag cover home with me! So honored! Love my SU family, 4 years and counting! Makeup by my fave @daryalathammua (in the photo and on me today) ...👑❤

Throwback to photos taken last year by @maggiewest that were included in the beautiful Art instillation! #maggiewest

I've been apart of the @SupermodelsUnlimitedMag family for 4 years now and I finally snagged one of the covers, what an amazing bday surprise! Love being apart of a organization that empower women and girls with so many differences and backgrounds. I love when I get to talk to them, coach and train their walking, get on the Mic at events to entrain them, and simply just being apart of the camaraderie! Thank you to my SU family for always being so supportive and I can't wait see you all in Hollywood!
Photo by: Cindi McDaniel.
Makeup: @daryalathammua
Hair: @sparkledollextensions @edwardsizzahands

October 1st... I thank GOD for yet another year! In true 80s babies style, full look inspired by the Icon @jodywatley. I learned so many lessons, excited to apply them to this next year. I’m focused, empowered, in good health, have more self love, less self doubt, a good heart, and I continue to turn my dreams into reality. I’m so blessed and thankful that whenever a dark cloud forms above my head, God continuously gives me an umbrella and lead me to dry land... ok, ok enough emotional bday talk 😭😭😭😭😭
-Hair Unit/Styled/Concept: @hairbymarcellusandre -📸 by my bestie: @_corymalcolm -💋 by @janecosmetics .
IT’S MY FREAKING BIRTHDAYYYYY! Feed me cake & give me lots of hugs! 🎂🤗♎️💋🔥❤️
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This is a lesson I've been challenged with over and over again, pretty much my entire life. With friends, family, and in relationships. I would always push my problems, focus, hell even my peace of mind to the side in order to give someone my 100%. Being SUPER empathic I am still learning to have a balance. Just the same, how it's super important to make sure what I am giving is mirrored by them. So I challenge you to always remember, never forget about you, you are worth it! Be there for others in every way possible...... Just make sure that you are also receiving that same emotional nourishment back from them.....and also from YOURSELF! As my acting coach @mattcnewton recently taught me on set "you can't pull emotions from a dry well". So remember (and I will too) you simply can't help yourself if you put all of your energy into someone else. ❤🙏🏼🙌🏼

“I’m in a boss bish mood, aye”. I’ve been in NYC all month so I feel like I’ve been reintroduced to the color black all of a sudden haha. Thought I would wear a power suit to the @OutMagazine Power 50 Awards last night. Special shout out to my NYC hairstylist @hairbymarcellusandre because this frontal unit is quickly becoming my fav, it’s just so freaking easy😩🤗😍. #outpower50

SWIPE➡ Last week I felt like a super hero during my dear friend @manzanaresny #nyfw show. I love his pieces because everything is hand done and it's beyond amazing ART! Thanks to @jonsuazo & @bryant809 for the makeup job, and the cut/color frontal install by my fave nyc hairstylist @hairbymarcellusandre .
#fashion #fashionweek #isis #king #swarovski #frontal #lacefrontal #lacefrontwig #bodysuit #brunette #model #topmodel #shiny #fashionshow #superhero #marvel #marveluniverse #dmv #dcuniverse

Everyone won't understand you but that's ok.... One day you will grow up and become the woman you always sketched as a kid. Beyond the hair, makeup, and glamour.... You will wake up and feel aligned body and spirit. Life will be scary at times, they will count you out, and you will see constantly how hard it is as a black transsexual woman just to survive beyond the average year of 35.....but you deserve to live beyond fear. Dear Darrell, one day you will look in the mirror and see your inner Goddess and find the strength to call on her. You will no longer live a life or lie for other people, not family, not friends, and not lovers. You will lose support, but gain 10x more. You will learn to walk with your head held high. One day you will wake up and even feel compelled to share your story with the entire world. You will be a small piece in a larger puzzle and it will all be worth it...... One day you will become Isis, so stop being afraid and live. ❤ ( This post is for all my trans brothers and sisters, remember your strength... Love starts within 🙏) #TransIsBeautiful #BlackTransLivesMatter

Saturday I spent the day co-training a range of models supporting numerous issues women face in today's society for the #FearlessFemales themed #nyfw show. Then stood beside them, brave and fierce as we walked the show that night, truly empowering.
Sponsored by @supermodelsunlimitedmag & @janecosmetics. Coordinated by the amazing @densityofsouls..... I simply wanted to remind you all to #HugYourself because love starts internally ❤.
Makeup: @daryalathammua
Hair Unit: @iamjaisimon
LBD (Dress): @coutureroomsouthwick #FearlessFemales #lbdmovement #janecosmetics #supermodelsunlimited #topmodel #model #inspire #antm #isisking #isis #king

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