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Isis King  Actress // Top Model // Fashion Designer MGMT: Los Angeles, Ca ☀️

This natural hair journey is so interesting. My hair is literally a shoulder length bob right now but the shrinkage is real. I go through periods when I love it, and other moments when my texture is so hard to manage. I spend so much time on YouTube learning ways to handle what I assume to be 4b type. Some days I look at my clippers thinking about buzzing it off again, and other days I'm like "oh I found a new defining technique that makes it more manageable!". Still learning to love and embrace my texture......To all my natural/relaxer free beauties out there, any product suggestions? #natural #naturalhair #kinkycurly #coils #hair #fauxhawk #blondehair

Can't believe that this was 10 years ago on Top Model cycle 11. @joslynpennywell @sheenasakai and myself (a young newly out transsexual model) in a 2 page spread for @seventeen Magazine which was MAJOR!. Time does truly fly by as this seems to have just been taken yesterday. A decade later and I can never stop thanking @tyrabanks @antmvh1 enough for spotting me in the background. Sometimes I have to revisit this era when I'm discouraged to remind myself how far I've come, and how brave I had to be to even do this publicly. For all my Top Model fans that watched my first season.......what was your fave moment? #antm #topmodel #isis #king #dmv #transisbeautiful #seventeenmagazine

Every time I swim it's like meditation for me. I forget about all of my worries, and focus on the way the water touches my skin. My favorite thing to do is float on top with my eyes closed for long periods of time, so at peace. Dear Future Husband, you have to love the water as much as me.❤️🐠💦 #water #bikini #pool #castle #si #mermaid #atlantis #antm #topmodel 📸 by @dohertyemilyj

📸 @dohertyemilyj captured my self tape audition (in water)... This is part of it! ❤️🙏🏽

Today makes 2 years since I moved to Los Angeles with 5 suitcases and 3 duffle bags. I remember when I came here ( filming a reality show) and my friend @lisa_damato told me about the "2 year plan" and that many artist don't make it that long. I must tell you all that THIS WAS HARD!!!! I lived in NYC for 10 years before moving to La so thought it would be a piece of cake. The first year was super depressing and tough, and I lost so much faith in myself while managing to still smile to the public. The second year brought many other challenges but I continued to bring my spirit up through prayer and faith. It's tough leaping out on faith and starting over but it will always be worth it in the end. So today I celebrate my 2 year plan, and successfully making it in this tough city alone, with a dream and passion for film, tv, art, and fashion. From here on out..... anything is possible. 🙌❤🙏

Yesturday some of my friends and I had the first ever LIVE telethon on @glaad YouTube page hosted by #hannahHart. All proceeds raised went to Glaad. My segment was coaching guys strutting in heels walking w/eggs on spoons... 🙈🙈🙈🙈🙈 so much fun, and a honor giving back to an organization that has stood by me for a decade! #PrideLive

Dress: @coutureroomsouthwick thanks
Hair: @sparkledollextensions
Hair unit: @edwardsizzahands

Sometimes I have to remind myself that things consistently change, and that we can't always control the outcome. What we can do however is have positive intentions and energy along the way as our stories unfold. Just stumbled across this clip I filmed with @nowrongwaymovement a year ago and it was right on time for me, maybe it will help one of you too ❤.

The first picture is me at 23, fresh out of a relationship with a broken heart and cut all my hair off in a rage to prove to myself that hair didn't make me a woman 🙄🙄🙄. 3 weeks later I had a wig on because I was so uncomfortable that early in my transition and felt to exposed😅😅😅. The picture on the right was from last year at 31 cutting off my hair because I was simply tired of it and wanted a change, I LOVED and was so free! Hair is but an accessory I learned, also I learned that femininity comes from within. It's funny how guys react to a woman who shaved their heads.....some love it, some hate it, and some thinks it defines a women's sexual orientation, wtf?! Trans or Cis it's all about your reasoning, and your courage.... Oh yeah, and if a guy threatens to leave you because he thinks you will look like a man, shave it off anyway and leave him first sis, RED FLAG, he is controlling ✌🏽️✌🏽✌🏽 #buzzcut #pixiecut #shorthair #tbt #throwbackthursday #hair #naturalhair #blonde #pride #lgbt

Just laying here minding my business 😈. _____________________________________________
Photog: @imagesbybilly
Makeup: @daryalathammua
Hair provider: @sparkledollextensions
Hair Unit: @edwardsizzahands
For @supermodelsunlimitedmag
#supermodelsunlimited #Model #suiswhatwedo
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💯🙌❤ keep on pushing baby.

Swipe ➡️. You all know I've worked so hard to build myself up and I'm so appreciative that you have all been there for my journey. Check out my #PortraitsofPRIDE video on to know more about me, my inspiration, and why I choose to be tobacco free. @ThisFreeLife @outmagazine @pridemediainc #Sponsored #Pride #lgbt #transgender #invisalign #glvirginhair #glvirginhairwigs #isis #king #isisking #antm #topmodel #actress #la -Full Lace hair unit by @iamjaisimon

It's tough to be an outsider. Martin couldn't be true to himself until he was 85 years old and wasn't able to truly express himself in the way he wanted. I can't help but relate to Martin's story. I had to take a risk to make sure I lived a life with #NoRegrets. @5GUM #ad

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