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Afternoon of day two week took a rip out on the airboat through the flood plain & marsh was a awesome time full of wildlife. Thousands of birds, bunch of buffalo & wild pigs along with a few salt water crocs. Fun times. #theadventure #wayoflife #buffalohunting #airboat #austaralia #wta

This great bull with a wide look hung around just a little to long and let the ole man and Matt close the gap to 40 yards two fine shots with the Merkel 470 NE and the bull was down. There is no shortage of Buffs here in the Northern Territory. #buffalohunting #austaralia #kuiu #theadventure #wta #wayoflife #merkelhunting

Day two was starting out just like day one. Not long after we watched the two bulls attempt to fight through the fence, we located a bull worth not passing... #buffalohunting #wta #theadventure #wayoflife #austaralia #kuiu #huntingworldwide #merkelhunting

This is a beautiful bull we seen on the second morning of our hunt. He was actually attempting to fight with a bull on the other side of the fence neither bull wanted to commit to crossing so they eventual gave up and went separate ways. #waterbuffalo #austaralia #nt #wta #theadventure #wayoflife #jmsphotographs #photography

Not long after we finished up with my dads bull we found this big bull that we believed to be alone. We stalked in to about 50 yards when a cow from our left spooked and ran straight to the bull. Now he was locked on to us we kept a small tree between us and moved forward cutting The dis tan ever to 35 yard then the bull decided he wanted to come check us out as he came closer I drew back he cut the distance to just under 30 still facing us and still at full draw that seemed like for ever I had to let down. Then the bull turned and began to walk broad side I drew back and this is when excitement got the best of me and I plane and simple fucked up. He turned angling towards us not registering that in my mind I let the arrow go striking the bull back. The bull ran past us with the cow. Me and My PH Matt had already discussed back up shots in needed circumstances and I plainly agreed this was one so he shot the bull once going away. We kept the bull in sight and stalked in closer and I was able to get another arrow in the right spot at just 20 yards. This was one of the moments that if you bow hunt or even just hunt long enough things happen and you humble your self and get A self check that your still human & that your not perfect. But what an Adventure this has been #landdownunder #aussieland #wta #buffalohunting #grizzlystik #hoytarchery #hoyttaggedout

What a great first morning my dad got lucky and was able to drop this great bull with one shot at 40 yards with the Merkel 470 nitro express. Unfortunately I had a SD card in the camera I didn’t bring the reader for so quality photos will have to wait to be posted. #austaralia #wta #buffalohunting #huntingworldwide #kuiu #merkel

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Not much room but sure gets around great here in the Northern Territory of Australia! #wta #theadventure #wayoflife #grizzlystik #hoytarchery

Happy Father’s Day!

The memories made on every adventure we’ve had will be ones I never forget. Thanks for everything. #fathersday #theadventure #wayoflife #kuiu #memories

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