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Evanna Lynch  I'm an actress, vegan activist, podcaster, book lover and aspiring cat. 😺📚🎭🌱Creator and Host of @chickpeepspod 🎧🐥

Dontcha sometimes wish your face was covered in fur and you had cute pointy ears and woke up from a nap always looking this good?! #LilPuff #bae #catsofinstagram

My #wcw is my beautiful friend, ChickPeeps sista and crystal goddess @oh_momoko !! Who is actually my everyday crush because she saves the pod’s ass on a daily basis and also sheds her light and love as a friend on my messy life!! A year ago I was searching for a loving, compassionate lady for the podcast but I didn’t realise how much a strong, feminine, loving energy was missing from my life and she has opened my mind to the importance of sisterhood. She is also a super talented numerologist and she gave me an insane reading of how to decipher the numbers of my birthdate etc to understand my life purpose more and maximize my creative potential. I’m pretty sure it was magic? She also has a crystal wand and is my friend ‘most likely to be a witch posing as a muggle’. For that reason I will never fully trust you @oh_momoko 😅. If you need some healing crystal insights or a numerology reading to kick your life plans up a notch check out her work 🙂 (shoutout to @amykiberd for having the best taste in soul-sisters and introducing us!) #crystalhealing #crystals #numerology #magic #actualwitch #ormaybeafairy #ImontoyouMomo #wcw #topbabe

Probably the most joyous moment of my life thus far was checking the mail and finding this drawing of Puff by my favourite illustrator @simonscatofficial !! How perfectly did he capture the little puffball! Simon’s Cat videos are the thing I watch whenever I’m sad and need a laugh. Also when I’m happy actually. And sleepy. And stressed. Basically whenever I need a hilarious cat interlude. Check him out on YouTube for added joy! Thank you so much @simonscatofficial ❤️ k I’m gonna go gaze at it some more. 😻#SimonsCat #Puff #LilPuff #PuffTheMagicCat #dreams #soblessed #catsofinstagram

Happy Birthday to the coolest dude I know, and Puff’s true best friend, my Dad! Here are some of their recent conversations that Dad forbid me from posting online but that are way too important not to share. 😸😽🎂

Happy Birthday to gorgeous, spangly, inspiring, Milo! Truly one of the best, most heartfelt animal activists in the world and the most compassionate, sensitive friend. Milo’s work and spirit is a consistent source of inspiration to me to listen to myself and work and create first from the wisdom within. Have the bestest birthday @nathanrunkle 🎂 💛🌳🌳🍄🌳❤️

The jacket to end all jackets 😍🙀💛 I cannot stop marveling at this beautiful creation that @rekindleclothing sent me! Check out Lisa’s work, she pours tons of love and thought and care into her clothing and her paintings of animals, and they are soooo spangly and divine 👌🏻
📸 by: @itselliotknight
#Compassion #veganfashion #Cows #ForTheAnimals #RekindleClothing #vegansofig

Look who just blessed my podcast with his divine presence and beautiful energy @itselliotknight !! Prepare to meet your new fav person @chickpeepspod Our episode on vegan chocolate with @cococaravan will be up this weekend!!! K tnx bye off to eat loads of chocolateeeeee 🍫🍫🍫

We do not look like this this morning @scarleybyrne

Beautiful Jackie 😍@jackie_emerson

When you’re having a girls’ weekend but the podcast gotta be up by Sunday 🤷🏼‍♀️ new @chickpeepspod Episode on vegan cheese is up on Sunday!

They put scaffolding all over my building so it seemed like a good opportunity for an edgy photo shoot 🤷🏼‍♀️ The purse is by the fantastic vegan leather brand @angelaroi check them out!! #vegan #veganfashion #veganleather #ForTheAnimals

My mum is the sweetest lady in the world 💚 And oh what a beautiful pipe dream! I think I lost my innocence the day I discovered I’d continue growing up and out rather than small, winged and furry. 🙄🦋

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