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Evanna Lynch  Actress and vegan activist. Host of @chickpeepspod. Currently appearing on Dancing With The Stars @dancingabc Please vote #TeamKevanna !!✨💃🏼🕺🏼

What did y’all think?! You can vote for us at the link in my bio or on 1-800-868-3405. And get ready for tomorrow at 5pm, we’re going to come back fiercer!! @keo_motsepe @dancingabc #DWTS #TeamKevanna

20 mins til showtime! Voting starts at 5pm PST and it’s open until 1am PST! Please call the toll-free number 1-800-868-3405 from within the US or Puerto Rico, or vote at the link in my bio to keep #TeamKevanna dancing each week :) We love you, thank you for supporting this journey so far! #DancingWithTheStars #DWTS #TeamKevanna

IT’S TOMORROW! 🤭 @dancingabc @keo_motsepe Please watch and vote #TeamKevanna #DWTS

Missing this fluffy angel face something terrible!!! 😭😭😪 BABY PUFF! I decided to leave her in London as I knew I’d be too busy with the show to give her enough attention but I am suffering serious cat withdrawal symptoms 😿😿 Thank you @dereksarno for giving her a home and making her happy and for playing her my ridiculous voice notes telling her I haven’t abandoned her and begging her not to ditch me as her BFF. #LilPuff #baby #missyou #catwithdrawals

Current mood: summoning my inner lioness for Monday 😼 Only 4 days to go! Will you be following @dancingabc with us?! #season27 #TeamKevanna #DWTS

Ooh what a spangly book!! SO happy to have @scarcurtis’s new book @feminists in my hands! It is beautiful and full of essays and poems by amazing women sharing their definition of feminism. I wrote about my general confusion with feminism, my problematic feminist icons and why I believe femininity should be embraced and celebrated rather than demonised in the pursuit of equality. Can’t wait for this to be released and to hear how this book speaks to you! It’s available to preorder on amazon etc and is released on October 1st. #FeministsDontWearPinkAndOtherLies #PinkFeminist #books

Crushed it 👊🏻@keo_motsepe 6️⃣ more days til premiere #Dancingwiththestars #TeamKevanna

New photo by @tobyshawphoto 🙂
Also some vegan life updates: due to DWTS commitments @chickpeepspod will be returning a bit later in the fall than planned but season 2 is absolutely still happening, don’t worry ChickPeeps! We’re a small team and put our whole vegan hearts into the show and want it to be better than ever when it returns. But I hear you all and read the emails and am slowly planning out S2 with the team. Also I’m sad to say I will not be appearing at @reducetarian due to work commitments but hope to attend in the future. Thank you @reducetarian for your understanding and love! Lastly, the cruelty free beauty box is in the works and I’ll have more news on that in the coming weeks. Speaking of which, DWTS have been SO amazingly supportive of my vegan needs, getting cruelty free makeup and animal free costumes and helping prove you don’t need to hurt animals to live your life to the fullest, so I will make sure to share those details :) So in summary, taking a lil minute away from my activism projects as I will be totally obsessed with ballroom dancing for now 🙂🙂 and will catch up on all the rest on the other side of this crazy adventure. #TobyShawPhoto #headshots #veganlife #DWTS #ChickPeeps

Heads up: my feed will be extremely spangly for the foreseeable future. 🤷🏼‍♀️ #DWTS @dancingabc

See these faces? These are the faces of WINNERS. Right, @keo_motsepe ?! I could not be more thrilled to be part of this show and to have the best partner! Let’s go season 27! @dancingabc #DancingWithTheStars #DWTS #TeamKevanna #Season27 #Ballroomdancing

I am just dying over this incredibly spangly, glorious ocean + crystal themed cake that @vidabakery made for @oh_momoko ‘s birthday!! If you need a vegan cake in London you have to check them out! Soooo now which of my friends has a birthday party soon so we can order another one?! 😛 Thank you @vidabakery for being so damn talented and putting such care and beauty into this cake #cake #vegancake #vegansofig #oceancake

Hi peeps! Just popping in to say hello as I haven’t been chatting on here in a while. I have LOVED being off social media for the summer and have been gradually rejoining this world and figuring out a healthy way to use it. I don’t really consider the online world to be set at the right pace for the creative process. It’s too fast and hungry to allow for the time it takes to develop yourself or your ideas. The other day I saw this magnificent, sprawling spider web stretched across a bush to a pillar and it had this minutely perfect web hanging there with the spider in the centre just chilling, not catching any flies just knowing she’d built the Sistine Chapel of all spider’s webs and that was plenty for today, and I stood there admiring it and thinking ‘Wow! Where’s my phone so I can take a picture?! And post on Instagram and talk about nature and simplicity and shit’. Well, cut to the next day and I WALK INTO her gravity defying masterpiece. Urrrrgh I felt like the biggest brute of a person. It actually survived or she had mended it a day later no thanks to my wanton carelessness but well, it showed me that I have not yet learned how to circumnavigate the superficial nature of social media. I think social media is great for showcasing the magnificent webs and the success stories and the emerging butterflies but it’s hard to depict the processes it takes to build those things. Self development and creation takes its own time so I think if you ever feel the pressure to be done and have a web to display then fight against the fuckers who would snap a picture and then walk into your web without a moment’s thought, and set your own pace. There is something so liberating and empowering and LOVELY about detaching and doing things where nobody in the world can see. Not sure what I’m trying to say other than hi I’m back online but will be using it more conscientiously now, and a public apology to the spider for being exactly what they expect of humans. I’ll try not to walk into any more webs and appreciate things beyond their surface appeal. Here’s a picture of Puff being great at appreciating the present.

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