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Hedvig von Mentzer  Eats, drinks and is generally merry. Food writer and professional beauty nerd (@hedvigvonmentzer) who travels frequently and eats out a lot. A lot.

One my challenges this year is to cut down on my consumption. Not just clothes and other stuff, but smarter use of food. Today I used what I found in the cupboards and made some kind of dhal with red lentils (expiry date 2017), potatoes, coconut milk (expiry date 2017) and canned tomatoes and all the spices I could find. I served it with rice - topped with sour cream and toasted coconut- and a rather sad salad.
All in all, a very satisfying winter meal. ❄️

2018 was a delicious year! Though I didn’t eat out as much as previous years, I had a some great meals, some shown here, some not.
You like eggs, cake, pasta, steak tartare, bubbly and Dos Gardenias- pretty much everything I like, too. #bestnine2018

South African oysters are some of the plumpest and sweetest I’ve had. Even an oyster newbie agrees - well, sort of 😂.

Coffee in the Great Karoo after an adventurous morning hike. 🦏🦒🦓🐃

Annual Christmas Sunday Roast at the beloved Beacon. ❤️

Coffee licorice ice cream, with torched Italian meringue, matcha sticks and licorice covered dates, lingonberry powder and toasted almonds. Soft Steam Ice Cream has got to be the most deliciously adult way of enjoying soft serve ice cream. And the ice cream is sweetened with date syrup, far from cloying.// Fredagar, lördagar och söndagar serverar fröken Sparring den godaste mjukglassen på Steam Krukis. En smak av framtidshopp i det kompakta vintermörkret. Idag finns det enligt ryktet saffransglass... 😋🍦✨💛

Getting the kids to eat breakfast is at times well, challenging... Enter the banana breakfast muffins, packed with goodies like greek yoghurt, egg, nuts and those rejected brown bananas that end up at the bottom of the fruit bowl... 🍌🍌🍌 A very win-win situation. ✌🏻✌🏻

The birthday boy wanted a bergamot-lemon cake with raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream for his 11 birthday. Plus gilded fruit, just like last year. And it was just as delicious, according to the humble mom/baker.

A Risotto Milanese by Michelin starred chef Carlo Cracco is a sensuous, smooth, saffron scented affair. With the perfect amount of bite to the rice, of course - surely impossible for mere mortals to achieve...

A Bistecca Fiorentina makes just about everything better. 🥩❤️🇮🇹

The freshest of fish, bought on the dock, is too rare a treat for me. The tiny turbot, oven baked and served Swedish style with potatoes, beurre noisette and horse radish, was perfect for Dad and myself.

Fresh figs from the tree this morning. Yummy, but unusual (especially in such abundance) in Sweden.

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