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"THE MILLION DOLLAR MOUTH™"💋🇭🇹  PASCALE ROWE: Author, Designer, AS SEEN ON "NBC", Int'l Motivational Speaker, owner of MSBLINGBLING.COM. THIS IS MY ONLY IG PAGE‼️

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Blouse: BE-You-Tiful
Pants: Agathe

HAPPY SUNDAY 🙏🏽❤️ #CoveredUpAndKillingIt
Blouse: La Cage
Denim Skirt: Laurie

The year was 1996. I wore M.A.C "Chestnut" lip liner, "Oh Baby" lip gloss and that black .99 cents "Wet & Wild" eyeliner that you had to burn after sharpening to go on smooth. I used "Let's Jam" to lay my baby hair down and greasy ass "Isoplus" for a lot more sheen than I ever anticipated. I wore my nails long but was short of patience as I was quick tempered but sweet. I hung out with my girls from Queens as we made rounds to all the "Century 21" stores in NY, looking for discounted Moschino, Versace, Fendi and DKNY from prior seasons. I didn't save much money then, and lived beyond my means. I looked cute and fly in hopes of getting saved by some big Willie. I was 19 and would turn 20 before the year ended. I thought I had it all figured out. Grown but short in statue, my smile, personality and ability to Diddy bop allowed me to mingle with the who's-who's of NYC. That year I memorized this hot new Brooklyn cat's album by the name of Jay-Z. "Reasonable Doubt" had me feeling like all I wanted was for Dead Presidents to represent me! Wow, It's been 21 years of dope music, fly fashions, great places, and phenomenal people. I've been blessed as not much has changed. I sort of still look the same, have the same taste in fashion a great ear for music and maintained my smile and great energy. There's one thing that didn't remain the same. By 22, I no longer had the desire to be saved by that big Willie. I started making my own money and loved stacking and saving those dead presidents on my own. I'll be totally honest I did get that one guy to spark my interest and allowed him into my life. 12 years later, I got SAVED! It wasn't by that big baller, big Willie type! I was saved by my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I no longer worried about bills and frivolous desires, with Him.. they are always taken care of! Others may shy away from telling their age, I'll never. I embrace my amazing past, grateful for my youthfulness and look forward to my phenomenal future! 🙏🏽❤️ #WithMyQueensFromQueensNY #BXShorty #ReminiscingOver1996 #96OneOfTheBestYearsOfMyLife🙏🏽 #UnapologeticallyStuckInThe90s

As my 12 year old son counts down the years until he gets his permit 🙄 (Lord knows my heart isn't ready), THE TALK is necessary now. We must not only show our children how to drive but talk to them about what to do when faced with adversity. How to respond when called the N" word, how to speak to the law when pulled over, what to say, where to put their hands and to ALWAYS have ID on them. Recently an 18 year old family member was riding his bicycle without a light and was pulled over. He felt he did nothing wrong and was being profiled. He did nothing and said nothing...he froze! Unfortunately, he was arrested with 4 charges. Alex and I spoke of this incident extensively and he deemed communicating effectively instead of "mouthing off" or not speaking at all may have changed the outcome. I even went as far as playing the role of an officer to see how he'd communicate. He responded calmly and spoke with respect even when he felt he was wronged. I'm happy to have had this very important dialogue with Alex and will continue to do so. Have you had "THE TALK" with your children? #OurChildrenAreCoveredByTheBloodOfJesus🙏🏽❤️ #AndTheKnowledgeWeInstillInThemNow #HaveYouHadTheTalk?

🌺🌺 Graceful Slay 🌺🌺
Bodysuit: Pompei (4-14)
Skirt: Emma (S-XL)

Thank God I still look like a young tender at 40 but this stomach is 75! I have officially rebuked Popeye's from my diet (I swear this time) and eating ANYTHING after 10pm! All I have to say is grease is the devil and Pepto/Tums are my angels! I'm too greedy for this shit, I'm so hurt! 😞 #IfeelLikeMeAndFoodBrokeUp💔 #ThisIsSomeBullshit🙄 #StomachBeLitForNoReason #SweatingHardPrayingAndMakingPromises😰🙌🏽🙏🏽 #BurpGameDisrespectfulAF #GingeraleMakesItWorse😞 #WhatHaveYouRebuked? #JesusBeAnAntacid🙏🏽

There's nothing prettier than a perfect full length skirt. Swipe left and comment which color(s) you like best! 💗💛🖤
Skirt: Emma (S-XL)
Bodysuit: Pompei (4-14)

"May your clothes be tight enough to show you're a woman and loose enough to let them know you're...a LADY!" ❤️🖤❤️🖤#ClassyWomenNeverWentOutOfStyle #RespectYourselfOrHeWontEither #FullyClothedAndKillingIt
Blouse: Aria (S-XL)
Skirt: Cassidy (S-XL)

I'm always in a meeting with Jesus.🙏🏽❤️
Blouse: Audrey Rose 🌹(S-L)
Pants: Kristen (4-14)

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