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"THE MILLION DOLLAR MOUTH™"💋🇭🇹  PASCALE ROWE: Author, Designer, AS SEEN ON "NBC", Int'l Motivational Speaker, owner of MSBLINGBLING.COM. THIS IS MY ONLY IG PAGE‼️

Love, our first instinct. ❤️❤️❤️ #OmgMyOvaries #IKissedMyScreen💋#HesNotHeavyHesMyBrother 🙏🏽

I'm at a loss for words because I'm disturbed that after everything he's done for her she now wants someone in "Her Class!" Even my 12 year old son Alex was floored and knew better! SWIPE LEFT for his commentary. Do you agree with Alex? What's your take❓❓❓❓ #HesActuallyTooGoodForHer 🙏🏽❤️

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"EXTERIOR BEAUTY WITHOUT THE DEPTHS OF A KIND SOUL IS MERLEY DECORATION!" Be kind, it will make you look even more fine!💋#FullyClothedAndKillingIt Top: "PORTIA" Blouse
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Alex: "Mom I'm in 7th grade now so you don't have to get out of the car and take a picture of me anymore!
Me: "Boy, say cheese!" 📸❤️
#FirstDayOfSchool #WhyDoTheyPullTheirSocksUpLikeThat #IKeptTryingToSwtichThem #ThenPushThemDown😂 #MiddleSchoolPapi #YourFuturePresident🙏🏽

"As women we are nurtures and try hardest to fix everything and at times forget to fix ourselves. Some relationships, and even friendships can not be repaired....and it's ok! You can't continue nagging and talking about the same thing someone does to offend you and continuously accept the behavior. You don't have to be confrontational, God doesn't like discord. Start listening to His signs and LET GO! She's got a new group of friends and you feel left out all the time. Sis you are left out and your relationship may have come to end. He's been distant, not acting the same and you hardly see him and you don't have answers....LET GO! It's time we start praying more and finding the love we're looking for in God and not people. Don't waste another minute feeling hurt! Be grateful for the good times with that person and be at peace. Look up, keep a smile on your face so you won't miss the awesome people and opportunities God is sending you!"❤️🙏🏽❤️Ms. Bling💎 #ThisIsYourConfirmation

"Sis, work hard, play hard and set the bar! No one will ever give you what you can't give yourself!"- Ms. Bling💎 Loving my @kosmios_ booked & busy #Classport cover! Follow @Kosmios_ now!

Sis, I know it's hard and you've got the weight of the world on your shoulders. At times you may even feel like you've got the strength and the responsibilities of a man and a woman. However, you're still a woman. If he doesn't call or text back...he's not into you! You found out he's seeing other women....he's into you + 2! You can't figure out if he wants a serious relationship? He's not serious about you! Harsh I know, but it's the truth! Most men can't lie and tell us the truth by not completing the action. Therefore, if he told you with his lips and failed to do what he're in denial for allowing the constant lies. The truth is these boys will never be able to offer you a thing but a wet azz and empty promises! However, when the right MAN, an equally yoked man comes for you, girlllllll you'll think it's a game or a thief of hearts because he will not only pursue you, he'll love, honor and value you! Stop stressing about someone else's headache and know rejection is PROTECTION!!!! I need you to feel confident in you again! No man can complete you, only God can do that! Trust and believe me that when you're good on the inside, and truly love yourself, it is then Love will FIND you! God is preparing your king, your Boaz, your husband and perfecting him for you! 🙏🏽💗-Ms. Bling #IRebukeTheSpirtOfRejectionOverYourLife #SisThatWasGodsProtection #StopStressingWhenYouKnowHesNotABlessing #YourKingWillLetYouKnowByHisActions #HeWillNeverAllowYouToWonderIfYoureLoved #HeWillBeTooBusyShowingYou🙏🏽💗😘 #LetHimComeToYouSis

THIS IS WHO I AM AND THE WOMAN GOD DESTINED ME TO BE! 🙏🏽#TheBlessedDontBeefWithTheMiserable #SisSaidIMadeHerFeelSomeTypeOfWay🙄#NoSisYourActionsDid #AHitDogWillHolla 😘 What's your take on this?

"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it." #Proverbs22_6 🙏🏽❤️ #LeadByExample

Showed up to 7th grade open 🏡 already "classed" up!🙏🏽❤️📚 #AlexStarts7thGradeMonday #WentRightBackToWorkTho🙏🏽
Blouse: Marilyn (S-L)
Jeans: Shelby (1-13)

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