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Happy Sunday ☀️🌴! Has your city warmed up yet?

They’ll never know how sacred that $10 roll of 35mm film was! It only gave us about 24 pictures and there was NO PREVIEW! That’s right, there was no “lemme see” after you took a picture! We just took pictures and prayed it wasn’t ugly because it was going in someone’s sticky album! There was no memory card and no app to upload them to. We had to drive to a pharmacy, carefully remove the film from the camera and wait several days before they were ready. Oh the joy of getting double prints and laughing hysterically at those 3x5 glossy pics was indescribable. 📷🙌🏽📸#TheSweetSmellOfOurChildhood #WhenYourCousinsAskedForTooManyPics #WeAlwaysSaid #IOnlyHave2PicturesLeft👌🏽 #The80sAnd90s #WhatATimeToBeAlive🙌🏽 #TheGoodOleDays #LifeWasSoSimple😊 #NoFilter #BadLighting #JustRealMemories

The year was 1997. I was 20, thought I was fly and full of ambition! The average price of gas was $1.18 a gallon and you could ride all week for $15! You could get a full set and pedicure for $35. The hottest cell phone was the smallest flip phone of it’s time, the Motorola “StarTac” ! When the phone rang, i’d pull the antenna up and flip it open ever so gracefully with my important ass! Our cell phone batteries didn’t last but 2 hours and got hotter than the sun after a 3 minute call! In the late 90’s home phones with long cords and answering machines could be found in every home. If you liked a guy you didn’t text wasn’t available yet. Instead, you called his house, left a message, beeped him or called him after 9pm when your night and weekend minutes kicked in. Back then I used to literally go broke to look rich! My Fendi pants, Fendi shirt, Fendi headband and coach belt set me back $950! I must’ve only had $50 left to my name until pay day, but you couldn’t tell me shiiii! The sounds of Bad Boy Entertainment could be heard blasting on that Alpine system. The 10K gold jewelry our boyfriends gave us was hollow. However, those XOXO sets made us feel full of love. The only makeup I wore was a chestnut lipliner from M.A.C and Oh Baby lip gloss. We didn’t beat our faces, wore lashes or over draw our brows. I wouldn’t dare leave home without that $1, red beauty sponge that soaked up sweat and oil from our faces. We didn’t dare use foundation...that sponge was our makeup! Life was carefree and Hip-Hop/ R&B was truly intoxicating! 1997, what a time to be alive! 🙌🏽🙏🏽#YouHadToBeThere 💕 #BackWhenIWeighedABuck20 #JesusBeMy1997Metabolism🙏🏽 #YesIBeenOnFendiPrintsOn #Chun_Li_Bling #Fendi #The90s #TheBestEraEver🙌🏽

I saw a video today of a woman celebrating how cool she was with her man having a “good” side piece! She went on about how she appreciates the other woman because sometimes she doesn’t “feel like” doing certain things in the bedroom or even cooking. Hence, where said side piece comes in and fulfills her man! I watched this one minute video in disbelief. Is this the “new normal”? Even if this was sarcasm and she was merely joking, many women are allowing this in their relationships every day. In the age of sister-wives and threesomes some of you are wondering if this will work for you. “I love him and want to keep him happy so maybe I should?” “I mean, I rather know who he’s with and not make him lie to me so.” No, no, sis! No matter how normal this may be this doesn’t have to be your normal! Stand for what you feel is right and don’t allow anyone to call you old fashioned or lame for not co-signing this mess! Most of us don’t like sharing our favorite foods so how could sharing the man you love be any easier? Any man who makes you trade your morality for the sake of proving your love for not your man! The man God is sending you would NEVER! If you love a man more than aren’t as close to God as you should be. Something is lacking. There is a need, a void, only God can fill. If it’s financial, don’t worry, what you think that man can give you in a lifetime, God will make that your annual salary! Rest assured sis greater is coming and you don’t have to settle for a piece of anyone’s love when a whole husband who loves and respects you...will find you! #DoNotConformToThisSoCalledNewNorm #KnowYourWorthQueens #YourKingWouldNever #YoureNotBoringYouHaveStandards #GodDoesntBlessMess🙏🏽 #YourDaughtersAreWatching 💕

Mother’s Day slay, every day! Swipe left and comment which 👗 you ❤️ the best! #FullyClothedAndKillingIt #ClassyAndLovingIt #MothersDayIsAlmostHere

Happy Tuesday 💎😘

Sis, the last time I did that was...NEVUARY 1st and neither will you‼️Your mother didn’t carry you for 9 months so you can carry and take care of a grown man. You are NOT the movie “Baby Boy” and I rebuke any Jody that comes into your life! Have patience for the man God will send you and let go of any man that feels like your “son”! 🙏🏽 #KnowYourWorth #IfHesNotAddingToYourLife #HesTakingAwayFromIt #BeHisQueenNotHisMama #YourKingWouldNever

If you’ve ever heard that black women in Chicago don’t support one haven’t been around the phenomenal women I was blessed to speak to today! Thank you Jesus for allowing your anointing to be felt among these dynamic women. The love was felt the moment @ms_kiwisboutique decided to bring me to this amazing city to speak life and drop a few gems. Thank you @fivewest_chauffeur for your phenomenal service. Most importantly thank you to all the ladies that drove near and far to attend. May God continue to expand your territory, bless everything you touch and allow you to bless others with your newfound grace and wisdom. 🙏🏽💗

This is for anyone that has an illness, a family member or friend living with a disease. This may be for you, whose afraid to get that thing or that pain checked out.
You may feel different, you may feel sick but understand that is not who you are! You are an amazing, vibrant, beautiful soul that has been given a name of a condition. So what! That’s the name of the condition, that is NOT YOU! You are not your diagnosis and your diagnosis is NOT YOUR DESTINY! I want you to manage this thing but I want you to beat the odds with God and positivity! No matter what the doctor says....God has the final word! Take your meds, do your part and listen to your doctor but be sure to tap into the source and pray. Arm yourself with prayer, get into such a place that others don’t see your illness...they see a new amazing you! God will never give you more than you can bare no matter how hard it is. It’s a sign to make the rest of your life, the best of your life. Cheers to new beginnings, new adventures and an amazing destiny! -Ms. Bling💎🙏🏽💗

💨Cold, ☔️ rainy with a 100% chance of positivity!🙏🏽🙌🏽💗 #TaptheScreenForDetails

Really Chicago, 36 degrees in April, really? 🤦🏽‍♀️

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