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Happy birthday bae

It’s weird up until today I have cried everyday for roughly two weeks. I didn’t want it to be your birthday because that made it too real. But today I woke up and thought Happy Birthday to my absolute favorite human being. I will celebrate your life rather than morn your death. “Grams your gonna live forever” - younger me “Now Kash you know I’m old”
“No no old is at least 80, you’re like 60’s we have so much time”
And we really did. I had 30 years with this phenomenal woman. You were in my corner from day 1. There aren’t enough words for what you mean to me. I love you grams with every fiber in my being and all my energies.
Happy birthday, I miss you everyday.

GO VOTE!! It’s hella important. If it matters. I went Nixon, Williams, Teachout. #primaries #vote #nystateelection

When you not even old enough to get into the bar you order drinks that are brightly colored and comes in communal bowls. Where did the time go? #tbt

Check out the homies do their thing at the next @productivelystoned. It’s one of my favorite shows and not just because I folks who started it, but it’s a good show. Funny folks, a good time and not expensive, all things that are important. I’ll be there Friday 9/28, you should be to. #productivelystoned #comedy #supportthehomies #legalizeit #funnytimes #blackexcellence @regthomas @jordanrock843 @sirmichaeldbey

When drake said no new friends he def didn’t mean this crew of people. Great weekend with greater friends!

This is what’s wrong with the system. Homie spent 3 years in jail because he couldn’t afford bail and was innocent. Papawhateverthefuck is going to jail for 14 days for what seems to be basically treason m. 🗣14 fucking days and probably some ritzy ass prison. Send is ass to Rikers.

This def was more than 5 years ago but I found it in my archives. Back when I wore make up, my eyebrows were paper thin and I loved 🍸only one of those thing is still true. #tbt #wifelove #wife💜

When you fake over fuck boy shit 🤣😂🤪😜🤨

My #wcw goes this stunning woman. She inspires me to be a better human being. Who I look toward for strength and guidance. Inspiration for what kind of mother and/or wife I want to be. I’m lucky to call you friend and proud to call you sister.

Finally made it to my first @qchainz28 and @raf_tha_ruler bbq and it was all it’s hyped to be. Plus it’s alway nice to see these beautiful ppl. #squadgoals #UCfam #someofmtfavs #i❤️bougieblackgirls #blackexcellence

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