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☆Aishah☆a kpop fangirl☆  »Makeup Enthusiasts« ♡ E.X.O ♡ 💜 김종대 & 찬백 💜 ★kpop is music too, stop the bashing★ ♡ #160312EXOluxionInMalaysia #170318EXOrDiumInMalaysia

Going out with the girlies today!! Can't wait.!! #motd
Lens by @tbeauty.lens

Takziah... 😢
Selamat jalan.. 😢

1st time wearing blue lens.. kekekeke.. Skali skale dpt full face at night.. hehehe.. .
Kali yg ke-3 beli lens dri @tbeauty.lens ♡♡ .
#Throwback #AbangBoyKawen #FantasiaBlue #BlueLens #MakeupoftheDay #motd

#HappyBirthday Pakcu ♡♡ Semoga sehat selalu dan dapat segala yg dihajati ^_=

After solid 9 years since the last time the 3 of us been in the same room together, I still got this picture with me.. Always.. ^_^
I miss you girls T_T

Some people might think i tried to make the duck face but i seriously didn't.. 😢
My lips did that naturally.. Its not even close to duck face tho.. please spare me.. If i didn't smile properly my lips will look like that - WHAT IMMA SUPPOSED TO DO..!?!? sighhhhhhhhh 😥😥😥😥 .
#sad #PleaseDontMisunderstandMe #IdontEvenLikeDuckFace #😢

#EXO just comeback with new album #TheWarEXO #KokoBop So please excuse me for posting lots of them here.. hahaha.. Especially when #Jongdae decided to bleached his hair this comeback.. hehe.. lol..

When you find someone you're comfortable with, treasure them ♡♡

Raye rumah Ecah aritu pkai lens baru.. hahaha..

왜? 그냥.. 종대 너무 이퍼..ㅠㅠ

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