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☆Aishah☆a kpop fangirl☆  »Makeup Enthusiasts« ♡ E.X.O ♡ 💜 김종대 & 찬백 💜 ★kpop is music too, stop the bashing★ ♡ #160312EXOluxionInMalaysia #170318EXOrDiumInMalaysia

No words can express how thankful i am to have you as my mother.. I might not always say it but i hope you know that i love you with all my heart.. I might never say it but i'm so scared of the mere thoughts that you will leave me.. Please be healthy and live a long time mother.. I need you and i love you.. .
#HappyMothersDay #Mother

They are coming..!! Wow.. i cant believe they actually gonna have their world tour now.. Will i go.. IDK..!!! High chance i wont be going 😢.. huhuhu..

#Jongdae say Hi~♡

Kuar jap ngan ibu n umie ♡♡

Oitz @along_faies75 Happy Birthday my kazen.. hahahahaha.. Aku harap ko cepat move on dari org yg tak menghargai and jumpe jodoh yang lebih baik.. Stay Awesome bro.. hehehe..

My laptop charger broke so i cant open my lappy.. Now i feel like i have a looooot of time.. hahaha.. And this happened.. I miss doing makeup.. sobs.. .
#makeup #makeupjunkie

Jellyyyyyyy... huhuhu.. 😭😭😭
#EXOrDIUMinNewark #Chen

#EXOL reached our milestone of 4million stars in the #EXO Official Fanclub site..!! Omg..!! 4millions of us in the fandom ♡♡ hehehe.. .
축하해 엑소들 ♡♡

When your brother is straight up weird.. hahahah..

My fav selfie always be a selfie with my mom ♡
#Mother #Daughter #Love

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