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ڤانيسا 🦄 ✨Vg Creative👑  The artist & the art are Inseparable

So I’m here snapping shit
Hashtag - how many likes did this get ?
Fake ass bullshit - hyping men
Cause that’s the new get lit trend
I’m so advance that I can make this rhyme
Because I’m the new generation
My mix make history - his story aye
Yup that’s fate
I’m giving you a little taste
Of woke can become
But you sleep hun !
Aura from above I’m like Buddha belly rub
I get all the hugs
Good chakras flowing disk til Dawn
Okay here we go I’m calling it a little loose
Okay duck duck duck goose who’s ready for this tune ...
Okay here goes something new
I’m better than this dimension can comprehend
Beyond the dime I win it like caller number nine .
As matter of fact your falling behind
This artistic shit is really the love of mine
My mind lives for this moment in time
I am goddess of my kind
Women come and reunite
Let’s make happiness come alive
Go ahead and grab a friend

Happy Monday !!!! Ayyee
I make colors with my lines
This shit be really in my mind
Isn’t it tight ?
I must be a diamond in disguise
I’m taking the high rise
Oh there goes my sunshine
I am the mission to this light
Fear ain’t nothing in the dark
It won’t bite it’s not a shark
This is a sublingual message a fraud
Follow your heart
Don’t let it fall apart
It’s what is genius at its core
It’s only pure
Don’t let anyone come close to hurt
Safety net must be in use

It’s a question of whether I can build with you ...
Or do I struggle with you ?
Whether my happiness is fulfilled or is it being destroyed ?
Do we ever stop our day to question if this is what we are called to do ?

Spreading my wings I can fly
I have made a few mistakes
But to become better that’s what it takes
A few stains a reminder that victory is on its way.
Spreading my wings
Let me see the galaxy the universe
Take my talent and put it to use
Let me glorify the beauty inside
Let me kiss the sky
Im human I can be blind
But I’m cut from a different cloth
I come to conquer all
My ancestors roam me like halos
Let me transform
My vibe timeless - I’m woke
Fuck the system - it’s boring

I have my own energy
My own current
My flows are enormous 🌳
Vessels for the broken ⚡️
I am proclaiming this is potent 💡
I heal my magic wounds ✨
With powers from above 🦄
Can’t hurt me from within 🤷🏼‍♀️
Thick skin 😴
Temptation can’t give in 👌🏻
I have a higher purpose 🌈
Don’t sleep might miss the boat🛳
Riding to paradise - ✋🏻 jet flights
I’m meant to live a happy life 🧘🏻‍♀️
I am the captain of my future 🤙🏼
Let me water my seed
my soul make this confession true 🌊
Discovering myself like who dis boo?
I have my own energy ☀️
Electric waves - contagious current 💨
Positivity is fluent 🗣
Sorry I don’t speak hating lies
Illiteracy doesn’t exist in my sight
I’m on an eagle level 🦅
Soaring through the clouds 🌤
Maybe I’ll sit on the moon 🌛
How you like me now ?
Petty birds don’t get the worm 🦃
Go ahead and starve
I’m glowing aura lit chakras found
I am the queen
I was born on fleek
Can’t nothing break what’s meant to survive -
Got nine lives
got millions waiting on my call - no longer going to hide
Destiny has open the door
Let’s get this I’m on a roll .

Se que te gusteeee
Styling @vgcreative101
Photo by @art.bypierre

I love this clip 💡

Can’t forget I’m golden 👑😴🦄
Let’s take a second to thank the lord
For our blessings in this world .
Take a min to reflect happiness is within - the power is in your hand
You have control fam
Speaking this into existence
Got to be persistent
Finish line is near
Got to fight this fear
After all it’s only an illusion
Wasting time on problems that dont exist
Go ahead and live your life to the fullest
Break boundaries for your soul
Spread your wings and soar

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