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Melissa Blynn📿  MyEPICLuv • Love❤️• Freedom ✈️• Purpose 🙏🏻| A foundation of cultivating meaning and connection into your life. Follow the journey 🙏🏻 and join me!

Self-kindness vs. Self-judgment. Self-compassion entails being warm and understanding toward ourselves when we suffer, fail, or feel inadequate, rather than ignoring our pain or flagellating ourselves with self-criticism. •

I am excited to start cultivating the possibilities of working with @elephantcooperation, @roaming__elephant and @tinanery on something that can become bigger than us all. •

As a woman who was raised in an environment of abuse, hate, neglect and more, it has taken me years to unlearn this toxic self abuse and re-train my brain to treat myself with compassion and kindness. •

The elephant 🐘 is a representation of compassion, feminine and much more.... •

Oh the places 2018 will we go... #myepicluv #lovefreedompurpose #compassionprojects2018

More often than not, I've been told, Melissa you look so happy and free.
It's so true and feels so so good! •

I have identified what and who I choose to give this delicious energy too and it's so soft, light, playful and authentic... •
Flow vs Force.. Your choice my luvs! #myepicluv #lovechoosesyou #lovefreedompurpose #myjam

"Not what we have but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance." ― Epicurus

When we do anything with passion we express every aspect of who we are!

Without passion life can be flat or stale.

Passion is what drives us to be the very best individuals we can be.

Desires are the clues to express your deepest destiny. All that is required is to take a deep breath and say yes and be open to receive and receive and receive MORE!

Today I hold the space for such gratitude for getting curious about what lights my heart ❤️ up and brings passion and joy in my life! For me it's my job, @createachangenow and how this organization is inspiring children and adults to adopt healthy eating habits and behaviors to tackle obesity head on! How lucky am I to work with such amazing people and my community everyday to keep my passion alive! #myepicluv #myjam #lovefreedompurpose #createachangenow

"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes." — Marcel Proust

Our perception is ultimately what we cultivate more of in our lives. The experiences we encounter are always meant to elevate us closer to our hearts ♥️ desires. The key 🔑 is to shift from lack to gratitude and hold appreciation for all that you have and experience in your life! This perception gets you that much closer to the deeper desires you seek! #myepicluv #lovefreedompurpose #lovingbravely #lovechoosesyou

Night Reflections repost 📌love by @createthelove.

I have been single now for over a year and a half now and I am confident and comfortable to say this quote is spot on for me at this phase in my life. I use to play the record in my head of not being good enough or something was wrong with me. When in all the while, the universe had its magic plan for me.. The universe is preparing you for the love you think and believe you deserve so check your thoughts.. •

So many of us are able to love all just gift it away. And then relationships end and we're left to question so much. "Am I lovable?" "Will anyone ever feel the way that I feel about them?" "Why can I give so much without getting it in return?"

We love and love and love, but the other person just isn't able to meet us there. Maybe they're unable to, or maybe they're just not for us...but we have to keep remembering that losing someone we love is helping get us closer to the person who will be able to reciprocate the love.

It's okay to love people who aren't able to give it all back to us. It's okay to let your love spread's okay to let others feel loved by you even if they're not able to be your great love.

Just don't let the ending keep you from what's next. Losing love is really just a sneaky way of preparing you for something greater. Because a loss of mediocre love really isn't a's paving the way for something far greater.

Watch out! Making Magic happen before I leave California.. @tinanery we are making magic happen! Womans Retreats here we come

Our 3rd Annual Beach Trip has come to a closing. The intentions we have put out into the world 🌎 to create the next phases of our lives.

I am the luckiest lady in the world.. To have created all this in my life! #myepicluv #myjam #playissexy #lovechoosesyou #lovefreedompurpose #mytribe

Even though we say goodbye for now, it's a internal commitment I've made with myself to let the limitless possibilities be open to my hearts ♥️ deepest desires.

When I'm in your presences I find myself appreciating the connections and the beauty all around me more. You have that ability to remind us to go with life's ever flowing moments. Some may be so fleeting and take our breaths away and create the biggest impacts for then next wave of transformations.. I lean in to this wave.. Softly and Arms Wide Open! •

#myepicluv #lovingbravely #lovechoosesyou #lovefreedompurpose #softlyarmswideopen

Last night jams.. Beaching with this beauty.. Life is so delicious.. #annualbeachtrip #playissexy #myjam #lovechoosesyou #myepicluv

Beach 🌊 Cruising Days from Newport to Huntington Beach for Taco 🌮 Tuesday and Margaritas! #playissexy #lovingbravely #myepicluv #mytribe

There things in life we hold onto that we once had hopes, dreams and aspirations for... As time goes by those things may never come to fruition and there is a reason why... One part of moving forward is letting go of what we "hoped" for or "had" at one point in our lives... There will be feelings of sadness and grieving but it is important to honor what that was during the time it was there. Thank it for such amazing lessons and opportunities of growth... Then be willing to fully let go... This creates space truly for limitless possibilities with the new.... #annualbeachtrip #lovechoosesyou #lovingbravely #lovefreedompurpose #myepicluv

This is a tradition that warms my soul and makes me so dam happy! Epic luv is a choice every dam day! #mytribe♥️ #lovefreedompurpose #lovechoosesyou #lovingbravely

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