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Melissa Blynn📿  Love❤️ Freedom ✈️ Purpose 🙏🏻 Cultivating Compassion and Connection. Humanitarian 🐘Philanthropy🤝Public Speaker 🗣Nutritionist 🥑Yoga Influencer🧘‍♀️

This is what HAPPINESS is _____________________________
@trauma_recovery_yoga I just can squeeze you!! I hope you all today get to PLAY and live life to your fullest... #blessed #unicorn #compassion #lovefreedompurpose #epicluv

Happy Birthday 🎂 to my ride or die.. Love you 😍 to pieces... Pool Day is the best day ❤️#whosreadytoride #blessed #unicorn #compassion #lovefreedompurpose #epicluv

Courageously Committed ✨💛✨
With this upcoming first quarter moon 🌙 on Sunday, this can be the challenging part of your intentions.. Right before the sprouts of your desires break through the soil, it will be challenged! So ask yourself, how committed are you over these next few days?! _____________________________
Interested in knowing your moon 🌙 cycle?! Contact @priestessgrace today!! Start learning more about YOU!! #unicorn #blessed #compassion #lovefreedompurpose #epicluv

🥕🥕Volunteer Fair 🥕🥕
Thank you @mgmgrand for supporting @createachangenow with all of the amazing Chefs and Volunteers!! We are so lucky to be apart of the family!! #blessed #createachangenow #volnteer

How you treat others MATTERS ✨💛✨
I’ve been told I’m to nice. I’ve been told I care to much. I’ve been told I have to big of a heart and so much more.
I kindly respond with, “ I know and I love that about me and will never change!” _____________________________
People won’t remember what you look like, they will remember how you make them feel.... And I plan on always loving deeply!! #blessed #compassion #lovefreedompurpose #epicluv

To Create the Life You Want✨✨ ____________________________
What if you accepted this invitation and took the actions daily to do just this?! Do you even believe it’s possible? Do you believe it even exists? And more importantly, are you willing to do the inner work to create it?! _____________________________
Today I accept this invitation and I hope you do too my luvs!! YOU Matter!! #blessed #compassion #lovefreedompurpose #epicluv #jumpallin #yogavibes #growthmatters #newbeginnings

Magic in the BALANCE
There is always going to be a polarity in all areas of life.
Light vs Dark. Yin vs Yang. Love vs Hate. Masculine vs feminine.
You see, the MAGIC is in accepting BOTH as a vital piece to the evolution of life and to who you are destined to become.
True love happens in the ACCEPTANCE of our differences and supporting each other through those differences. Pain becomes our greats catalyst for GROWTH when we embrace the dark versus run and hide from it. Honoring our MEN as they love our SOFTNESS and it becomes the dance between our masculine and feminine energies with grace.
You see, the totality here is MAGIC is in the BALANCE and ACCEPTANCE of the differences in these areas and what gifts they bring us all if we honor each of them versus stifle them!

#blessed #compassion #lovefreedompurpose #epicluv #practice

Why the hell NOT?! Be someone’s rainbow 🌈 today and every dam day!! #whosreadytoride #blessed #compassion #lovefreedompurpose #epicluv

Trust Just This..
The true work isn’t a work “out” it’s a work “IN.”
Life will either knock you down until you learn to take accountability for it or you can CHOOSE to show up daily into becoming the co-creator and do the internal work to grow and create exactly what you want!! ______________________________
This is the space I stand in today! Trust JUST this.. _______________________________
Keep going even when it gets hard and uncomfortable because right before your know it, bam 💥 there comes the magic of it all my luvs.
#trusttheprocess #blessed #compassion #lovefreedompurpose #epicluv #whosreadytoride #iamready #2018goals

DISCOMFORT is the price of admission to a meaningful life.
With any loss comes a certain amount of pain, sorrow, and even regret..
The key 🔑 is to know your VALUES, know who you are and what you stand for!! By this action alone, you come to life’s choices with the most powerful tool of all: your AUTHENTIC SELF.
It was when I finally spoke up with my wants that aligned with my values and let go of what no longer served me I became Emotionality Resilient and open to NEW!
#lovefreeddompurpose #epicluv #commitment #family #valuesMatter

Freedom and Hope
With each deliberate choice we make that aligns with our values and beliefs, you will feel more powerful on the influence of what you are co-creating
in your life.
In times you become uncertain and unsure of what choice to make, ask yourself “which action is most likely to bring happiness and fulfillment to me and everyone effected by my choice?! _____________________________
Today realize that you too are a POWERFUL creator and you can create anything your heart ♥️ desires.. Keep your eye 👁 and heart ♥️ on the rainbows 🌈 to come my luvs.. #blessed #compassion #lovefreedompurpose #epicluv #newbeginnings #lettinggo

Do you know where your food comes from?! Do know the amount of time and labor it takes to harvest what comes to your plate?! Let us be reminded that our farmers like Mr.Lee who spends his time and energy into sustainable agriculture to make sure we keep our food of the highest quality!! Give a SHT people, you MATTER!! Start asking the ?! #blessed #compassion #lovefreedompurpose #epicluv

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