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Tyler Ernst - 24  Camera Assistant 🎥 Los Angeles, California 🌞 Amateur Photographer 📷

I don't know how my friend Wally came up with the nickname boner, but unfortunately it stuck. Christmas comes by and I end up with a beautiful jersey with the name boner on the back. Can't help but to laugh and accept. Here we are 25 episodes later. The last day has just begun. #onset #scorpionseason3

The great feeling of working on the beach goes away about the time you hear your working on the beach.... day 7 and 3 more to go. #onset #malibu

Another day in paradise. #onset #malibu

3 hours in Nashville and I met the man, the legend, joey "jaws" chestnut. #fuckkobayashi
Bought us all shots, one of the nicest guys I've ever met.

When your back from lunch, a good friend, and wake up your fellow coworker.. #onset

Morning hike up the mountain for some establishing! What a great day to be alive!

Those little spawns of Satan were outside of Ralph's.... they blind sided me... I didn't know what to do.... I shit you not the pitch they used was, "Girl Scout cookies! They're delicious! You know you want em'!" Well played girl scouts... well played...

Are we still in Los Angeles?! This rain has been nothing but a nightmare at work. This view has made it all worth it. #onset

I would make a joke about you having the best humps around but I'm not a disgusting pervert. Happy Valentine's Day to the lovely @hillaryjanvrin #valentines
Also bt dubs, you have the best humps around.

This location #blows. #onset

Oh fabulous Pomona.... oh how I never miss you.... #onset

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