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Rafay & Karim  memes and captions

Chic-fil-A waffle fries wby


Y'all really dumb for believing in those horoscopes. I'm a Scorpio and I look at my shit for the lolz, it said "you will be faced with challenges, but Scorpio you will over come them." I feel like some tumblr girl with a degree in literature writes them.

Probably the funniest interaction I’ve seen come out of twitter

I know for a fact her mom profiting off this little girl, snitching aint going to do shit call CPS b 🗣

Inspirational type of Love 💕

Don’t let a little hair bother you fellas, matter of fact start pulling it out with ya bare teeth to show dominance 🤤😍

Whoms remember these memes

Zyzz wouldn't be proud of you fat hoes blaming the mirror for your love handles. Join planet fitness

Boys deadass got hot wings and a joint rolled up in toilet paper 😋😍

And now the makeup scientists have come up with water proof makeup so can’t even launch a bitch into the ocean anymore 😴 we just can’t win fellas

Bless those Syrians

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