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Rafay & Karim  memes and captions Stay Blessed Kings 👑⚡️

I just called the chief and he answered the phone and told me this was def it

Ain’t no such thing as a trash man, it’s just trash women that bring out the trash in us. Don’t @ me

Stank pussy always be the best no cap 😌

Drake straight wyling

All this is accurate

Imma start using the last one more


I remember this bitch back in high school wanted me to put her @ in my private account and I knew she’d let me smash if I did. But on the other hand I’d lose my hoes so the clever me used to put her ig profile in my bio. My bio deadass said “bit.ly2ue678ww ❤️😍.” She didn’t have a comeback to that and I clapped them cheeks. She’s pregnant now

To all the kings👑


This is how you pick up 10s

Rest In Peace King

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