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Rafay & Karim  memes and captions Stay Blessed Kings 👑⚡️

Why tf did I laugh at this so hard

Same bruh same

Bruh stop playing

Good ass Business Idea, take a bitch out to a fancy ass restaurant, let her order the steak and wine. Raw dog her in the bathroom before desert and then call these fellas right before the check comes

Legitimately asking, what does being Asexual mean

This man must be in the south

All these niggas clowning on Apple and making fun of their new phones, are the ones that cop the first day and flex with a caption on Snapchat, “A tough life gives you the biggest rewards” stfu with your big goofy consumerist ass smh I’m mad

I just called the chief and he answered the phone and told me this was def it

Ain’t no such thing as a trash man, it’s just trash women that bring out the trash in us. Don’t @ me

Stank pussy always be the best no cap 😌

Drake straight wyling

All this is accurate