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Rafay & Karim  memes and captions

Or you just a fat bitch and 5 inch heels can’t support that type of gravitational force. So you resort to 1 inch heel. Kings, it’s 2018 And we are standing up these standards made by women

Stay awake

That’s not a king

Stop fat shaming, she gorgeous af. I wanna raise her cholesterol levels even higher😍😍 you go girl

Let me tell y’all this story about my hook up. I take some Molly with my boys and we end up fucking each other right then I get call from this shorty and she invited me to her house imma continue this story later actually

👑That’s a queen 👑

Some Freshmen Advice: get to ya classes early so you can peep all the bad bitches walking in😌

Hey, so I’ve been getting a lot of DMs on putting my face out there. Idk I always felt insecure about it-because god spent way too much time on building my face. Where every bone is placed properly. I see why you guys would wanna see my face- you wanna put an image behind this, which makes sense. Well boys, swipe right for a selfie that I took right after I slid into Sharon’s DMs, asking her for a visual representation of her holy Vagene. She said no. But I didn’t let that bitch stop my happiness. The reason I’m smiling is because there’s a million other Sharon’s in this world, who would one day send me a visual representation of Their holy vagene. I was picturing the day i get off a long day of trying to scam bloody Americans over the phone, I come home, Fire up my windows 97, Log into Facebook, and See a message on Facebook. And it’s a holy vagene. That day keeps me smiling. Kings, if I can smile after getting rejected back to back but still have hopes of seeing the holy vegene in my Facebook messages. Then what the fuck are you sad about? God bless

Kid gotta D on it, ahahahahahahahahagagahaga

What’s so funny about cars being Parked? Is brazzers the main manufacturer for leggos? Oh well

Females went from wanting ripped tall charming fellas to ugly ass socially awkward niggas. Prolly bc they won’t leave and they get controlled by women. That’s called a beta male. Real kings know their desire to get women is low and their desire to pursue their goals/passions are high, which has many rewards in life and one of the small rewards being women chasing the alpha-kingness among you. Amen brothas.


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