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Rafay & Karim  memes and captions

Kings follow this advice

I’m more of a armpit nigga myself

I asked NASA and all the top researchers of the world if THIS was it, but y’all already know the answer to that 👇

A hero


I love it when a thot gets tranquilized by a king 💫💫💫👑


I need that nigga to clap my shit like that no cap with a sprinkle of no homo

Why does every “hot” white girl look like this? And every “hot” Latina looks the same. Same format of makeup. Same format of clothing. theres like a how to guide to be “hot” for every girl for her race. But yet, y’all want us men to be different. Y’all want us to be “unique.” We about to start shopping at Sephora and forever 21 just like you. Let’s contour our dicks boys, add 3 more inches to that joint. Let me stop playing, before I get angry feminist in my dms threatening me. I’m just an angry neck bearded- double chinned virgin boy. God bless

“Who tf am I? If your character changes with experiences, does this mean with every drastic experience I become a new person?”

Currently in this situation

Damn she went from looking like Michael Jackson to the Clown in IT

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