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Rafay & Karim  memes and captions

A whole state getting off on Anime Tiddies and Ass, the future is here people


He look Zooted af

@jeffbezos get ready for ya cheeks to get violated soon 😌

Ever fucked a bitch who’s pussy smell like earrings backs? Bc I haven’t

Put some respect on it

Flipping eyelids, double jointed elbow, cracking ya knuckles. All that shit used to put you in the weird kid category

Tag a Baddy below so this handsome lad can find true love

If she got any kinda card holders on her phone she a Thot. Let me explain myself real quick. Girls only have credit card holders on their phone so they don’t lose them. Bitches never lose their phone, it’s in their genes. But girls do lose their wallets a lot. So if a chick puts a card holder on her phone she prolly gets shit faced drunk every weekend and gets fucked by random niggas on 5th ave. Where my nobel peace award at

“I got shootahs and hittas everywhere I go” *proceeds to Starbucks to purchase a cold Frappuccino”

Need a Interior Designer like that

Need this type of energy

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