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Tim Robards  Sports chiro🏋🏼‍♀️+wellness educator👨‍⚕️+producer🎬 🤵Pierce Greyson on @neighbours 💪🏻@therobardsmethod #eat721 ✉️ Website 👇🏻

We ain’t got much if we ain’t got our health... thankful everyday my body allows me to get out for a run... some days it’s either back pain, knee pain, or just a lack of energy that holds me back, but forever thankful for the days I can hit it! #byronbay #thePass

I’m still not sure how we managed to wake up for breaky this morn 🤷🏼‍♂️🤕 #whiteshirtmemo #ramseycanthirty

My sexy wife! Anna is sexy to me because she treats everyone she meets with love and kindness, no matter who they are... always putting everyone else ahead of herself, a beautiful person inside and out... Ok, enough flattery now but it had to be said!

If you own a @nespresso machine or are thinking of getting one, recycling your capsules is imperative, but also so easy! This week is National Recycling Week and there are four simple ways you can recycle your capsules
👉🏻 I prefer to return them to a Nespresso Boutique but you can also
👉🏻 Drop them off at a participating florist/garden centre collection point
👉🏻 Participate in the bulk recycling collection initiative
👉🏻 Post them back to Nespresso using a special Aus Post satchel if you’re a little further afield -
There are over 22,000 collection points now! So let’s be responsible and do the right thing! #NespressoPartner

#DiariesOfaFrequentFlyer ✈️ #Ep15 I would love to say I had Flavia ‘at Hello’ as I took my seat but unfortunately this was no Jerry Maguire. My first attempt at hello was not so well received as Flavia was enthralled in her book she later described as ‘brain numbing’. Slightly disturbed my initial charm hadn’t worked, I dialled it up a notch to make sure I still had it 😜
A tired Flavia was preparing for 4 consecutive flights after a work trip in the paradise of Fiji 🇫🇯. With a final destination of Vienna, Austria, I expected to hear an accent that would make Schwarzenegger proud, until I discovered Flav is Italian born and raised.
A well travelled, well educated lady, Flav worked as a criminal lawyer, has lived all over the world from NY to Cuba. When she’s not horse riding or skiing, Flav now works for the UN, focusing on human trafficking and security. A wealth of worldly knowledge, we spoke for hours! We laughed at the craziness of how I met my wife, and her jealousy travelling to Puglia this year which is one of her favourite places in Italy. It’s amazing who you meet when you just say Hi 👋🏻!
#EncouragingUstoConnect #HumansOnaPlane #WhosNext?

When life gets stressful, do some yoga! #inspiredbyadog 😜

Back with my other half! Going plant based this morn, time to tuck in!

#DiariesOfaFrequentFlyer ✈️#Ep14 This is a man who’s reputation precedes him... Whilst checking in for my flight I was told that the chap I would be sitting next to was a lovely bloke and I would be In good company... Although I think I scared him as I sat next to him, looked him up and down with a big smile and said ‘You sure are a lovely bloke’... it turns out we were both headed to the same conference as guest speakers. James became the youngest CEO of @intrepidtravel at age 31. There is much debate in the office as to whether he’s the most intelligent and best looking but he insists that he holds those records too 😜. A hotly debated topic but not bad for a prior semi pro soccer player from the UK, who laughs with blunt honesty ‘I played striker, but never made it to the top because I simply wasn’t good enough’. It seems @jamespthornton has kicked some serious goals though in his life... he married his biggest fan, Natalie, and they are parents to a 6 year old potential future soccer star ⚽️, Art.
I’m sure if James has it his way, Art will be the next Ronaldo!
#EncouragingUstoConnect #HumansOnaPlane #WhosNext?

When the red shorts come out it’s hard to just relax after giving my big talk without switching into lifeguard mode... #SomeoneNeedsSaving #FromThemselves 😬😜 #Baywatch on #Fijitime @sixsensesfiji making the most of 8 hrs here total! #notcomplaining #shotoniphonexsmax #paradise

Thanks for having me back Fiji! Such a privilege to be guest keynote speaker @helloworldau conference. For my talk ‘How to find balance and create unlimited energy’. Always a little daunting in front of 500 plus people but the crowd was awesome! Big thanks to @qantas @fly_fijiairways @fijitourism @hiltonfijibeachresort @intrepidtravel

Love playing grown ups with you! #BoughtAHouse 🏡 #SOLD 😀

One of the best parts of being a tester for @handsomeskincare is that I get to travel to some of the best baths 🛀 🛁 in the world 🌍 to put these products through their paces… Or at least I’ll just keep telling them thats a requirement haha! 👌🏻😜 Not tested on animals, just blokes like me… #handsomeambassador

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