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Dr Tim Robards  Sports chiro+wellness educator+content creator - @therobardsmethod #eat721 ✉️

My Nan made the trip down from Newcastle last night for a beautiful little Italian 🇮🇹 style dinner celebration since she couldn’t make our wedding OS. I’ve not seen someone enjoy a seafood pasta as much as she did! She needed the carbs to sit thru our wedding photos and videos haha! Love you Nana! 😘

Big shout out to the winners of our 2018 Twosome Challenge and the grand prize of a @ubyuniworld European cruise from Amsterdam to Frankfurt. This was not a ‘weight-loss’ challenge, this was a life and mindset transformation challenge.... which makes it hard for judges but after reading all of the submissions and their stories the judges eventually narrowed it down to four finalists, all with incredible results and team "In it Together" prevailed by the narrowest of margins on the back of the most holistic transformation.
A little of what they said...
“We came up with every excuse not to do this challenge; time, money, injuries, work, too hard, you name it we thought it. But we signed up anyway. We didn’t know what we were in for and we thought we were relatively healthy and fit. Now we acknowledge that we weren’t. We have learnt, laughed, struggled, fist bumped and cheered each other on. It’s been a mental challenge as much as a physical one and we have seen a real change. The time we have spent together with the TRM workouts and 721 meal planning has made us realise that we haven’t had much dedicated one on one time or really focused on a common goal since having our beautiful girls.....our new lifestyle sees us happier, stronger and healthier both physically and mentally. “

Congratulations also goes out to all our amazing finalists, Team 3 Kids Down, Team Ted and Joan and Team Ronn felt Better, who will all receive.We'll be introducing you to these 3 incredible teams over the coming weeks, they are all a real inspiration👏👏👏.

S#it just got serious... reeeaalll serious #livinontheedge #extremesports #worldsdeadliestgame #squash

If you’re a TRM level 3 or above and feeling like a challenge then here’s a little one which surprisingly hits the flutes hard, your core and lower back extensor, plus your neck stabilisers. If you have neck problems I wouldn’t not suggest this one... safety first always!
If you are looking for a structured and graded program to change up your standard gym routine and take your body to the next level then join me on my app and download and signup at 👍🏻 7 days complimentary trial!
#filmed @fitnessfirstau #glenwaverly

S#iiiiiit....😬 hand me the spade....
#onlocation #whatcouldgowrong?

Don’t watch the clock... do what it does and just keep going! ⏱
For the watch lovers... I had the pleasure of taking this @breitling #blackbird for an adventure recently... equally as beautiful as the sunrise 🌅 📷 @charlesgrantcreative SWIPE LEFT

It’ll be a great adventure they said... you’ll be in complete bliss they said... I think Celine has nailed it... 🔉 .
Had a blast on location with the crew!

Getting the band back together... country tour begins 🎸 😜 on the road with @mattywilson @neighbours

Can’t even go for a dip without ninja warrior fans harassing me for photos... Haha! 😜 Finally got to meet this legend.... in the ‘flesh’!! @deadlyninjawarrior look forward to some training brother!

Moments before all our hearts were smashed and torn apart.... on heartbreak hill @city2surf #city2surfambassador #runningfor @lifelineaustralia

Dad normally opts for no makeup 💄 when he’s modelling but today he thought he’d spoilt himself and his fans... 😜 #loveyadad

Monkeying 🐒 around... I’d be lying if I said I didn’t crap myself just a little at my first attempt... coming for you @ninjawarriorau #2019 without any busted legs or arms this time!

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