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Timothy Ryan 티모시 라이언  Videogame designer/print finisher/other things guy in Australia and Korea. Been stuck with a crappy phone camera for years so haven't posted in ages.

My new avatar is a caricature of me in the style of "Walk Softly, Bronson", I videogame I'm helping out with. Borne from an entry into the last Ludum Dare 48-hour game development contest, "Walk Softly, Bronson" is a wordless adventure game exploring the relationships of people from a range of backgrounds and social standings amidst the tumult of a depression caused by an ongoing offshore war. It is being developed by a small team including myself, my brother the programmer, and the incredibly talented artistic trio of Lorne Colt the artist, Bruce Deburger the writer and Kent Ross the composer. You can find out more about the game and its creators at

My sister and her boyfriend know how to do birthday presents. Thanks Feeb and Nick!

Heesook made kimchi stew with pork neck for lunch. So bloody tasty!

Chunhachudong Milmyeon, Busan. In addition to their milmyeon, the dumplings there are really delicious. As is their soup, which you, strangely, go and help yourself to a kettle of.

Tried a Busan local specialty, milmyeon. It's a cold noodle much like naengmyeon, but is made with wheat flour noodles instead of buckwheat. It also uses a seasoning I've never tasted before and have a hard time describing. Whatever it is it's quite tasty! Heesook tells me that this was developed using wheat flour noodles instead of buckwheat because of how chewy buckwheat noodles are, and how long they to eat, and because Busan people are always in a hurry.

Dongbaek island pagoda. The bottom level of this is a snack bar. In Busan.

Cliff flowers. Dongbaek island, Busan.

Statue of a mermaid, Princess Hwangok. Haeundae beach, Busan.

This is what we hear from our neighbours at least twice a day. At least. Currently it's 12:17am, and she has been going for over 45 minutes, non-stop. Our apartment is only one room, so we have to listen to this wherever we are at home. At the moment that is in bed.

This box belonged to a guy on Haeundae beach whose clothes were covered in Korean flags and slogans. As was what I suspect was his bike. He was dancing a sort of jig while continually unravelling a kite string. He was flying a kite higher than any I'd ever seen before. It was a barely noticeable dark speck in the sky! The words on this box say "애국 애족" which means something like "love your country, love your brethren".

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