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San Giuseppe is tomorrow, which means that I can guarantee you, every single Italian household will be making their version of zeppole San Giuseppe. This is my version, baked and not fried, stuffed with the most delectable cream and traditionally topped with an amarena cherry (boozy delicious cherries) but I have a hard hard time finding them in my local market so I just use whatever sweet cherry I can find but ideally, you’d use those really harsh boozy ones. Anyway you do these, they are a must for the big day tomorrow, I’m slightly sad we won’t be home so I can make them for Joe but I promised him I’ll make this next weekend and we are all happy! Direct link to these babies in my stories and my bio! #easyrecipes #recipes #zeppolesangiuseppe #italianfood #laurainthekitchen #linkinbio

Mama mouse and her minnie❤️

I don’t know that I love anything more than pasta, it’s my favorite thing in the entire world to eat! I don’t eat it every day, but when I do, I make sure it’s scrumptious! This easy caprese chicken pasta is just the thing to make at the end of a long day when only some good (but not too heavy) comfort food will do! You’ll be obsessed with this recipe, I can’t wait to make it with tomatoes from our garden, won’t be long! So tell me, what’s your favorite pasta dish? Is there a specific pasta recipe you’d like to see me make? Share down below! Direct link to this recipe in my stories and bio! #easyrecipes #weeknightdinner #recipes #laurainthekitchen #pastarecipes #chickenrecipes #italianfood #italianrecipes #homecooking #noom #linkinbio

Crispy shrimp cakes, the thing that will brighten up your Monday! I love that these don’t use a ton of breadcrumbs to bind them, a little almond flour does the trick so perfectly. Crispy on the outside, but not dry in the least on the inside! The tartar sauce I love eating them with is also in the recipe which ill directly link for you in my stories and my bio! What are you making for dinner tonight? Are your kids totally thrown off by the time change too? #easyrecipes #laurainthekitchen #recipes #shrimp #shrimprecipes #weeknightdinner #seafood #shrimpcakes #cooking #food #noom #linkinbio

Coconut Bundt cake, so incredible, so bouncy and perfectly sweetened, I love it so much and the cream cheese glaze is just the cherry on top! If you’re a coconut fan, then you NEED this cake in your life! Direct link to the recipe in my bio and stories! #laurainthekitchen #recipes #easyrecipes #weekendbaking #cake #coconutdessert #coconutcake #dessert #desserts #coffeecake #noom #linkinbio

The most delicious falafel you’ll ever put In your mouth. It’s so flavorful you won’t believe it, and really easy to make of course! I hope you give these a try, if you have your own recipe for these, share below what you do differently from this recipe? I’d love to know! Direct link to the recipe in my stories and bio. #easyrecipes #laurainthekitchen #recipes #falafel #linkinbio #veganrecipe #noom

EDIT: soooo I heard wrong, today is not #nationalpancakeday but who cares, I’m still going to share with you my recipe for my all time favorite pancakes, my ricotta pancakes! Don’t mind the photo, we’ve come a long way since then, but I also think this photo looks kind of retro so it’s not too bad! Anyway, you should make these pancakes, special enough for a weekend treat but easy enough for a weekday breakfast with the fam! I’ll have a direct link to the recipe in my bio and I’ll also link other pancakes I think you’ll enjoy! But let me ask you, what other flavor of pancakes would you like to see me make on #laurainthekitchen ? I’m thinking banana pancakes should be next! Thoughts? #easyrecipes #recipes #breakfastrecipes #noom #pancakerecipes #linkinbio

Buffalo chicken meatballs, the most underrated meatball around in my opinion. If you’re a fan of classic buffalo wings but want to get rid of the heavy coating and frying, then these are for you! But you know, the actual meatball themselves are so good, so flavorful and so light that they would be perfect topped on salads, in wraps, or eaten on their own, which means if you’re planning on doing any meal prepping tonight or tomorrow, these should go on the list! I’ll link the direct recipe for them in my stories and my bio! I promise they won’t disappoint!! #laurainthekitchen #easyrecipes #recipes #buffalochicken #mealprep #chickenrecipes #noom #linkinbio

Have you checked out today’s video?!!!!! Aside from showing you how to make THEEEE BEST ever French silk pie, there’s a little sous chef making an appearance and it’s the cutest thing you’ll see all day!! Direct link to the video in my stories and bio and I’ll have a direct link to the recipe in my stories as well!! Trust me, you don’t wanna miss this!! #laurainthekitchen #easyrecipes #weekendbaking #chocolaterecipes #pierecipes #noom #linkinbio

You know what’s so good, a French toast, sandwiched with cheesecake filling and baked to puffy perfection with the interior having the texture of a sturdy soufflé. If that doesn’t sell you that you need to make this cheesecake baked French toast for breakfast (or brunch, or dessert) then I quit!!! But seriously though, whoever I serve this too says its life changing, and of course coming from me, it’s insanely easy!! Direct link for the recipe in my stories and my bio! #laurainthekitchen #easyrecipes #recipe #recipes #breakfastrecipes #weekendcooking #weekendrecipes #food #noom #bread #linkinbio

HAPPY FRIDAY!!!! Ahhhhj the weekend is just about here and I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for it!!! I love the whole weekend traditions, waking up later, not really having much of a schedule, and always indulging in a few treats. I’ve mentioned it many times (mainly from people asking) that I don’t typically indulge in sweets or naughty food until the weekend, I’ve always been that way even growing up so it’s like I see it as a reward at the end of a long week (and I attribute this as the reason I can fit in my skinny jeans with all the eating I do 😂). Some weekends I love spending hours in the kitchen, but some weekends if we are on the go with some kind of activity, I still need want to make something indulging with not a lot of time on my hands and that’s when these Yogurt Zeppole come in. No rising, no waiting around for hours for the dough to be ready, just fast, easy and basic ingredients turned into something spectacular! Trust me, you’re gona want to grab this recipe and fry up a batch ASAP! Direct link for the recipe is in my stories and my bio! #laurainthekitchen #baking #weekendcooking #recipe #recipes #easyrecipes #donuts #zeppole #weekendbaking #yogurtzeppole #sweets #dessert #desserts #linkinbio

Soy ginger chicken, the answer to the “I’m bored of plain chicken” complaint. It’s so so easy but SOOOO flavorful it’s kind of insane! All of the ingredients for it I typically already on hand so it makes this not only easy but also inexpensive because aside from the chicken, everything else it’s already stocked in the fridge. If you are looking to spice up your weeknight meals, add this to the meal plan, it’s a real winner! Direct recipe link in my stories and bio! #laurainthekitchen #easyrecipes #chicken #chickenrecipes #recipes #recipe #weeknightdinner #gingerchicken #noom #linkinbio

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