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@the3000bar food!!!!!!!!

Food is back @the3000bar!! Tonight starting at 9!! It’s gonna get crazy!!! @bmoney3000 @prettymuhfxcker @coachp34

Pardison Fontaine. I’m just saying! 😂😂😂🤦‍♂️🤷‍♂️

New York Strip and asparagus for the WIN!!!

Sorry, my front camera is broke. I’ve never in my 38 years of living seen an apartment complex go completely insane. Who the fuck days that. I can even show the other stuff. One says “if you are a convicted felon get out now” who the fuck says this shit? Well they will be empty soon. Im talking about the pants one here though .

Alone life, and I love it! Nobody’s bullshit! I like what I like when and how I like it.

This shit so hard!! 🔥🔥🔥. @bigflipralo

I get stuck on this a lot. #safarilive

UNC class act! Respect. Both my teams fought hard. Let’s see what Auburn can do from here! Hoping for a quick recovery for Okeke.

I’ll be there at 9! @the3000bar

You see it glowing!! I haven’t tried yet but I already know I can do some thangs with this!!!! @crownroyal @the3000bar

Airmaxx day! I don’t even pay attention to all these fake names days. But some how I needed new work shoes and they got here today. @the3000bar tonight,
Come see me!!

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