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Kaia is a Disney junkie. We had a late night trip yesterday. Kaia was pretty much asleep, but then she saw Dumbo. She was so excited to ride that she told me strongly that she needed to ride a pink Dumbo. #kaiaelizabeth #kaiayear3 #disneyland #dumbo #familydate #toddler #disneyfamily

All the meltdowns, lack of sleep, long days, and crying are worth it! Kaia gets cuter and cuter everyday. When I get these pictures during the day, it makes me realize that she is growing up too fast. #kaiaelizabeth #kaiayear3 #cheezysmile #toddler

This girl has been the best dressed toddler in our ward. Kaia has become a little ham when we ask her to smile for pictures, at least when she catch her in a good mood. We can thank Oma for the cute outfits for these last couple of Sundays. #kaiayear3 #kaiaelizabeth #sundaybest #lds #toddler #toddlerfashion #churchstyle

Dr. Kaia is in the office today! She had her 2 year old check up today, and her Dr gave her some supplies for her Dr bag at home. #kaiaelizabeth #kaiayear3 #drappointment #kaiserpermanente #2yearcheckup #beforeshots #lularoemae

This girl knows what she likes! Kaia had a fabulous birthday at the Safari Park and finished the night at IHOP to eat her favorite dinner, Mac and Cheese! We love our little 2 Year Old!!! #kaiayear2 #kaiaelizabeth #happybirthday #birthdayprincess #macandcheese #safaripark

Kaia was all about giving hugs today. She got to visit Ariel and Goofy. #kaiaelizabeth #kaiayear2 #disneyland #ariel #goofy

Yesterday we took this little lady to Disneyland. She was so excited to ride her rides and see all her favorite characters! She is growing up too fast, she's going to be 2 in a little over 2 weeks! Where did the time go? #kaiaelizabeth #kaiayear2 #disneyland #mommyanddaughter #toddler #disneyfamily

Many of you don't know this but it's been one hard week for my little family. I had surgery on my left side of my thyroid in the beginning of August to have it removed for its large size. After having some test run, they found cancer in it, so the end of August, I had the right size removed as well. I know that when you hear the Dr tell you that they found cancer, my heart just about dropped. Luckily I was told that it's very common and treatable. Thankfully I have had a fabulous surgeon that did an amazing job and I only have one scar on my neck for both surgeries. So now I went in this last Tuesday morning to have a radiation test done to make sure that there were no more cancer cells left sticking around in my body. Little did I know that when I went in to see the Dr about this test before actually taking it, I would have to be isolated from my family and even my own house. I would have to leave Tyler and Kaia for 8 days with no physical contact. I would have to be on a special diet for 2 weeks. Thankfully my in laws had a trailer on their property that they had previously been living in while they have been building their dream home. So here I have been living in the trailer on their property for the last almost a week. Of course it had to be the week that it decides to pour rain everyday. They have been nothing but amazing to bring me food in the pouring rain. They have made sure that I have had everything that I could possibly need while having to stay. It seriously is the small things that you appreciate when you can't do it on your own. I can't thank them enough for everything that they have done. Plus to Tyler for being an amazing Dad to Kaia this last week, I know that it's been tough for him also. It's almost over. Thanks @omagreen and @crgmeg12 for everything! #hardestweekever #itsthesimplethings #familyfirst #wednesdaycantcomefastenough

They just keep coming to play! Kaia gets more cousins to play with this weekend. #kaiaelizabeth #kaiayear2 #cousinslove

The best of 2016, we have had a fabulous year!

I would like you all to welcome the newest member of the Sabado Family! We still have not settled on a name, but we are working on it. I am lucky enough to have such an amazing pair of parentals that spoil our little family! I received this for Christmas and couldn't have been more happier! I feel like an official grown up and homeowner lol. Now to find the time to start using it! #kitchenaid #christmaspresent #bestparentalsever #welcometothefamily #officialgrownup

This little girl has become a movie buff over night! She has been on a movie watching binge for awhile now. Tonight's feature "Paddington" with no other guest of honor, Paddington. We watched this last night also for the first time. I guess Santa picked a good one. #kaiaelizabeth #kaiayear2 #movienights #toddler #mommyanddaughtertime #moviesbeforebedtime