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Janet Remsnyder l DC  Wife of Seth. Mother of Audrey, Edith, Bobby and Minnie. R+F Independent Consultant. On Christ the solid rock I stand. #werememberbobby

so many years later and I still don’t have words for this day. 17 years that families have carried the weight of their grief and the heaviness of the loss of the ones they loved the most. “Do not despair of our present difficulties but believe always in the promise and greatness of America, because nothing is inevitable here. Americans never quit. We never surrender. We never hide from history. We make history.” John McCain in his final words to our country resonated so deeply with me today. #neverforget #forloveofcountry #american

four years // I built a home for you, for me. until it disappeared from me, from you. -cinematic orchestra // I’ll always wonder at the potential of your life and who you would have been. the color of your hair and eyes. when you would have walked and talked. your first words. the first day of school to high school graduation. even though you’ll never physically be with us it’s a moment like this from 2015 on a chance stop with my light on empty, on my way home at a backroads gas station (of all places), on a morning I was missing you so bad, that you will always be a part of us and with us in your own special way. love you forever my little boy. I’ll never stop wishing that we should have watched you breathe your first breath on earth four years ago. #werememberbobby

happy engageiversary bb // I don't say what's on my mind quite as much as you'd like me to
And often when I'm quiet you worry I'm hiding from you
And I know I keep a lot to myself
But still you're more part of me than anybody else
So if you need me to tell you more

You're one of the few things that I'm sure of
You're one of the few things that I know already
I could build my world of-JP Saxe

family fair night and photobombed so hard.

pictures with a two year old. #margaretphoenix

I shared these golden hour portraits to my stories yesterday but they were too good not to document as a post. It’s purely magical and when we bought our house last year I never could have known how healing and wonderful that evening light could be for my soul. // you spoke to the dark and fleshed out the wonder of light, I can see your heart in everything you’ve made, every burning star a signal fire of grace. I can see your heart in everything you say, every painted sky a canvas of your grace. you’re the one who never leaves the one behind - Hillsong.
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6 years ago, I saw a post on Instagram of someone who was looking for a pair of sandals. We happened to have them and I reached out to let her know, she bought them and as they all say, the rest is history. What started as a simple hobby of mine on a complete whim: selling my girls new and used clothing has become so much more. It started in plastic bins and piles, stored wherever I could find space. Over the past six years, I’m so proud to see what its grown into: a beautifully curated consignment collection with sizes baby to big girl, of all things girly and classic, with a flair of modern and timeless, from all play to dressed to the nines. All of the collection is available for sale on IG and Kidizen and in the months to come I hope to offer “mommy daughter” shopping date nights by appointment with special sales and deals. Drop a comment or shoot me a DM if you’d like to get on the invite list. Because of space, I will only be accepting two to three duos at a time.
You can pick out a birthday dress, an outfit for the first day of school, holiday attire of all kinds, new baby clothes and something for just about any occasion you’d want to commemorate or celebrate.
I will also be taking on a limited number of clients as well to personal shop for too! Designed to fit every need and budget.
Additionally, never think an idea is silly, give it a try, run with it and see where it goes. It gives me all the feels to realize if you can dream it, you CAN do it. This has given me the freedom to be a stay at home mom while still allowing me a budget to do things we love and give generously to others.

what happens when girls try and take a pic together. #reallife but for reals, this chick is a good one. @alylaing your friendship has meant more to me than you’ll ever know, a literal breath of fresh air. thanks for being you, for always being honest and loving people where they’re at, for making Jesus real in the day to day, for letting us crash at your house almost every Wednesday, for introducing me to the wonder of blueberry vodka lemonade, helping me realize that y’all is better than you all, for endless encouragement, prayers and listening during some really tough times, for being more extra than me about robes at the Hilton and sharing your love of bartaco with us all, countless Starbucks anytime you dropped in. we might be opposite in a lot of ways and you might hate shopping, but you can make me laugh like no one else and that in and of itself is a gift. I’ll be forever grateful for how God used your friendship to bind up some deep wounds. TN is getting some good ones in you Laing’s and MD is gonna miss you guys big time. 💗

the snuggles I’ve gotten since being home have been heavenly. #margaretphoenix #mylittleremiwomen

OKC with these crazies. having a blast but missing my babies. thanks @scremmy and @cindygundy for being rockstars and holding it down while I’m gone.

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