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Janet Remsnyder l DC  Wife of Seth. Mother of Audrey, Edith, Bobby and Minnie. On Christ the solid rock I stand. #werememberbobby

I see a mess and somehow, Edith finds order in it, one of many things I love about this wildly imaginative mind of hers. never lost in the middle, she will always be one of the best things that has ever happened to me (truth be told, it helps we have playroom doors that close now). πŸ’—#mylittleremiwomen

this small person is the reason I get nothing done. she's too cute and sassy to hold it against her for too long πŸ€— also, she voluntarily stands on walls and demands I take her picture. #whathaveidonetoher #margaretphoenix #mylittleremiwomen

imagination brought to life. love the places my girls creative minds take them, even if it does involve raiding my closet 😜. meet, belle. #mylittleremiwomen

when we moved, I wasn't sure what our new neighbors would be like, but it's safe to say, we hit the jackpot again. a little back story on this...our neighbors parents are here in the states for the first time in their adult lives, it's been amazing to interact with them and learn some of their language. they will be returning in a month or so and she specifically asked for a pic with our girls to take back to India with her. I think we're gonna miss them when they return home. #mylittleremiwomen πŸ’ž

every year, august rolls around. there's a sting to it. as a lover of summer, at times, it feels unfair. august will always be our boy's birth month, had he not left us too soon. as I was thinking about the sadness that rises up as I remember, I can't help but think that there's an august that is coming. maybe not for many many years to come, someday God will make all things right. these thoughts on heaven from randy alcorn on child loss have always stayed with me: "I think one possibility with that is they could be resurrected at the age they were when they died. If that is the case then God would not fast forward. He would not skip any stage. You have experienced mourning. I will give you laughter. You were deprived of raising a child who died at a young age. Maybe you will be able to be there with your child as he or she grows up on the new earth without threat of death, harm, abuse or anything else. And to me somehow I just believe it would be just like our God to perhaps do that." #werememberbobby (pc: @imkristen_ )

too good not to share. thanks @number1sissy πŸ˜˜πŸ’—

come see these cuties and their buddies today for a very special lemonade stand! around 3pm, message me for the addy. I think the moms (@hrdevries and I) *might* be more excited than the kids. #mylittleremiwomen


love making this house feel like home. and thanks for all the people who gave me wonderful ideas for this room! it's not finished yet but it's come a long way. πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

it's not every day you get hired to do paint an entire city blocks worth of windows. rewind, 5 weeks, we're in the thick of moving crazy and I'm home holding it down with the kids (or dying, trying) and @scremmyart was working this project. seeing it in person and all the hard work that went into its beauty, makes all the sacrifice worth it. I do really dream and hope that someday, and maybe even today, people will appreciate all the painting my guy does. it truly is a work of art.

I know all my babies missed me while I was gone, but I think this one probably missed me the most. #margaretphoenix

a girls weekend with the best @meghayes_ & @mandaltl. I never would have expected that online friendships and bonding over baby clothes could turn into days of sweet conversation, plenty of laughter, shopping, Starbucks trips, lots of good food, plenty of rest and now some of my dearest friends. thanks to our hubbies (and my mama) for taking the kids and releasing us for a good time. love you girls πŸ’—

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