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Janet Remsnyder l DC  Wife of Seth. Mother of Audrey, Edith, Bobby and Minnie. On Christ the solid rock I stand. #werememberbobby

I've had a hard time finding the words to express where I'm at in this political/cultural climate we as a nation are facing. what I've realized through it all is that change starts in our home, in the way we raise our children and what we teach them: about themselves and about how they view other people. it's an active role, not passive and although some days our one family can feel discouragingly small, it's important and what we invest in these babes of ours, I pray, will never be lost on them. we live in a school district where our daughter attends a school in which she is a minority and 50% of more of the kids live below the poverty line. while I was initially apprehensive, i can see so much good that has come from it: for her and us. I don't want to negate the cultural traditions of ones race, but to a degree, I want my children to grow up colorblind. where they don't see someone as their color first and who they are as a person second. I don't want them to grow up with a mindset of white privilege. I'm glad our daughters are surrounded by kids that don't look just like them. our world can change and this next generation can be the ones that make change a reality.

mexico, I can't stop dreaming about you. #momanddaddoplaya

monday was an extra rude awakening, all I've been thinking about today is how much I want to go back. playa FAR exceeded my expectations and this place now has such a special piece of my heart. #momanddaddoplaya

my dad is gone, but my aunt and my uncle will always be like home to me. it's been years since we've been all together but it's an amazing gift to be able to pick up where you left off. laughter, some happy tears, lots of hugs and countless memories. grateful for their generosity that made this weekend as special as it was. #momanddaddoplaya #mojitosforever

the perfect day for two amazing people. #momanddaddoplaya

wedding time! #momanddaddoplaya

fiesta time! πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸ₯‚#momanddaddoplaya

woke up in paradise. #momanddaddoplaya

these people have my whole heart. including the nose picker errr scratcher. as hard as it is to leave them, I'm so glad they're in the best hands. @mrsdot @taylorrgundyy @cindygundy you're making this time away possible, thank you. next stop...Mexico, to see my beautiful cousin marry the love of her life and a sweet chance to soak up time with my family, who I love, but don't see nearly enough. πŸ’— #momanddaddoplaya (pc: @imkristen_)

so proud of my guy for being published in @artmazemag. I'm biased and think his work is inspiring, but knowing others recognize his achievements is always a proud wife moment for me. well done, lovey.

I mean...come on. 😍😎 #margaretphoenix

my β˜€οΈπŸŒˆ I'm gonna be leaving her for the first time this week (my cousin is getting married in Mexico!) and it has me feeling really emotional and it's still a few days away. someone tell me it's gonna be ok. πŸ™ˆ#margaretphoenix

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