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Janet Remsnyder l DC  Wife of Seth. Mother of Audrey, Edith, Bobby and Minnie. On Christ the solid rock I stand. #werememberbobby

moving sale post // shamelessly selling my husbands work. anyone want this piece by @scremmyart? 18x24 on paper. $30. could be framed or hung as is.

when they're grown I hope they never forget those 0.7 miles they lived from each other and I also hope the 5 miles we're about to add don't feel that far apart. here's to the future and the hope for the 0.7 mile days to return. they fill my heart with the purest joy and love. living near your people is something I count as one of the greatest blessings in all my life. #mylittleremiwomen #theklessboys (pc: our fav @lydiajane)

I never could have imagined what our 10th married year would bring, but it's been one of our best yet and when I look down at my hand, I know I'll never forget it. love you forever @scremmy, thank you for making so many of my dreams come true.

jesus take the wheel. packing with toddlers edition. #margaretphoenix

the first rose from our garden. and I can't see it and not think of this short reading from the day we buried our boy // Suppose you are a gardener employed by another. It is not your garden, but you are called upon to tend it.

You come one morning into the garden, and you find that the best rose has been taken away. You are angry. You go to your fellow servants and charge them with having taken the rose. They declare that they had nothing to do with it, and one says, I saw the master walking here this morning; I think he took it. Is the gardener angry then? No, at once he says, I am happy that my rose should have been so fair as to attract the attention of the master. It is his own. He has taken it, let him do what seems good.

It is even so with your friends. They wither not by chance. The grave is not filled by accident. Men die according to God's will. Your child is gone, but the Master took him. Your husband is gone, your wife is buried, the Master took them. Thank him that he let you have the pleasure of caring for them and tending them while they were here. And thank him that as he gave, he himself has taken away. - CHS

there are days, times, and moments when I still can't believe she is ours. she will always be one of the best things that has ever happened to us. 🌈#margaretphoenix

I thought Edy was a handful but this ones got her beat. #margaretphoenix

showing your house, getting ready to move, trying to pack and keep up with a toddler is not for the faint of heart. but those still chubby baby feet are hard to deny when she wants alllll the snuggles. #margaretphoenix #someonerentourtownhousesoicanpack #sendwine

the way the light streams in at golden hour will always be one of my favorite things about this house.

my mothers day gifts. this truly has been the happiest of mothers days for me and I'm so incredibly blessed and grateful for the life we have with these little women of ours. so many things to be thankful for. job 33:28 "God has delivered me from going down to the pit, and I shall live to enjoy the light of life." #mylittleremiwomen #margaretphoenix

wishing, praying, thinking, hoping that this little fence and the house behind it will soon be ours. it's been the wildest ride of a week from start to finish. god literally dropped this opportunity in our laps and as we've taken steps forward we've watched him open doors we never thought possible. it feels completely surreal: our offer is in and now we wait.

we bereaved are not alone. we belong to the largest company in all the world---the company of those who have known suffering. - Helen Keller // three years ago today, on Mother's Day 2014, less than a month after we buried our son, my dad passed away. his passing made an already dark time even darker. while I've been very open about sharing my grief over losing bobby, I have been very private about the grief of losing my dad. it was a long road to his passing, years of feeling the weight of sadness over the loss of our relationship. he walked out of my life when he walked me down the aisle at our wedding, and for the years following, although he was still alive, we were estranged. we spoke few and far between. in the beginning years it was calls on holidays and birthdays and then the year before he passed not even those. it was a loss I grieved even before he was gone in an earthly sense. to this day, I still wish it was different, that he was healthy and involved in our children's lives, that he cared and knew us. I haven't shared because I haven't wanted to magnify his shortcomings, because for most of my life he was a great father, a close friend, and someone who I looked up to in so many ways. I'll always remember his love of sailing, he gave me my love for history and he showed me the US. he died far too young and he died alone. one thing I've often had to walk the line of with social media is enjoying the beauty we see in all our feeds while recognizing that we all cry tears and bear burdens and have to deal with the messiness of our lives. no one is perfect and there are surely quiet hurts we don't see or share. I'm sharing this part of my story for that reason and to encourage anyone who's lost a loved one. the road of grief is real, but light does come. it always will shine through, you just have to look for it.

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