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Carrie Rabren  Wife of @rabrenam and mommy to Marjorie Alice & Oliver Zane! LGBT Family 🌈 Two mommas 👭 and two awesome kiddos 👧👨

‘‘Twas a cold morning at the park! Brrrrr

After an hour of fighting a nap, all it took was 3 minutes in here (and I didn’t even have to nurse him). #thewrapalwayswins #wrapnap #yaroslings #tiredbub #tiredmomma

Another momma in my virtual baby wearing family creates these lovely necklaces with scrap pieces of wraps. I sent her a piece of one of my favorites that I had trimmed and she created this for me. I love that I will always be able to wear a piece of what has helped create a unique and special bond with my kids. 💙💜💚 #wearallthewraps #ellevill #confettidyed

It’s been a while since he let me wrap him. It’s been a long while since he fell asleep in a wrap 😍 (why do they always look so little when they sleep???) #wearallthetoddlers #didymos #rainbowfish #wrapnap

I got to have a thanksgiving feast with Marjorie at daycare today. So grateful to be so close to the kids when I’m at work to be able to participate in these events! (I didn’t tell her I was coming, because honestly I completely forgot about it and she was SO surprised and excited when I showed up). 🦃 #theseasonhasbegun

Date day with my best girl ☕️

I’m tellin’ ya. You just don’t understand the power of the wrap until you have a threenager mid tantrum. After talking her down she asked “mommy, can I get in your wrap?” This is how we reconnect after those intense moments. #wearallthekids #firespiral #thisiswhyiwrap #ifeelpretty

I am sooooo ready for this week to be over. I’ve been seriously struggling with working full time. I miss the time with my kids, even though they try my patience. I miss that brief period of time they napped on my days off that gave me some sense of calm and peace. A time to recharge my battery. I feel like I’ve been going like a wind up toy and I’m about to sputter. Momma is tired.

Yikes. 🕷🕷🕷

Snotty nose. Fat lip. And still the cutest dude I know.

This dude took a tumble this morning at daycare. Spent a few hours in the ER thinking he would need a few stitches. Instead it was just an expensive, bloody fat lip. Milkshakes and cuddles seemed to be just what the doctor ordered.

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