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Carrie Rabren  Wife of @rabrenam and mommy to Marjorie Alice & Oliver Zane! LGBT Family 🌈 Two mommas 👭 and two awesome kiddos 👧👨


Lazy rainy day with my loves.

I’m tellin’ ya. Gotta get this girl in gymnastics 🤸‍♀️ #futuregymnast #nofear #selftaught

I’m going to change our mailing address to the doctor’s office. At least he’s in better spirits today. #looksworsethanitis #gonnagobrokeoncopays

As any owner of a good, old, seasoned cast iron skillet knows the last thing you want to do is use soap or any harsh scrubbers on it. So how do you clean it, especially when there’s food stuck on it? A few months ago I came across this tip: sprinkle a good amount of kosher salt on it and scrub it with a potato cut in half. The salt “scrubs” the cooked on gunk without damaging the season on the skillet. I wish I’d have taken a before pic. But look at that shine! Just thought I’d share for anyone who might like to know. It was a game changer for me! #yepthesearethethingsthatexcitemenow #castironskillet

Look what showed up on my Facebook memories this morning @bissett_t ! Miss you so much❤️

Y’all. This new line of goodies from @javafoodco is ridiculous. Tonight I made artichoke dip stuffed chicken breast, coated it in #javaflour, put a quick pan sear on it then transferred it to the oven to finish. For the love of all things holy, this was incredible. (Last week I made myself some simple adult cinnamon toast with their #javadust....a cinnamon sugar blend spiked with ground, locally roasted @escrcoffee beans). @kemocean and @followthefoodva ..... I bow to you. #cleanplateclub

Still squishy. Please stay this way just a while longer.

We were playing outside when she suddenly grabbed her little fold up Mickey Mouse chair, set it next to to a lawn chair, and said “Sit Mommy “. When I asked her what we were doing she said “looking at the clouds.” Yes. Always stop to admire the simple wonders that surround us. This kid teaches me all the important things in life. #lifethroughachildseyes #itsthesimplethingsinlife

April picked up the blanket on the left at a thrift store and it quickly became her favorite. I loved how it reminded me of legos. I decided to try to recreate it and I think I’ve done it! First time duplicating something without a pattern. #propstome #crochet #mawmawwillbeproud

Stunning sky this morning. The universe has been doing some incredible things lately, reminding us to see the beauty in every day life. And I can’t help but hope it’s also sprinkling some lucky fairy dust on us. #hugelifechangesahead

Morning couch snuggles 👩‍👧‍👦

His kisses are quite aggressive. Most of the time, chewing of lips is involved. #babyrazorteeth

Getting a little rest in before he parties hard later. Also, I might be rethinking selling this wrap. 💙 #partyprep #oneyearold #didymos #wearallthebabies

Anyone care to wager a guess as to who licked the bowl (and the table)? Perks of eggless batters! #birthdaycake #oneyearold #eggallergy

One year ago, I fell madly in love with a boy. He completed our little family. I worried through my entire pregnancy how I'd ever love another child as much as I love Marjorie. He showed me that just when I thought my heart couldn't be any fuller, it was unfathomable to imagine a time or life without him in it. In this very short year, he has blossomed into a sweet, funny, very happy dude that adores his sister. I can't believe I get to be here to witness him grow and experience life. We are some lucky mommas, for sure 💙 #birthdayboy #lgbtfamily #littlebrother #teamtwomoms

I can’t believe this ham will be one year old tomorrow!

Now that he’s figured out how to climb up the steps I can’t keep him off of them! And every time he is so proud of himself!

I can share this now that it’s been gifted. I am so tickled at how it came out! Thank you so much @spinayarncrochet for the pattern. And I can’t wait to meet your little muggle @bdeeds and see him in his scarf! #crochet #harrypotter #spinayarncrochet

On the way home this evening I heard “I love you Bubby.” Look in the rear view to see this. ❤️💙 #siblinglove #howtomeltamommasheart #thekidsarealright #newnormal #lgbtfamily #almostmakesupforthetimesshepokeshimintheeye

This girl. I love her soul. I love her independence. I love that she wants to wear her Superman underoos under the ballet unitard she picked out yesterday. I love that she is oblivious to the fact that society associates certain toys or clothes as masculine or feminine. I love that she just wears what makes her feel good at any given moment. Hold on to that baby girl. Always be you. #effgendernorms #newnormal #youdoyouboo #lgbtfamily #teamtwomoms

I swear she’s saying #snapchat 😂

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