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Emma Nielsen  @legrappin drinking/making/selling/packaging/serving wine listening/ indie girl tunes cooking/ spicy things cuddling/ pugs yoga

Now that's a blend of awesomeness.

Mrs Pugster's Best 9 could only be of Flossie and Nicky who I love so much, plus their human friends of course!

Always inspired by Joan Miro. And always happy to take advantage of late nights at the Tate

Favourite tasting of the year.. Turkey collection morning at @thebutcheryse23 #breakfastwine

Proper recycling. All headed back to Beaune to be refilled and reused.

Perfect Saturday afternoon.. pugs papers pints..Oh and watching England thrash Australia

Very humbled to be name checked on the new @vin.noe label. Not only is it a beautiful label for a delicious wine but what a lovely selfless thing to do.. Oh and love "et bien sûr Julie" oh yes, for sure!

Repost of Nicky getting his pet passport checks

Nicky attend sa récompense 🐶🐶😉! .
#dogsofinstagram #carlin #chien #veterinaire #beaune// #repost @veterinairebeauneamandiers

Our perfect lunch; tete du veux and ris du veux. So happy. #bouchonlyonnais #petitvacay #pugsallowed @legrappin @flossiegram

Relaxing on the stunning drive to our @legrappin harvest home in Mavilly made the tough days possible. Beautiful autumn colours today. And actually time to stop!

cleaning the last batch of cases is a normally a miserable wet and cold day but vintage18 weather keeps on bringing it

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