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Michelle Snodgrass 

Dancing Queen Olive! SOUND ON. The rhythm is gonna get doggo. Totally forgot I even took this video over a week ago... 🤣🤣🤣 @stephaniehalphen 🎶 💃🏻 🐕

We done good, girls.

I missed my mom and tia Michelle so much that I felt the compulsive need to tear apart their belongings. #dogshamed

Oh my god, ladies, get a room!

Happy Mother’s Day to the two most amazing women I know: my Mom @cvsnodgrass and my Nan! Love you both dearly! 😘

Putting one of my birthday gifts to good use! Thanks for the cool glass, Doug!

Radiolab live! Always a top notch experience!

Just us girls ready to flamingle

Beer day!

#wcproject Churchill edition. Bringing sound into it @intensiveporpoises Happy Birthday @similone

I have a hounding feeling like someone is watching me while I eat dinner...


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