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Michelle Snodgrass  Old Fashioned with a modern twist. I heart NPR and finding beauty in my surrounding world. Wandering, but not lost.

Maine beer on the patio. Happy Memorial Day! FOC u!

Happy birthday @cvsnodgrass

Happiest birthday to the best Mom in the world! Love you, Mom and looking forward to spending the day with you! 😘

We invented a drink yesterday called #RTB - this is how it goes down.

Flat-packed street poetry. Less Medium: cardboard. TriBeCa.

Truth in advertising.

The "fun" isn't very "fun" if it's mandatory, now is it, Little Pub? I can say that I've had some lovely times at Little Pub, but I wouldn't classify it as "fun" as much as just good old fashioned enjoying myself. Also, aren't you supposed to be modeled after English pubs? In that case I believe this sign is supposed to say "Sorry to bother, but if you wouldn't mind, it might be nice to experience a little fun, don't you think? Do you fancy a little fun?" Also, nothing says fun like a good ol' trash and recycling receptacle.

Summer life has begun with some delicious lobster from @ripkasbeachcafe - is there anything better than sitting by the water and forgetting that you have to go to work tomorrow?

PSA: if you tell me that "you will wear any item of clothing I buy for you for one day" and I happen to be sharing some rosé with you at the time, I am not responsible for how humiliated you are going to be wearing the items I purchase. Can't wait to see how he pulls it off. Get ready @stephaniehalphen and @jhawkes12781

These chickens are under the false assumption that I've got some food for them...

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