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mrsmellowcake  Hey! 👋🏻 I'm Ali, I'm partial to books, art, metal🤘🏻, dogs and eating. I love a good building. Dislikes: outside, most people (except you, obvs). UK.

4 days in, sourdough starter seems to have worked (touches all the wood). I have created liiiiife!!!
#sourdough #baking #bread

Blue skies.

#lunch #buddies

Well. That’s Assassin’s Creed Origins then. 92 hours. 100% of tombs, papyrus, Ptolemy statues, animus glitches, a tournament done in both the hippodrome and the arena and I cannot nudge it that last one percent. Normally I don’t care but this game gave me ALL the feels. It is beautiful in every possible way. But sadly, I am going to admit defeat and give up!!
#assasinscreedorigins #ps4 #ubisoft #gamergirl

FINISHED!! It’s wrinkly. It’s probably got some bits of limescale from the iron on it. It’s very badly framed. There’s a dodgy N. But I did it! And I’m gonna do MORE!! #rickandmorty #crossstitch

Pretty @birchboxuk finally arrived. I’m going to make myself look all glowy and sun kissed and pretend it’s not raining like mad today. #birchboxapril #birchboxuk

My first proper go at cross stitch since I was about 8. It’s not going too badly I reckon.
#crossstitch #wip

There are bees in my garden. Quite a lot of them. They’re odd looking though, a lovely fluffy golden colour with white/cream markings on their face. I can’t get a good picture because they are flirting around super fast. Anyone have any clues as to what kind they are? Usually I have mining bees coming out of my lawn at this time of year but these aren’t them, haven’t seen any holes yet.
#mystery #bees

Look at that sky. What a great day!
#church #bluesky #spring

There are tradesmen here which always makes me very uncomfortable (not for snooty reasons, just cos I don’t like new people all that much and I suck at small talk). I’ve got my glasses on so I’ll look clever and just a little bit stern.

First go with my new bread maker. 3 hours to wait and see if my brioche works or not 😬
#boomerang #breadmaker #baking

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