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mrskellystamps  Jesus. 🙏🏻Family. Friends. The Beach. 🏖Tacos. 🌮Sonic. The Hogs. 🐗TV. 📺In that order.


I’m cooking Thanksgiving for the first time. I have my menu and grocery list all made up. I’m actually excited. I’m cheating a little because I ordered a turkey.
One thing my grandmothers always had at Thanksgiving was a “relish tray”. It had pickles, olives and celery stuffed with pimento cheese. It was my saving grace as a kid because I didn’t like much else on the table. Do any of you have a relish tray too? I’m keeping that tradition alive for my kids. (But I’m giving the ax to cranberry). 🤣🤣
***R E C I P E S I N M Y ST O R Y**********

We took the girls to see “Wonder” this afternoon. It was sooooooo good. If you have to choose between being kind and being right. Choose Kind. {and you will always be right}. Take your kids!

Sometimes I don’t love all this “new fangled “ technology and social media. But I do love that I can still text my friend who moved far away and see daily pics of her family. And I don’t have to write letters and wait for a response to keep up. And I also love when they come back for a visit most!!!!

When we left Disney I was like “meh, I’m good for about 4-5 years”. But now that I’m home and have at least 5 IG friends there right now I’m calling Scott and saying “when can we go back?” 🤣🤣🤣 #theygotme

Scott has been out of town for a week (he is back today hallelujah!) and WH was sick for a few days and it’s just been crazy. I’m so thankful for this girl who helps me so much and with so much joy. I offer to pay her for helping and she will say “no thank you it’s fun to help!” She also says she wants one zillion babies one day. Maybe she will run an orphanage overseas or do foster care. I know God will use her and I’m so thankful to be her mom.

I wish I could list off all the crazy things this child has done in the last few days. It would make your toes curl or you might just laugh really hard (since you aren’t me). I sent a list to a couple of boy moms who I knew would understand. Sometimes I️ just need a support group. But his sweet little smile and kisses make me somehow miss him when he’s sleeping. I’m thankful to be his mom.

This year has been such a fast blur. I somehow made it to mid November before the first time I had lunch with the girls at school. And it was mostly because they found out during car line that the lunch was chicken fried steak and they were both gagging. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I couldn’t stay long because Will Holden was either dancing in the aisles or running up on the stage and I got more of a workout than any CrossFit program. #momlife #reallife

When you hear the Blues playing and you just feel it with your whole body. #willholden

“I wish there was a way to know you're in the good old days before you've actually left them.’
Andy Bernard

Took some pictures for our Christmas Card today and I traded in Will Holden’s Jon Jon for a bow tie. I can’t even. #swoon #southernboy #bow tie #southerncharm #christmasplaid🎄 🎅🏻

My baby girl is at her first sleepover. I️ love that these two are BFF’s. I have prayed for good friends for my kids just as I pray for their one day spouses.

8:00// We had a late dinner when we got home around 7. The girls took showers and then Scott bathed WH while I️ cleaned up the kitchen. Now we are winding down and watching Netflix. Bed time is about to commence. #onedayhh

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