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I wish I could join her 😴 I’ve only slept a total of 8ish hours in the past 4 nights so let’s just say that I’m a bit tired 😉 We’ve been having some struggles with nursing and she’s already lost nearly a pound. I’ve never been able to exclusively breastfeed any of my children so this didn’t catch me off guard. But it’s always still a little sad for me when I have to start supplementing (although I’ll admit that at this point, I actually prefer bottle feeding 😬) I used to feel incredible guilt when my body couldn’t provide the food my babies needed. But as I’ve watched my other children thrive on formula, I just feel so thankful that there are other options. If you are facing similar struggles, just know that you aren’t alone! We aren’t the only ones with a new addition! @cuddleandkind just introduced their new addition, Avery the lamb! Avery would be the perfect Easter gift for girls and boys! And just like with all their other dolls, each doll sold provides 10 meals to children in need. We love this company and their mission 💗💗 #primroseelowen

Thank you so much to everyone’s comments and messages! I feel so overwhelmed by all the love! 💗 We had a slow, quiet morning with Primrose at the hospital. Now we’re back home as a family of 9—and let me just say..it’s pure chaos! Everyone is going crazy over their new sister! It will take some adjusting but we couldn’t be more excited for this new addition! .
Also, I unintentionally chose matching attire for us at the hospital and it was the best happy accident I could have made 😉💗 my robe is from @shoppinkblush and Primrose’s gown is from @littlemissdessa.

I’m so excited to finally be able to introduce to you our precious new baby girl, Primrose Elowen!! 💗
She joined our family last night, February 20th, at 8:57pm. She’s our biggest baby, weighing 8lbs 6oz!
I am seriously blown away how identical she looks to Clementine. I feel like I gave birth to twins 16 months apart 😂
I can’t wait to share her birth story because it was such a crazy, exciting day. She may have been 8 days overdue, and I may have been slightly (extremely) impatient, but of course she was every bit worth the wait! Thank you all for praying for us and for checking in on us over the past few days as we waited! Now I hope you’re ready for all the newborn spam that’s about to take place 😉

I had no intentions of posting again until baby girl was here but I’m 4 days overdue and I’ve had a lot of people asking if the baby is born. I just thought I’d pop in and tell you that I’m still pregnant and admittedly a little impatient about it. I know she’ll be here soon and that due dates are just estimates. But unfortunately once you pass that date that you’ve had in your head for the past 9 months and you’re already feeling so anxious and emotional, it becomes discouraging as the days pass on (especially when it’s your 7th baby and you’re asking your body “don’t you know what you’re doing by now?!?!”) All that to say that I am so happy that you all are so excited with us and I will post when she’s here! Hopefully I’ll be posting a sweet little newborn photo soon 😬 #growingarobertsbaby

It’s officially my due date! Baby girl is still tucked safely in my womb and I’m definitely not complaining! I shared one last little pregnancy update on my blog before the baby girl arrives. My fears are finally starting to fade into excitement and now I’m just anxiously anticipating when we’ll finally get to meet this sweet baby 💗 #growingarobertsbaby

Trying to savor these last few days of a family of 8! I’m starting to feel slightly less panicked and quite a bit more excited about the major life change that’s about to happen! I’ve been majorly unmotivated to keep up with IG over the past couple of weeks because I’ve been so exhausted! But I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to fight the urge to overgram once baby girl arrives 😂 Thank you all for all your love and encouragement over these past few months! There have been many times that I’ve been tempted to stop sharing because of the unkind comments. But you all have made it worth it to stick around! You are the best 💗💗 #robertskidsgroupshot

✨giveaway!✨ (CLOSED!!)
Congratulations to the winner @melissabootsman!!! 🎉🎉 And thank you to all who entered!!
I have a feeling that the days of sleeping Clementine pictures are coming to a close so it’s a good thing I have a new sleepy subject arriving pretty soon 😉
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I’m only 8 days away from my due date so I thought I needed to document the bump at least one more time. Because as much as I’m ready to get rid of this big belly, this crazy brain of mine will eventually miss it and I’ll somehow forget how miserable I felt in the last weeks 😂 it’s crazy to me that she’s almost here when I feel like I just announced my pregnancy! Anyone want to guess when she will arrive?? With the exception of Clementine being born one day early, my others have all pretty much been born 1-4 days overdue. So I’m guessing (and hoping) I’ll go overdue by just a bit this time around too! #growingarobertsbaby

I will never, ever get tired of these front porch group shots...especially when my kids look like they’re in some sort of hipster neighborhood gang 🤓😂
Anticipation is building at our house as we wait for baby girl to arrive. The kids are all ready, my body feels ready, but mentally I’m still panicking that my due date is only 12 days away. Even though I feel nervous about what is to come, the last weeks are always so exciting...knowing that any day could be “the day.” Although, not so secretly, I’m really hoping for a little Valentine’s baby 💗 Am I the only one crazy enough to wish to go overdue? 😂 #robertskidsgroupshot

The way they look at each other 😍 I’m so excited to add another sister in just a couple of weeks! 💗💗We’ve been doing a whole lot of nothing around here. Just cleaning, playing, and watching Netflix to keep me sane in the evenings. By the way, did you know we have a family vlog? There’s a new one today with a peek into our daily life (linked in my stories and my husband @mrdonaldroberts’ bio.) We’ve always done videos that focused more on special outings or events but we’d kind of like to switch gears to add in some more daily life videos. What are your favorite types of vlogs to watch? #sweetestsisterfriends

With our due dates only two days apart, I’m pretty certain our baby girls are destined to be best friends 💗 @jeremagz and I have been bffs for over 20 years so this pregnancy journey has been so much fun this time around! No one understands my aches and pains, my anxieties, and my constant cravings better than she does right now 😂 I can’t wait to take all kinds of twinning pictures of the girls and watch their friendship grow 😍 #growingarobertsbaby

When the sympathy weight gain is out of control 😂
I’m 37 weeks (as of yesterday) and I’m still having such a hard time processing that soon there will be another baby in the house. The past few pregnancies I have struggled with feeling “connected” with the life inside of me. I can feel her movements and I see my belly growing bigger. But it still doesn’t feel real that this little human is going to be on the outside soon and will completely change our lives forever. I struggle with this feeling of disconnect...that she’s right there but I don’t even“know” her. But I also know how everything changes the moment I see my babies for the first time. In that breathtaking, overwhelming moment, the love is so strong and so real...it just feels like they have always been a part of our family. So as terrified as I am of all there is to come, I am so looking forward to that moment 💗 (whew, that ended up being a lot deeper of a caption than I intended for a silly picture 😂)
#robertskidsgroupshot #growingarobertsbaby

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