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Grace Magdalene Leong  Mother to one cheeky baby, rambles at and is sustained by strong cups of coffee.

Stay Magical. Be one of a kind. The good kind. πŸ¦„

It's my hope that she becomes a musician, regardless which instrument πŸ˜… For now, I'm just happy that she shows a keen interest in music and likes to imitate me. πŸ˜‚

First time on Snap Chat and amazing how the filters make you look good

Taking a break from my usual black and dull work attires and trying out some light khaki tones. πŸ™ˆ

15.5 months old and already being picked up by boys. No dating till you are 18 years old Shay! πŸ™Š

Thank you 爷爷 for letting me go on the slide! Wee!!!

Enjoying some couple time with @mrlionelchew over this Soup-per brunch at Soup Spoon Union.

Belly too fat. Stuck.

That expression pretty much summarizes the whole of last week. Last week, she was down with stomach flu - vomiting and diarrhea most parts of the weekday and over the weekend, I was down the headache, fever, chills and general pain all over.
Glad that we survived and I can heave a temporal sigh of relief, till her vaccination this Thursday. 😣

Thank you @wentirng and Praise Kids team for helping Shay with the Mother's Day handicraft. She is oblivious to what's going on as usual πŸ™„

Happy Mother's Day to me πŸ’•
I'm a mother because of you Shay.
Thank you for showing me that a mother’s heart is a bottomless pit; It is an unconditional pocket of love. You are a fraction of my inner being living outside me. Some days you exasperate me, but most days you fill my heart with love and joy. 😘

'Twas was Shay's 2nd swim session yesterday. This time however, she was able to waddle on her own in the kids pool πŸ˜„.. needless to say, she enjoyed herself thoroughly! πŸ’¦πŸ’¦πŸ’¦

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