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This was filmed a couple of weeks ago during session 8. Turns out I'm noisy when I train. BUT who cares as long as I'm getting it done. The greatest tennis players grunt their way through matches, and it turns out chucking balls around in my garden is no different. πŸ˜‚
That being said, I would like to apologise to my neighbours Jacqui and Pete, who would probably like to enjoy sunny days in their garden without my shouting... good job they like me. πŸ™ˆπŸ˜β€οΈ Xxx @pmacfitness #bethebestyou #omantraining #GetFitGi Hilarious editing skills from @nokwamz! Xx

God I love these little nutters - especially when they decide to just chill together and have a giggle! ❀️ xxx #brosforlife #buzzandbuddy #family #love

It felt like I was on the longest road ever to becoming a mum, but really, I was one of the lucky ones. When it eventually happened we wanted to document that pregnancy with a video. Right at the end, we introduced our little bubba Buzz, wrapped in a swaddle blanket from @adenandanais - a brand a friend of mine strongly recommended I checked out. From my first four pack of muslins I was hooked, and still am now. I was thrilled the brand asked me to work with them over on my YouTube channel this week, and have been thinking back to a few of my mum adventures. We’ve come a long way from all the leaky boobs, explosive nappies and struggling to get the swaddle to stay on. #adenandanais #loveandmuslin #ad

Giant space dog meets the Super Wings team. Where there's imagination, there are no rules. #ilovewatchingthemplay

This morning I really didn't feel like training. Wrong time of the month and I felt tired, bloated and heavy. However I got on with it (because @pmacfitness came and bossed me about) and I ended up getting CLIENT OF THE WEEK!! Xxx #tmi #afactoflife #clientoftheweek

I absolutely LOVE this!! Thanks @gueligldv! β€οΈπŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘¦β€πŸ‘¦ Let's face it, toothbrush time can be a royal struggle that usually dissolves into tears, tantrums and mouths being forced shut so tightly you wonder if they'll ever open again. Pretty chuffed to have this of one happy moment making it look more like the old Aquafresh advert! 😁❀️xx

We had a family gathering for Mario and Becky's engagement today. We wanted to make something to take over... I was bored of looking at the Easter eggs still sitting in the cupboard - so we melted them all and turned them into Rocky Road. SO BAD BUT SO GOOD! πŸ˜πŸ™ŠπŸ™ŒπŸΌxxx

Our creative snug/library is now complete - aside from some shelves that I'm painting gold. Here's the side of the room I'm proud of!
Wallpaper: @farrowandball
Sofa: @sofadotcom
Side tables and rug: @laredoute_uk
Coffee table: @westelmuk
Lamp and chair have been ours for 11years and the Matilda artwork was a gift from @penguinrandomhouse, although I ordered the made-to-measure frame from EzeFrame - which was super easy to do, it came quickly and looks great! I'm very happy!
Doing the house up has made me realise I had NO idea where to buy bits from or even start looking, so I will give details of bits we found to help anyone else looking!!! It's a daunting task but lots of fun when it comes together!! Xxx

I spoke about Laura a little while ago. She was so passionate about spreading CoppaFeel!'s boob-loving message in her boobette role. As a result, I'm sure she's inspired many young people (boys and girls) and encouraged them to think differently about breast cancer. It's not for frail old ladies. It can happen to anyone. You, me - your best mate, sister or brother.
Know your body and get checked if you feel something has changed. Most of us think we're just looking out for a glaringly obvious lump, but it's not that simple and lumps get missed. There are many other symptoms that I knew NOTHING about before starting my work with CoppaFeel! Pickering, dimpling, swelling, pain, a change in size and shape, nipple discharge, nipple inversion or change in direction, a rash or crusting of the nipple area - if you experience any of these then go see a doctor.
Don't make your boobs a taboo subject. Prompt mates to check themselves regularly and follow suit. Quite simply, the earlier it's found, the more likely you are to live a long and brilliant life.
Sadly Laura's life wasn't as long as it should've been, but it certainly was brilliant and full of colour.
Go check your boobs. Xxx

When your children wear clothes you wish you could pull off! Love these sloths from @littlekittuk! #iwanttheminmysize #wishicouldbemoresloth #slothsofinstagram #love xx

It's a push up. A simple ruddy push up. Could I do it? No. Not one muscle wanted to help out or even attempt to get me back up. Five days later I tried again (I say tried, but @pmacfitness forced me to) and was quite surprised by the result. I managed 3 sets of 10. THAT'S 30 PUSH UPS!!! I mean, they aren't perfect, I'll work on getting them lower and all that jazz - but I flipping did it!! By the time I get to Oman I'll be doing them one handed.... haaaaaaaa!!! Xx

This morning... πŸ’ xx

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