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Today is our baby girl birthday n thank God for that. Happy 12 birthday from mom n dad n we love u to the end of time. Most of all Thank God for allowing me to see it.

Christmas in Boston Park 2013. Light it up for Ward 7.

Our sleepy baby aunt Barbara by FELIX Fenderson

Our God son Roland sleep at our house.

This is some of my of family that i love.

My family love.

This is how i do around here with my family. Lol. They going to kill me.

Me n my sister family.

Lol. Thank you God for my life up to now. Just looking back on my life today. Just some old pictures.

Tired tired callie!!!!! Dis is wat she do win she free frm da house!!!!!!! Kml...... LOVE FROM THE FENDERSON FAMILY.

Look at how much this candy cost. DAMM!

Team Fenderson hard at work!

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